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Dave Schmidt Dinar Senator – The Sedona Connection – Background

Last Updated on: April 1, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino

This article is about Dave Schimdt Senator and Dinar expert.

Video I shot on April 2, 2015 in response to Dave’s video done the day before.

He has a unique background, someone you wouldn’t expect to be discussing metaphysical or ‘higher energy’ issues.

Schmidt spent 20 years in politics, including 12 years in the WA State Legislature, finishing as a State Senator. (Yes Dave was a US senator)

The other side is Dave’s spiritual and financial backgrounds. He has a B.A. in Religion and a M.A. in Theology.

Dave spent 12 years in active church ministry prior to his years in politics, and he combines all of that with an original career in banking and finance which includes 18 years as a market trader.  And yes, he was a conservative minister and a Republican politician who now discusses metaphysical and cutting edge issues.

Dave can be as unique as Sedona, they are a good ‘fit.’ Communicating with others discussing ‘meaning of life’ issues has always been his love. You’ll see it and hear it as you join us on The Sedona Connection.

Dave Schmidt – The Latest Radio Shows

On Dave’s latest phone call, he mentions how close we are to going to the bank and how the RV is unfolding right now (March 2014).  Dave took many excellent calls from people regarding the timing of the RV and NDA’s.  He also mentioned how we may only have a few days to go to the bank once the RV is released for the general public.  I had the pleasure of calling in and speaking to Dave on his radio show.  He is very kind, intelligent, and that’s why I recommend his advice to find a financial adviser.  Even though Dave was a state senator, there were some campaign allegations, he is not afraid to mention these on his website.

Dave Schmidt – YouTube Videos

Dave is active on YouTube, his YouTube Channel is here

He gives a dinar update usually on Wednesdays for his radio show.  He usually posts a new YouTube video every week, especially right before he does a radio show, so you can keep up to date on all of his work.

My opinion

There are not many people I honestly trust, Dave Schmidt is one of the few people I did trust.  When does he think the currency reset will happen?  In one video, he mentioned it was unfolding.  His radio program mentions little about the actual people involved, just the agencies.  As you know, I seek real information, names, dates, etc.  So when will the rv gcr happen?  That’s a matter of speculation.  I am not sure that he has real sources as the people he mentions tend to hide, even though he says they might get into trouble if they are revealed.  The Sedona Connection has been his radio program for a little less than a year now, and his listener base has increased.  His uncanny ability to analyze a complex situation such as the Global Currency Reset and to present it in such a way that makes even a lay person understand it is truly admirable.  He has a very calm way of speaking, a soothing voice that you can tell comes from having a very focused life.  If you have ever listened to TNT Tony and the calls that he does you undoubtedly know that TNT Tony is all over the map with his thoughts.  Dave is focused, he listens well to the audience questions and he is someone you should definitely listen to.

Global Currency Reset and Latest Iraqi Dinar Revaluation news

Iraqi citizens would love to no longer use the US dollar, however, that will not happen until the economy of Iraq stabilizes.  The infrastructure must be improved first off as some Iraqi citizens do not have running water or electricity.  Eventually, as we all know, the CBI will remove the larger dinar notes from circulation (just as the U.S. removed $500, $1,000, $10,000) and most likely print new dinar notes with new images and possibly even different denominations.  New Iraqi Dinar denominations possible are 1/4, 1/2, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dinars.  This would coincide with a reset of the currencies as a part of the global currency reset.  If the fractional notes are reintroduced, then coinage might be 1/100, 1/50, and 1/25.  We should keep abreast of the news coming out Iraq, monitor Iraqi YouTube channels, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and keep in direct contact with our troops over there for real firsthand news.  The global currency reset is coming, and with it, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.  Make sure you check out Dave’s Facebook page as well.  His radio show has useful information about forming LLCs and you might want to check this out if you plan on opening up a business or getting into real estate.

Find out more about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation by visiting this link: Dinar Revaluation |




Original Broadcast

Follow Up (Part Two)

Part Three

Dinar guru, has lots of information, but I wonder why we are still waiting for the Global Reset.  The Sedona connection link is above, and of course, Sedona AZ is where Dave is from.

Thanks for checking out my review of Dave Schmidt Sedona Connection.

3 thoughts on “Senator Dave Schmidt – Sedona Connection Dinar Guru”

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  2. I would not continue to recommend Dave Schmidt since he basically denounce the entire buying dinar as a scam and yet a few minutes later said I am still holding my dinars until September. He is not an economist and his people react strong when you prove his ideology is wrong. He insist there would be no dinar revaluation without the Dragon Family backing it and when I proved him wrong he took two months to admit it but then went back to claiming the GCR is the work of the Dragon family and no Iraqi revaluation without that first. His ambassador friend made the claim last November 2014 that by the Chinese New year 2015 our time late January 2015 the reset will happen. Months later after no revaluation Dave on his radio blog went heavy after TNT Tony and other gurus and basically said there will be no revaluation because oil will only have a value in the world economy for 3-5 years and Iraq can barely keep their economy alive under turmoil and they do not have the money to pay the US Treasury at the rates claimed. He was emphatic about his theory as if he had just spoken to someone that informed him of the impossibility of the Iraqi RV but of course he gave no sources. His plan of merchandising his seminars and purchasing a grant for $100.00 fee to get wealth from the dragon family is his new sales pitch and he distances himself from ever making any remarks that he to predicted RV dates within days/ any minute scenarios but I heard him do so myself but now he acts like he was fooled by trusting these fellow gurus at one time. I suggest not recommending this guy since he also recommends listening to those channeling the dead ancient celebrities / spirits which back ups his intel into the coming economic changes. I listened to them at his followers request and this positive vibe stuff is absolute nonsense contrary to sound Biblical faith principals and wisdom. I do however appreciate your exposure of the false guru statements and predictions as you do it and do not malign the people as Schmidt has done despite his previous videos espousing only allowing positive vibes apparently it does not apply to people that have challenged him. Keep up the great work Nick.


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