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Here is the podcast from before that.

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March 24 2015 – Newest article and video:


Read about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and what to expect.


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The 50 Iraqi Dinars are being removed!  If you have any you MUST sell them at once!  Go here for more information:

3/5 –

3/1 –

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Shocking TNT Tony Video (audio recording) Below from 2012 January

If you want to know about 1800 Numbers, then see part one of a new series below:

Important Vietnamese Dong News

Dinar Daddy the truth behind Treasury Vault’s success, and the scam going on.

Here is my January 26 2015 Update

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Someone sending fake links to my Vietnamese Dong article.  Obviously, the dealers hate the fact that I rank for so many Iraqi Dinar keywords

I’m working on a long article on the Iraqi Dinar scam that took place.  Just Google BH Group and you will see.

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Update, this is the latest from Christine LaGarde, just published

I will be posting a new video regarding the recent Swiss Revaluation.

Nick Jan 16 2015

Global Currency Reset Breaking News Updates

By: Dominick Giammarino

Hi everyone, before checking out the news (scroll down quite a bit) you must understand that I am NOT going to be like those gurus who tell you every week that the RV or reset is happening.  Obviously, if you follow any guru like TNT Tony, you would see that not just his, but all of the dinar guru predictions have been wrong.  Here is the latest lie:  People have cashed out, or that Wells Fargo is offering over $1.67 for the VND, not true, call them and see for yourself.

death of the dollar infographic

Expect my future videos to both informative, and fun.  Thanks for visiting.

January 2, 2015

Updated Buy Iraqi Dinar Guide

Check out the Conquering the Collapse Review get ready before the economies of the world fail or the dollar crashes.  You need a backup plan.

Latest Video is here:
I go into detail about the dinar companies fake links and fake websites
Full article is here

For updates on the Central Bank of Iraq, the I.M.F. and the Iraqi Dinar, click here

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