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Nesara – My analysis of the site

Updated: September 17, 2014

By: Dominick Giammarino

Nesara is a site, actually two sites, that have a lot of great information. Reading a bit of the site today, here is what I have found:  This is a great place to get started in your research. Please note that this blogpage is still being updated.  Seems this is showing up at the bottom of Google, which is fine for me, however I was not prepared for this website to get so much attention in such a short time.  People have found my website by searching for everything from Iraqi Dinar Revaluation to TNT Tony, Dave Schmidt and even TNT Tony.  The point is that I have been trying my best to write web pages that match what people are searching for, and to produce relevant YouTube videos that are related as well.  Let me be the first to tell you that this has not been an easy task as this is my first website.  This all happened because I heard Lindsey Williams mention the term global currency reset as of December 5th 2013.  I had never heard this term before and I had to just do my own research because it sounded like something that might affect my wife and myself.  I had started listening to different dinar calls and let me tell you, at first, I completely agreed that this was going to happen, that TNT Tony was right when he said that people were cashing out.  However, after so many months had passed and he kept making false statements I started to doubt him.  He has lost all credibility.

1. This site has a lot of good information about how to save on taxes by forming LLCs.

2. Nesara Dinar, there is is a common sense approach about the information they present.

3. Nesara news says you should consult a professional, this is of great importance for me.

4. They remind you to MAKE COPIES of all documents.

5. The site is continually updated like mine, which is a big plus in my book, it means that they really care about their topics and their viewers.

Nesara – More About The Site

Obviously they reference and post articles from my website, so I’m very thrilled that they do this, in fact, they were one of the first ones who started posting my headlines.  It’s good because I try to put out a lot of good information when I have time, which is quite limited.

Nesara Blogspot OLD SITE:


1. It’s not a paid site, it’s free, from blog spot, which is owned by Google, so obviously, Google loves this site for it’s great content.

2. I would have a layout for articles, videos, and external links of importance.  It does have lots of links on the left side bar.

3. There seems to be a link to a personal attack on Karen Hudes, who I think is a real whistle blower, but I still need to do a proper investigation of her, she seems legit.

Nesara – Final Thoughts

I think the site is very informative, but the text is kind of small for some readers.  Learn about nesara funds and how they can benefit you. It has lots of great information but it’s not connected in a way like is.  If I had to redo the site, I would organize it in such a way that the most recent information stays pinned on top, and that there are separate categories for each topic, like GCR, or Banks, or CNN.  I would furthermore put more social media links, like twitter, Facebook, linked in, and even Google+.  Please note, although they do post much of what the dinar gurus say, it’s still worth checking out the site, you might find something interesting.

The information on the site is very good quality, great info about four winds 10 (search that), and I’m sure given some more time I will be able to add some more thoughts to this topic, but at this time, I would say that I really enjoy the work they are doing on their blog and I look forward to seeing them create a dot com website in the future. You might find Ron Paul being mentioned by the site by doing a quick search right now. As for the Nesara update 2014, we will have to wait and see what transpires.

Check out my breaking news page.

Here is the link to my site Nesara and the official Nesara site

Nesara law can be of help if you are trying to understand the historical aspect of it.  Something that is being searched for this year (2014) because many expect it to fully implement around this year. Ron Paul is worth looking into because he has lots of great information about the banking system, and how it operates. nesara act pertains to the actual law itself, worth researching. nesara funds have been a discussion for awhile now, I will let you come up to your own conclusions about it.  Nesaranow should typically bring you to the correct site you were looking for regarding the topic.   Time to restore America, four winds style, don’t bother trying to figure that out, its code.


here is some dinar guru information

a link to my article about TNT Tony Dinar

national economic security is of upmost importance.   Economic security reformation act is also known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  Security reformation act is another name of it.

Economic stabilization recovery should be researched.  Stabilization recovery act information is listed on the site. US Supreme Court has some references to N.  National economic security reformation and economic security reformation act along with economic stabilization recovery act information is listed on both sites.

Learning about nesara law is of upmost importance.  The network sites and nesaranow have great information.  Even Ron Paul is being someone who might have interest in the law in 2014. newsarama I haven’t figured out yet along with white knights which is mentioned on the news blogspot 2013.  As for the announcement that the act has been implemented, we have heard nothing.


nesara Nesara Blog Law Update

nesara – nesara now





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