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Discussion about the Federal Reserve not raising Interest Rates

Foreign countries buying U.S. Treasury Notes

Interest Rates in the 1980’s which I was growing up.

negative interest rates

Why I don’t keep money in the bank.

Greece and Cyprus discussion, withdrawal limits.

Cyprus imposes ATM withdrawal limit of €100 per day for island’s two largest banks –

How did employers pay their employees?

US Debt Clock –

1980, stock market and gold both at 850, do I think it could happen again?

Silver versus Gold and cycles investing.

Understanding the Gold Silver ratio, currently 74.

Do I buy Gold or Silver and why.

gold to silver ratio chart

Future price of silver based on what we have heard.

Current price versus the cost of production

Top Primary Silver Miners Q1 2015 Results: Still Losing Money Even With Lower Costs

Silver mined directly or as a by product.

What is happening in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Dollar 2008 100 Trillion

IMF Staff Report

Zimbabwe bond notes and bond coins.

Revalued Zimbabwe Dollar 2008-2009.

Removal of the Zimbabwe Dollar.

Demonetization of the Zimbabwe Dollar 2015

Selling your Zimbabwe notes on eBay.

Ebay 12,000 for $65 each, and they are worth nothing.

Why are people buying the Zimbabwe dollar?
chinamasa zim dollar statement

Will the Zimbabwe Dollar ever revalue and why?

Public reaction to the bond notes program in Zimbabwe.

Frank26 and the BH Group raids. 14 minutes

Will the Iraqi Dinar ever revalue?

iraqi dinar revaluation

Price of oil versus the value of the Iraqi Dinar Dollar Exchange Rate. If Iraq is so rich in oil, why didn’t the exchange rate change when the price of oil drop?

Which countries are using the IQD for trade.

My thoughts on Stryker, why he shouldn’t have gone private and more.

Caller: Discussing 99% of what the dinar gurus said is b/s and Mnt Goat Dinar. Said Nick (me) and Stryker come closest to being the straightest shooters.

Raymond Renfrow scam from 2006 and why he can’t do taxes for clients anymore.

Wells Fargo is not exchanging dinar – Documents

The Chinese Yuan as an investment.


bitcoin for ethereum

Will the Vietnamese Dong revalue?

Vietnamese dong
What will the currency be backed with?

China and India and gold usage

Devaluation of the Vietnamese Dong

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