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Global Currency Revaluation – Global Currency Reset – Dinar Guru Recaps Vets Detectives News Updates


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Last Updated On: March 29, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino
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Global Currency Revaluation – When Will The Reval Occur?

Anytime – to be updated.  More information about the global currency revaluation coming soon.  Start by checking out the homepage for the latest and the breaking news page for articles I deem appropriate to post on the site.

I heard that China is going to be paying for the dinar with gold, meaning they will give you $3.71 per dinar you hold.  After you read this, and watch this let me know if you really believe this.

Start here with the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation


Global Currency Revaluation – Research

The global currency revaluation or GCR is important to understand.  I will post more information in the coming days.  In the meantime check out global currency revaluation.



Global Currency Revaluation

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Global Currency Revaluation – this is a picture of the 25000 dinar note



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