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1-800 Numbers for Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong Private Banking Currency Exchanges

December 15, 2014
By: Dominick Giammarino
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This article will focus on cash out procedures (more commonly known as a currency exchange) for the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong, especially the questions regarding 1-800 numbers and how private banking works.

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Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong 800 Numbers

Obviously, everyone wants to understand what to do before purchasing Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong, so here is what the plan is.  I will have a list of banks, and possible exchange locations.  Please note, I am going to a bank, as I have always done, for my currency exchange.  Yes, perhaps I could drive to the airport, but I prefer my local bank as there is better security, and cameras everywhere.  You may want to make a list of things you will need to bring with you before you exchange.

Here is a partial list, your suggestions will allow me to add to it.  THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLETE.  I have a complete one here:

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Going over the video, you can see that indeed, there are 800 numbers, but the way I explain it makes a lot of sense.  These numbers are available now, and in my opinion, you will most likely be calling your local bank, and if THEY prompt you to call another number, then do so.  As someone who has done currency exchanges routinely since 2001, including massive online Forex exchanges, I disagree with the dinar gurus and believe that not only will the rates be lower, but that they are NOT negotiable.  Neither are your taxes negotiable.  You must be prepared to pay taxes.

I will be responding to your questions and concerns below, please leave a message.  This article on the 1-800 numbers for the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong will be updated as time goes on.

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