April 5, 2017 Dollar Collapse? Fact or Fiction?

Will the US Dollar Collapse on April 5, 2017?
Last Updated On: January 2, 2017
By: Nick Giammarino
As I explained in my last article there are a number of YouTube channels out there that make a lot of money by using clickbait. This enables a person to create a video, using a specific date of a dollar collapse, and once the video garners many thousands of views, they change the title, the description and even the thumbnail image of the video itself, to a brand new date.

As I explained, you need to read this previous article first to understand that the last supposed date of a collapse was December 31, 2016:


The dollar will NOT collapse on April 5, 2017. So what I recommend you guys do is warn YouTube of the deception. These channels make thousands of dollars by stealing other people’s videos, then creating a fake date of a collapse to get you to click on them and watch them.

First off, Lindsey Williams NEVER says the dollar will collapse on April 5, 2017. Find me a clip of him or anyone else I list below saying that date prior to January 2, 2017 and I’ll give you $100.

Alex Jones never said it would collapse on that date.

Peter Schiff never said it.

Russian and Putin especially, never said it.

Donald Trump never said it.

Anonymous never it.

Ron Paul never said it.

No Russian general said it.

So, this YouTube channel just changed their titles, descriptions and thumbnail images to reflect the new date. I even warned them in my video LIVE to change them, and they did today!

Here is proof:
Video: EXPOSED! 2017 Dollar Collapse Video Warning In Advance

Here are is a screenshot I took today for a search on Google, with the new date of collapse in 2017:
2017 Dollar Collapse New YouTube

Compare this screenshot to this one I saved from the other day:

2016 Dollar Collapse Old YouTube

Please comment below and warn people!  Thanks.

Nick Giammarino

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