Dinar Corp Reviews – Should You Buy From Them?

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Dinar Corp Reviews

Updated On 5/22/2015
By: Nick Giammarino

First of all, my review of Dinar Corp is not a biased one.  I, as you know, have no association with any dinar company, and never will because I don’t want to be tied to them.  Make sure you read about buying Iraqi Dinar online here:


I simply want to do reviews on what I see.  With that being said, please take a look at this review.  It appears that they do ship the new Iraqi Dinar bills, so a customer can simply order on the website or on the phone.  The business is not BBB accredited but more about that later.  I eventually plan to do reviews on all of the leading Iraqi Dinar companies.  There are many so one at a time.

Regarding this company, for payment, cashiers check, money orders, COD or Wire, no credit card.  I have mixed feelings about this that the video above explains.

They offer dinar reserve options, something I am strongly opposed to, but then again, most “investors” and I use that loosely, believe the dinar will revalue any day.  I too believed that as well, but not anymore.

As you know, I write about where to buy IQD all the time, I speak about it in my videos, and I want to be sure everyone understands how risky this investment really is.

dinar corp

Below is the BBB review complaints I found.  This was the first one I found on the BBB site, so I made a screenshot.


The BBB provides this warning:

Dinar Corp has been linked to Dinar Group and United world Exchanged based on possible same owner. Dinar Group and United World Exchanged were both Dinar exchange scams; customers would exchange U.S. currency for Dinar, but they would not receive the Dinar they were promised. United World Exchanged had government action against it in 2007 when the AG filed a lawsuit against them and several other Dinar Investment companies.

United World Exchanged was involuntarily dissolved and a year later Dinar Group emerged but that too was involuntarily dissolved. While investigating Dinar Corp, a Google Map street view of the address indicates that the location listed is unrelated to Dinar Corp. Furthermore, Dinar Corp’s Type Of Business (Dinar Investment Opportunities) is also a restricted Type Of Business due to the frequency of scams operating under this Type Of Business.

– See more at: http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/foreign-currency-exchange-broker/dinar-in-chicago-ridge-il-88483853#sthash.QYBjqymd.dpuf

Buying Iraqi Dinar From Dinar Corp

When going through the checkout process, I found that they charge $1070 for one million Iraqi Dinars, not the best price available online.  It’s not my job to tell you where to buy something I don’t recommend you buy to begin with.  I’m all about gold and silver right now, and preparing for a coming collapse.


With the Vietnamese Dong – they charge a whopping $100 per million, this has to be a joke because Chase Bank sells it for just $54.  I implore you to go ahead and call them (Chase) and inquire.

dinar corp vietnamese dong


Here is a suspicious site I found, if it’s not showing up, just go to archive.org and check the site out there:

dinarcorpisnotascam.blogspot.com – This was probably done as reputation management.

dinar corp scam


here is another site I found dinarcorpnofraud.blogspot.com, again, same motive in mind.

dinar corp no fraud website

Rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

bbb dinar corp screenshot


My thoughts right now is that until we start to see (or hear) some positive experiences with Dinar Corp I think it would be best to avoid them.  Since they currently (as of 3/18/2015) have an F rating on BBB that is very bad.  Hope this review helps, there are more reviews out there.

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