How To Buy Vietnamese Dong At Half Price

Chase Bank – Buy Vietnamese Dong – Chase’s Pricing VS Online Prices

Thinking you should buy Vietnamese dong online from Chase bank?  That’s a good idea, and my main purpose of this article is to bring to your attention the fact that many dong dealers, mainly Treasury Vault and Tampa Dinar (who now go by Iraqi Dinar Dot Net) are selling one million Vietnamese Dong for $112 and $104 whereas you can get the same amount for half at Chase bank for only $54.  Yes, that is right and I have a new video where I recorded my Skype conversation with my local Chase bank.  Check out the link to the Skype call and the new chart I created of the worst places to buy Vietnamese dong online.  I am not going to go into much detail here, there is a chart and a phone call on the next page.


YouTube link to my Skype call about Buying Vietnamese Dong From Chase bank.


6 thoughts on “How To Buy Vietnamese Dong At Half Price”

  1. Hi I've been reading some of this yesterday and subscribed to your newsletter.

    I wanted to know if in fact if the dong did revalue at .47? We have dongs and would like to buy more.

    We would like to know for sure if it revalued and is it still at .

    Thanks for all the info and appreciate your help and knowledge!

  2. i think i have a damn good question for ya buddy….SO when the USA first took britian off of the world reserve currency did they do it about the same way china is doing it right now?! i think its a great question anyways haha….

    • I don’t think it was just the U.S., Britain was nearly destroyed in WW2, so a group of nations made the decision. China is trying to buy all the gold so that they have the most say when we finally have an asset backed currency.


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