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Vietnamese Currency Dong

By: Dominick Giammarino

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Last Updated On: August 31, 2016
By: Dominick Giammarino

vietnamese dong

I wrote an article here about the devaluation of the currency of Vietnam:

Vietnamese Dong Devaluations 2014-2016

As an update, from August 2015 – we have had yet a third devaluation of the dong, see here:

The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. It has never been revalued since around 1963 when the Vietnam war was starting off.  Wikipedia article:  Vietnamese Dong

Here is why I won’t buy dong online, you can CHAT below, just scroll to the bottom of this page, and join in the conversations that are happening right now.

The prices (scroll below) are based on Chases’ quote to me of just $54.09

This table was created by Nick Giammarino to prove that it is much cheaper to buy Vietnamese Dong from a bank rather than from an online dealer.

I'm sure the dealers will be mad when they see this chart and the video, maybe you dealers should lower your prices instead of rip people off. Share this link with everyone.

Prices include Shipping, because as we all know, that is where they get you.
$ Per Million Dong
% Increase Over Chase Bank Quote of $54.09 per Million (
92.25% site might be down
spot price (
$0 local pickup
0% (baseline)

As of right now, I made a live call that I recorded, a call in which I was able to find 1 million Vietnamese Dong for just $54.09 for the time of my call.  The market rate is about $47 per million and there are always currency markups.  The United States has many places that you can purchase Vietnamese Dong, but I do not recommend you buy online.  You guys will want to see the video, I will post the link on this page when it’s ready.  Foreign currency purchasing is a risky thing if you don’t know how to figure pricing.  Stay tuned and keep checking back.  If you are thinking about investing in Vietnamese currency you want to read this article.  The current value of Vietnam currency is not very high, and if you just  do a simple Vietnam money conversion you will see for yourself.  A few people might be looking for Vietnamese currency scam, you might one of them, all I can tell you is that I care more about gold and silver than I do dong, but I watch all three very closely.  Look for Vietnam dong for sale locally, not online as it’s much cheaper to buy in person.  Keep checking for the latest news here.

The Vietnamese Dong was devalued in 2014 June, see the link here:

I’m hearing that the Vietnamese Dong will be revalued around $0.80 to $1.11 per dong.  To me, this seems way too high.  I expect a penny or less, if that even happens, this is unless they discover huge gold resources in Vietnam.  As a matter of fact, the currency might even be devalued, again, which means that investors in this money would actually lose even more money.  Some are saying that the Zimbabwe Dollar is going to be revalued.  There is no Zimbabwe dollar to be revalued as they ceased using it in 2009 and are on a multiple currency system.  So your question is probably is there going to be a dong RV?  Not at the present time, but I do expect it once we proceed into a dollar collapse.  The Dong investment has the chance to make you some good return on investment (R.O.I.).

If you are buying Vietnamese Currency you need to be aware that it is a very speculative investment and there is a chance that you will indeed lose some money, so only invest 5% of your savings into it, use another 20% for other foreign currencies and the remaining 75% for your real estate, gold, silver, mining shares and other investments.  If you really want to play it safe don’t buy any currencies.  Now, regarding the Dong, you can buy at your local bank, or you can buy online and get ripped off, up to you, just look at prices before jumping in.  If you contact their embassy you might be surprised that they have no idea that a Global Currency Reset will occur.  Either they are lying, or they really don’t know.  My guess is the latter.

Vietnam Dong Revaluation RV

There has been word that the dong may revalue in 2014.  Vietnamese money is not worth very much at this time, see the link below for the currency exchange converter.  It’s a Dong to U.S. dollar converter.  The exchange rate changes daily so don’t forget that aspect.

Check out this link to Vietnamese Dong to USD – VND/USD

Vietnamese Dong – Preparing for collapse

The Vietnamese are well adjusted to having a lack of electricity. Check out this link if you want to learn how to survive a collapse  They can still grow rice and export goods by boat, but what will happen when their currency revalues? Only time will tell.  Before you go out and buy Dong be prepared for a collapse of the dollar, that might happen first.  Keep checking my homepage for Vietnamese Currency News Scams and more updates.  Vietnam currency value changes all the time, so don’t rush out and buy it just because a guru says to.

This page about the dong will be updated from time to time as currency dealers start to notice that less and less people are buying from their websites.

When more information specific to either the country of Vietnam or the Vietnamese Dong comes out I will post it here.  The Vietnam dong exchange rate will fluctuate depending on other countries’ currencies, so watch the breaking news page for updates.

Vietnam news is a great way to search for what is happening in country, you won’t hear much about it here in the United States, our country is not concerned with geopolitics.  Looking at a Vietnam map you will see that the country certainly has plenty of room for growth, if there is indeed a revaluation, all of those poor farmers will now have sufficient money to expand, retire, or move to the U.S. since their currency now has some real value.  Time will tell, I hope the Vietnam dong does revalue, for everyone’s sake.

When the Global Economic Reset happens, there won’t be much time to prepare.  The following phrases were typed about because people visiting this page might have been looking for information about it, for some reason, this site seems to come up for these phrases.  The exchange rate will vary depending on the time of year.  Also exchange rates always fluctuate, so be ready for a revaluation.  Dong Vietnamese is just a reverse of the proper word usage.  Dong currency is currently being used in Vietnam.  The United States has always used the US Dollar but might be forced to use a new currency once the dollar collapses.  A central bank will produce fiat currency and currency converter sites are available online.  Foreign exchange should only be done by professionals or people who really know how to do it correctly.  The State bank Vietnam refers to their country’s bank which produces their fiat currency.  Dong news out of Vietnam has been that the currency is being devalued against the dollar.  People are looking for Dong Revalue 2014 but I’m not seeing it until 2015.

Now we keep hearing that the Dong revalue is expected any day now and that the Dong rv should happen soon, but as I have stated, the Dong investment is speculation at best, who knows what will happen in the coming year.  The Dong to USD code is how you figure out the value of 1 dong to the United States Dollar.  Personally, I would use the reverse conversion which is USD to Dong.  The dong value fluctuates but is expected to revalue very high, this is not supported by evidence, however, it’s still possible.  Dong reset is coming, maybe not until 2015 though.  For those who were looking for dong rv 2013 it did not happen as many expected, and no private exchanges were done.

Article #2 for the Vietnam Dong is here:


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