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Is It True – Did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar

Last Updated On: March 29, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino
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Did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar, seriously?  This is pretty funny.  I know that quite a bit of people have speculated that Donald Trump purchased Iraqi Dinar, however I have not come across anything that proves this.  I do encourage you to check out the video above because it might have important information for you.

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Ask yourself again, did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar and see how dumb it sounds.

Donald Trump Buys Iraqi Dinar and nobody seems to know about it.  There was no press release, and no headlines like Trump Buying Dinars So Should You.  I do my best to tell people that if you can’t Buy Iraqi Dinar from Bank then just try eBay or at the very least do some research.  I think it’s funny that people think Donald Trump Invests in Dinar, why would he do that?  I guess the problem is that even if the Donald wanted to buy it, why would he tell anyone?

Did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar – The Facts

So I keep hearing over and over again about the Donald Trump Dinar Scam, that people are running out and buying the Iraqi Dinar just because he did, where is the evidence?  Where is the video, or press release, or other evidence that he did buy dinar?  I have been unable to find any, so people need to relax.

Did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar – Final Thoughts

The real issue here is privacy.  Donald Trump is one of the greatest investors, so why should he tell you whether or not if he buys dinars?  Did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar in 2014?

I don’t think it’s any of our business, but he might eventually let us know.

It’s really annoying when you keep hearing, without any evidence, that Donald Trump has in fact, purchased Iraqi dinar.  I keep saying no, but it doesn’t matter because people will believe what they want to believe.  Maybe Trump will come out and tell everyone not to buy dinar, but who knows.  Thanks for reading my article called did Donald Trump buy the Iraqi dinar.

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