Brexit Success – British Pound Collapses – Rush to Sell Pounds

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Glad to see that the Brexit was a success. As George Soros warned, the British Pound is sinking, fast.  How this event will shape the coming global currency reset will be explained in a future article, but this is a huge move for independence by Britian.  If you haven’t joined the free newsletter make sure you do.

Get ready for a coming collapse

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Here is what George Soros said:

George Soros

George Soros has warned that a vote to leave the European Union will create a ‘Black Friday’ far more damaging than when he bet against sterling and forced the UK out of the European Exchange Mechanism in 1992.

Writing in the Guardian, Mr Soros said that sterling could fall more than 20pc, and that it would be far greater and more damaging than Black Wednesday because a devaluation would have none of the advantages.

He wrote: “I would expect this devaluation to be bigger and also more disruptive than the 15pc ­devaluation that occurred in September 1992, when I was fortunate enough to make a ­substantial profit for my hedge fund investors at the expense of the Bank of England and the British government.”



British Pound to Euro / Dollar LIVE: Exchange Rates Crash on Brexit + PM Resignation Shocks

By Will Peters

Award Winner


Live coverage of the headline British pound pairs as the UK votes to leave the European Union and the UK Prime Minister Resigns.

Pound sterling to euro rate outlook

  • British Pound to euro exchange rate today -4.63% at 1.2458, lowest at 1.2018.
  • Euro to pound exchange rate: 0.8065 best at 0.8321
  • Pound to dollar exchange rate today -7.44% at 1.3766, lowest at 1.3218
  • Pound to Australian dollar exchange rate today -5.25% at 1.8508, lowest at 1.8005
  • Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate today -5.76% at 1.9349, lowest at 1.8869
  • Pound to Swiss Franc exchange rate today -6% at 1.3390, lowest at 1.2854
  • Pound to Yen exchange rate today -11% at 140.07, lowest at 133.20

GBP is looking to recover the ground lost on the initial shock following the decision by the UK electorate to exit the European Union.

The Prime Minister David Cameron has since resigned.

But, an assured address by the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney has appeared to settle the nerves and markets have realised the sky has not fallen on their heads.

Final results showed 17.4M voted to leave, 16.1M to remain, 72%. This is a 52/48% split. 72% voter turnout was achieved.

The pound fell to its lowest level in 30 years after the electorate defied what was clearly a misguided market which were only 24 hours earlier attributing a 90% chance to Remain winning the vote.

Pollsters came out looking good this time around while the betting markets were proven to be no place to go and seek out investment advice.

The initial big hit to the pound came from Sunderland, an electoral area that was expected to deliver a win for Remain.

In the event, the Brexit win was large and markets quickly got the hint that this Referendum was not the one-way bet for Remain that had been expected.


Live Updating:

Credit Suisse: GBP/USD at 1.20

Another viewpoint from another Swiss bank. Credit Suisse reckon the dollar rally is likely to continue, with GBP/USD moving into the 12.0s, while dollar Yen could settle below 100.

The only note of caution is the possibility of central bank intervention – possibly in a coordinated fashion.

Further, economists see Britain’s exit from Europe as a major step backwards for globalisation:

“While this vote does not represent a systemic shock to the financial system on a par with Lehman or a Greek departure from the euro, it does represent a powerful turning point. The UK has taken a significant step back from globalisation. That’s a trend gaining political support across the west. Such a significant secular shift has the potential to have substantial implications for growth, corporate profits and asset prices in the medium term.”

UBS: Pound to Dollar Rate Unlikely to Fall Below 1.30

conquering coming collapse

UBS have briefed clients with their view on the outlook for sterling noting that there is a floor.

“We expect to see significant volatility in currencies and equities until a greater understanding of the consequences of the UK’s decision is gained. In our view, it is reasonable to expect that sterling will settle in the mid 1.30s level against the US dollar until some clarity emerges. Beyond this level, we would note that sterling would be significantly undervalued and markets would probably be reluctant to sell,” says Dean Turner at UBS.

Pound Steadier post-Carney

It appears Carney’s appearance has aided a recovery in sterling.

At 1.2482 the GBP/EUR is actually not too far below the mid-June lows.

We are still some way above the February lows in the late 1.23s.

Bank of England’s Carney Speaks

Carney has made a very assured and direct address to the markets.

He says we should expect volatility, but the Bank of England is well prepared for Brexit having put in place “extensive planning.”

The Bank will “not hesitate to take additional measures” and has 250BN pound of additional funds is available to markets.

UK financial system is strong, capital requirements of banks x10 higher than at time of financial crisis.

Foreign currency liquidity to expanded. In the coming week the Bank will assess economic conditions.


International payments ad

Germany’s Commerzbank: Markets Will Recover

Commerzbank’s chief economist:, Dr Jörg Krämer strikes a positive tone concerning the outlook:

“Markets already reacted strongly today, but not panicky. They could recover again in the medium term, as in our view an amicable divorce with a continued British membership in the single market is the more likely scenario. We also show that the negative impact on the UK real economy will be smaller than in past crises.”

Cameron Resigns

New PM by October

Will continue as PM for next three months

Has advised the Queen of his steps

‘Keep Calm’ Must Prevail, But 400% Surge in Money Transfers Seen Overnight

What now for the pound and financial markets?

John Cairns, at RMB Global Markets points out that the UK now needs to negotiate its exit. This might well take the rest of the decade or more and nothing legally changes in the interim.

“The best case scenario then is that everyone keeps calm and carries on, and markets quickly stabilise and recover most of their lost ground. says his initial bias is that the keep calm scenario will ultimately prevail.

“Expect the next week or two to see extreme volatility, negative headlines from the UK and political rumblings in Europe. But nothing will change and the markets will eventually calm down.”

Meanwhile, word from one of the UK’s largest foreign exchange dealers, UKForex, reports  a 400% increase in customers making currency transfers, “as Australian consumers have flocked to buy sterling at an exceptionally cheap rate.”

Where Next for the Pound v Euro?

Some points to consider:

CBI: Businesses Need Bank of England to Provide Steady Hand

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director General, says the urgent priority now is to reassure the markets:

“We need strong and calm leadership from the Government, working with the Bank of England, to shore up confidence and stability in the economy.

“The choices we make over the coming months will affect generations to come. This is not a time for rushed decisions.”

Governor Carney to Speak After PM Cameron, Central Bank Intervention Seen Ahead

Crititical communication to come from Governorn Carney this morning in response to this massive fall in the pound.

He will only speak following Cameron addresses the nation though.

“Markets should awake in the northern hemisphere to a coordinated G7/G20 joint statement that authorities are prepared to provide liquidity as needed and to act against excessive volatility in global markets. The centrepiece of their plans is the six-way currency swap arrangements between the Fed, the ECB, the BoE, the BoC, the BoJ and the SNB. The BoJ and the SNB may be inclined to act unilaterally to counter excessive strength in CHF and JPY.” – Damien McColough at Westpac.

Euro Outlook Deteriorates Massively, Parity Ahead for EUR/USD?

The EUR-USD is under pressure due to the risk-aversion and at exchange rates of below 1.10 the technical side has deteriorated massively.

“The exchange rate has fallen below the December uptrend, as has the 200-day line at 1.1100. On the indicator side the sell signals dominate. A test of the important support around 1.05/08 cannot be ruled out in the medium term,” says Ralf Umlauf at Helaba.

We have noted that many analysts have forecast the euro to hit parity against the dollar on a Brexit.

Brexit Announced

At 5AM it became clear Brexit has happened.

Leave Now Forecast to Win by Bookmakers

The betting markets have completely flipped.

Sterling rallied to its best levels of 2016 on Thursday morning when the chance of Remain winning was set at 90%.

At 2:20 on Friday morning odds are at about 50/50. Sterling has collapsed in sympathy.

Markets in Meltdown

Chaos on global markets at the time of writing – the pound is obviously bearing the brunt of the hit but FTSE 100 futures suggest the market will open a whopping 5% in the red.

Billions will be wiped off the market.

Let’s Look at Those Brexit Forecasts Again Shall We?

Societe Generale updated their clients with their latest Brexit forecasts earlier:

  • GBP/USD to fall to 1.30-1.35 quickly and they look for an eventual fall to 1.20-1.25
  • EUR/USD to fall to 1.04-1.08 initially and potentially further over time
  • The GBP/EUR to fall 1.25-1.1765
  • USD/JPY potentially breaking 100 temporarily.

Remain Still Tipped to Win by TD Securities

Remain should still win the day say TD Securities.

We now have the first 10 voting areas reporting, and so far the results show support for Remain at 46.3%, and Leave at 53.7%.

“But with just over 1% of votes reported, there remains a long way to go. Turnout has so far averaged 73%, which again is supportive of the Remain camp. Broadly speaking, most of the results have been in line with our forecast models (see below), which continue to point towards a final 52% Remain vote for the night,” says James Rossiter at TD Securities.

Sunderland Sinks Sterling

Shock results in from Sunderland where Remain was supposed to win.

Leave takes 61% of the vote.

“To put tonight’s volatility in perspective, sterling’s plunge on that Sunderland count was bigger than Black Wednesday’s 4.1% drop. Markets are incredibly nervous now and it’s definitely tin hats time. If Leave wins there will be carnage for cable.” – Joe Rundle at ETX Capital.

GBP vs USD plunges

Newcastle, Results Raise Eyebrows

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne has delivered a very close victory to Remain, it was expected to be stronger by pollsters. Remain: 50.7%, Leave: 49.3%.

With rumours of Leave doing well elsewhere, nerves are high and volatility is likely to extend.

The GBP has pulled back from recent highs on the news. Is the Remain win as assured as previously thought?

Sterling falls as Leave looks steady in Newcastle

22:00: YouGov Poll Gives it to Remain, Pound Up Again

The YouGov Call Back Poll – 52% Remain, 48% Leave.

Sterling shot higher.

This is not an exit poll, rather it sees pollsters call those people surveyed over previous weeks to establish their final decision.

It was spot-on with the outcome of the Scottish referendum, but missed the market in the General Election in 2015.

“Tonight’s YouGov polling suggests 52% for Remain and 48% for Leave – enough to keep markets relatively calm for but we’re not counting out some big volatility. FTSE grey market and sterling have risen immediately on the news – cable has even hit $1.50 – the highest since December.” – Joe Rundle, Head of Trading at ETX Capital.

ING: Pound has Run its Course Higher

“Our estimates suggest that Brexit risk premium has been completely priced out of GBP/USD (compared to 5% worth of risk premium priced in in the middle of the last week), while the safe haven JPY has partially handed back recent safe haven gains.” – Chris Turner at ING.

In short, this means there is unlikely to be much more upside left in sterling’s tank after the gains seen through the day.

Nordea Shadow Forecasts for FX on Brexit

An interesting table from the team at Nordea Bank, who we have been following with interest today.

The table shows their official forecasts, based on Remain winning.

It also shows the forecast for a Brexit in the short-term and three months out:

Brexit forecasts from Nordea

Pound Turns Softer Ahead of Results Release

The GBP has certainly lost a lot of its shine heading through mid-afternoon.

Traders may have realised how rediculously agressive the move higher in sterling was getting and have decided to exit in case they have got it spectacularly wrong.

And, as we note below, the pound has pretty much recovered all its Brexit premium – i.e the gap between where it should be and where it was based on Brexit fears.

‘Panic’ Buying of Currency Confirmed

There have been anecdotal reports of queues forming outside many of London’s FX bureaus this week.

And here is confirmation.

Travel money providers No.1 Currency has reported a 70% surge in business compared to this time last year as holidaymakers clamour to buy their foreign currency in the final hours before the result in Britain’s EU referendum.

No.1 Currency recorded its busiest day of the year on Wednesday with customers queuing outside its network of 102 high street stores.

The surge in demand for foreign currency also saw it record its busiest ever day for online sales, and a 300% increase in orders for home delivery of currency.

I have a feeling No.1 Currency will find the rest of the summer quiet now that a good portion of the market has been dealt with.

Thursday’s Investor Optimism Looked Misguided

Boris Schlossberg, Director at BK Asset Management pointed out on Thursday that the rally in GBP was at risk of being dangerously misplaced:

“With polls showing a clearly divided populace the situation remains fluid and markets could turn on a dime if news begins to leak out that Leave vote is close.

“As of now GBP/USD has become a highly asymmetrical bet with most of the upside already factored into the trade. Therefore if Remain does win the cable rally is likely to peter out at the 1.5000 level. However if Leave begins to pull ahead the pair could slide as much as 1000 points in a matter of minutes.”

Nordea: GBP/USD to Stay Above 1.50 Even on Brexit

Update from Sandte et al. at Nordea Bank:

“With bookmaker odds moving in favour of Bremain (over 80% now), the markets are cheering, and we side with them. The GBPUSD just hit new highs of the year, 1.4886. This is an important level, breaking the downtrend since 2014, suggesting further upside risks. The USD is weaker broadly, thus the EURGBP doesn’t move much.

“At this point, it is difficult to see the GBPUSD down to below 1.40 even in the worst case scenario tomorrow. The market has room to reprice BoE on Bremain – bring forward the first rate hike from more than 30 months from now to sometime early next year, which should push the GBPUSD to 1.50 and above in the short term. Our 3M forecast in remains 1.47 for GBPUSD, but it is subject to upward adjustments in case of Bremain.”

IPSOS Mori Poll Sparks the Rally

The final poll is out, this one from Ipsos MORI.

It shows Remain ahead on 52 to Leave’s 48.

This is most likely the cause of the recent surge in GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.

Hedgies Jump the Queue

There will be some private exit polls released as polls close at 10PM tonight. The only problem is they were conducted by hedge funds.

So look for heavy directional bets on the market to indicate which way they see the results as having gone.

A plummet in the pound tells us Brexit has won.

In fact, be careful, big-money traders may know what is going on before the results are made known. The following quotes were taken from a pollster by the Financial Times:

Key Battlegrounds to Watch

While the hedge funds reap the benefits of their sneaky little jump to the front of the queue, the rest of us will have to watch the outcome of key battleground areas for a clue as to where the results are going.

Two ‘high undecided’ areas are South Tyneside, with a lean to Leave, and Sunderland with a Lean to Remain. Our full cheat sheet is here.

ING: Final Forecast Scenarios

ING’s Petr Krpata says under “one set of working assumptions,” he sees GBP/USD trading to 1.52 in the case of a Remain vote.

ING see three channels that could determine the scale of the GBP/USD rally in the
event of Remain:

(1) GBP-specific risk – pricing out of the Brexit risk premium

(2) global risk – improved sentiment leading to higher global equities

(3) re-pricing of the BoE monetary policy outlook.

GBP to USD rate

Editor, Gary Howes on CTV

Brexit, uncertainty, small businesses and a sterling shock.

Has the Pound Already Hit its Best Against the Euro?

How much higher can the GBP/EUR extend on a final Remain outcome?

“At this stage, it appears that much—if not most—of the referendum risk premium may have been squeezed out of GBP,” says Ned Rumpeltin, an analyst with TD Securities.

Rumpeltin thinks sterling’s sharp rise over the last several days has largely sapped its ability to rally substantially on a Remain win.

“Sterling can – and likely will – still pop higher on a vote to stay an EU member, but our ambition is considerably more limited than it had been,” says Rumpeltin.

We suspect the initial target for a GBP/EUR rally would be the 1.32 highs recorded in late May – a time when markets really were writing off the chance of a Brexit.

Could that be the fair value sterling will strive for once the Brexit premium has been dismissed?



Long queues form over fears sterling could sink if Britain leaves EU

Londoners Rush to Sell Pounds in Preparation For Brexit

Paul Joseph Watson – JUNE 22, 2016 257 Comments
Londoners Rush to Sell Pounds in Preparation For Brexit
Long queues formed outside currency exchange bureaus today as Londoners rushed to sell sterling over fears that the currency could plummet in the aftermath of a Brexit vote to leave the EU.
The Financial Times reported that the scenes brought back memories of when customers formed queues outside Northern Rock branches before its collapse in 2007.
When asked what was behind the demand, Daniel Priori, International Currency Exchange kiosk at Waterloo station, said the majority of people were changing pounds to euros, “Because they are scared about tomorrow.”

Having gained ground since last week over expectations that voters would choose to remain in the EU, the potential fall that would await sterling if Brits instead chose to Brexit would be colossal.
The Post Office also revealed that “sales of foreign currency were nearly four times higher than the same date last year, while sales in branches were nearly 49 per cent higher.”
Zero Hedge compared the long lines to images from other countries showing citizens queuing up to obtain “hard currency,” but also noted that, “not everyone is terrified of the inevitable collapse in sterling in case of Brexit (which is what the Scaremongering campaign is all about). Some just want some vacation money.”
While the polls show that ‘Vote Remain’ and ‘Vote Leave’ are virtually tied, bookmakers are still strongly indicating that the most likely outcome will be that Britain remains in the EU.
However, although wealthy elitists are placing large bets on ‘Vote Remain’, the greatest number of individual bets have been placed on ‘Vote Leave’, suggesting that monied interests could be trying to sway the vote by making a ‘Vote Remain’ victory seem inevitable.

Londoners Rush to Sell Pounds in Preparation For Brexit

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