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Hi everyone

As you probably already have figured out, I am not the type of person who wants to sell you Iraqi Dinar or Vietnamese Dong, you can buy those currencies either online (dinar) or at your local bank (dong) so no point in me trying to make money by selling currency.  That is not the purpose of the site.

I’m am an avid reader, and I do purchase gold and silver.  Again, this website is not about me making money selling gold and silver or books, but I am including the link below as a guide.  These are products I own and recommend.  Buy them, I don’t care if it’s from me or if you buy it from your local store.  It’s just something I recommend that you do.

As for my Conquering the Coming Collapse review, I would suggest you pickup that as well, it’s one of the most important guides I have ever read before.  Please pick it up.

Feel free to comment below if you have questions, or hit me up on Facebook and Twitter.


Nick Giammarino

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