9 thoughts on “Meet DC Winston Pfiester – TNT Tony Dinar Sidekick

  1. ” I always document my evidence and never just tell you that on this day or that day we will see the Iraqi Dinar RV.”

    “you have until at least September next year (2015) before we see close signs. I’m expecting an economic reset long before.”

    WHERE’S YOUR PROOF BIGSHOT?? ~~~> I always document my evidence <~~ REALLY?

    • Hey Colleen, for me to have to go back and pull all of my data to answer that would take lots of time, however, please note that investors are already starting to move away from the U.S. Dollar, including myself. I highly suggest you google countries moving away from dollar at once. Thanks.

  2. You are a sick and VILE individual and probably work and paid to do this by the US government. I hope that God gives you everything that you deserve. – very SOON.

    • I don’t get paid by the government, and I see you are sending messages under different names out of Florida, I’m tracking your IP, speaking of God, it says in his word:
      A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish. Proverbs 19:9 King James Version (KJV)
      I’m a Christian, and I’m doing God’s work by exposing corruption, if you don’t like it leave, but I’m tired of hearing people getting ripped off by Tony/DC and wasting their lives listening to useless calls that provide only, hope, not truth, not real information.

  3. I am not sure what your motivation is – do you get pleasure out of putting a man and his family in jeopardy? How dare you post Dc’s wife’s name, their home address, phone and especially a picture of his family. People like you are an abomination and proof that our country is sinking into a totally immoral state. You are cruel – and an opportunist and disgusting. I am sure that you are being paid by our corrupt and egomaniacal government. Karma is a powerful thing – I just wish that I could be around when this comes back to you to witness your cowardly reaction. You are really brave on the internet – trying to make a name for yourself at someone else’s expense. Wow – totally unimpressed.

    • I’ve told you my motivation for months, to expose these criminals who continually pump the dinar. Looks like DC finally admitted his real name. Took him long enough. Now, we just have to wait for Tony to tell people the truth about his indictment.

  4. Why after all this time? Everyone knows about Tony. Why bring this all up again? And DC?. Come on….what is your motive after all these years???

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