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What Is A Guru

Dinar Guru is a site here that provides a wealth of knowledge (lies) from the IQD gurus.  Please scroll down on this page to see all of the videos I have posted, in one video, you will hear the IMF head Christine LaGarde mention the term reset multiple times.  No one else has this exclusive video.  Please watch it.  To check the real Iraqi dinar exchange rate – go here for the official rate at the Central Bank of Iraq.  Make sure you visit the global currency reset homepage for my newest posts.  I also keep an updated website on the Iraqi Dinar.

Last Updated On: August 31, 2016
By: Nick Giammarino


Don’t be concerned about contract rates or the Iraq stock exchange, that won’t help you.  Dinares guru is simply the phrase in Spanish.  If you are curious about private exchanges, don’t worry, none have taken place, however, I know of people who have sent off their Iraqi dinar or dong and told me they do not expect to see it return.

The guru postings,  even as far back as 2011, talk of the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation “about to happen” “could happen today” or “maybe tomorrow”.  Of course, this matches dinar daddy, dinar recaps, and this is how I felt as well as a lot of others based on the information we have been provided.

Here are some examples of the posts in order by date, remember, I have not had a website as long as them, so I liked to check out the  guru site mainly to get a background on the history of the global currency reset.  The guru blog is awesome in that there is a lot of structure organization.  As you have probably seen with Google, you can search for the guru archive to bring up the oldest posts.  It’s nice to see what the guru’s were saying way back when.  Make sure you check the CBI first at for the latest information.

Check the US dollar index.  Make sure you know the foreign currency exchange rate.  If you are listening to TNT Tony watch out, he has made bad predictions, read more below.   Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi dinar to the dollar carry out procurement of the revaluation.

Keep this page open and make sure you check out the videos below.  Please watch this Guru TNT Tony clip where Tony mentions who he works for.

Learn about Iraqi dinar politics and best sure to read each comment posted. Yes, comments get posted all the time and you need to hear what other people are saying. The 2015 intel guru guys will be wrong as they were in 2014. The Erbil stock exchange is something you need to research when you have time.

People were asking Will the Dinar Revalue in 2013, well, it didn’t, that’s why you are here and not on an island somewhere relaxing.  Don’t believe everything you hear, verify the facts yourself.  Keep checking here for breaking news on Iraqi Dinar.

Next Article: What is the Global Currency Reset (Updated)

Dinar daddy is something I have covered here so I won’t go into too much detail. I don’t enjoy the site simply because it has links to tidbits, rumors, chats, news, doozies (I love that one), forex, archive, and resources.  Since they are also running Treasury Vault, I see a conflict of interest.  There is a wealth of information out there so don’t bother with the dinar daddy website.

IQD guru blogspot brings you to a page not directly run by currency guru (see link above) but someone else who re posts their news, just duplicate content, so don’t worry about the blog spot one.

guru okie, also known as Okie Oil Man, or Okie Oil On Dinar Daddy has been on the dinar scene since 2011, he seems to be credible, but recently, his life was threatened when he tried to make an appearance on Dave Schmidt’s Sedona Connection radio show.  Doc has not really made too many postings lately, so let’s not worry about him.  Obviously Tony TNT is doing his best which is pretty bad.

Mountain goat, or Mnt Goat, will post updates from time to time, but the last one I saw was from February mentioned an RV in Mid April.  At this point, I don’t listen to anything mountain goat mentions.  Mountain goat has been caught lying, copy and pasting information from non dinar sites and building a fake persona online.  Remember to check the Iraq Central Bank for the latest news and updates.

I know that most of us hope that we are getting the correct information. I’m starting to wonder if all of the gurus are getting the same information from the same source. Too many people sound alike. I don’t know who to believe anymore. I just want the truth. When I see posts from back in 2011 that say the same thing as they do now, well, I guess I have a hard time believing some of the gurus. On the other hand, Christine Lagarde was not mentioning the reset back in 2011 was she? I guess you can say that we have moved pretty far.  Watch out for tnt dinar.

Word of warning, do not give your dinar to money transfer companies. Keep it in your own possession. Learn about the world trade organization and what they do. Find out about executive order 13303.

Newshound, Intel and the Iraq guru community is a winning combination.

There you have it…Guru exposed.  TerryK was the guru mentioned in court documents as providing false information. Don’t spend all of your time focusing on the Iraqi Budget or on Maliki, it’s not worth your time. The call centers are not manned and ready, as you have been lied to repeatedly since 2011 about that. Don’t trust any newshound guru just because they like the repeat information from supposed “sources”.

Iraqi Dinar Posts From Gurus in 2011

Here are some postings from 2011.

iraqi dinar guru news predicts

I spoke to someone who just got out of Afghanistan, he knows people still in Iraq.  THEY ARE USING THE U.S. DOLLAR (October 23, 2015) so the statement that they are using a different currency is false!  Don’t worry about millionday or even dinar bonds for that matter.

Iraq Currency Posts 2012

Here are some from 2012.

iqd revaluation guru news

Dinar Intel Gurus 2013

news on the iraqi dinar rv

Iraqi Dinar News 2014

Finally, here are guru postings from 2014.

revaluation dinares guru news

Dinar Currency Guru – Final Thoughts

Wanna know if the RV happens?  Don’t wait everyday for the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Update to happen.  Keep an eye on the federal reserve for breaking news reports, especially about the U.S. dollar exchange rate in relation to foreign currency.  Iraqi dinars are definitely not in short supply, mainly due to the central bank of Iraq over printing the dinar.  The CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) is your main way of knowing if the reset or RV has happened.  Don’t hold your breath, it could be years before you see any marginal increase in value (accounting for the loss when you bought it) and no, I don’t mean an RV, I mean an increase of even 25%.
iraqi dinar guru picture

I have a breaking news page, it’s updated weekly, sometimes every other day, you can bookmark this too, if you want, you can also keep checking their site for followups.  Watch the Iraqi Central Bank for the latest information about the Iraqi Dinar Dollar exchange rate.  The dinar exchange rate does not change often, so keep a watchful eye.  You can see the money supply in Iraq increasing with each passing week, they are printing a lot of dinar, and for who?  Ask yourself that.  When we finally have the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation don’t worry, someone will let you know, it will be on the news.

Executive order 13303 by George W Bush states we have the right to invest in Iraq, but doesn’t mention anything about a revaluation, so, as with any investment, you have to do your own due diligence. Dinar investors need to be sure that they have all of their paperwork ready before they go to the banks and exchange.  Again, I’m not referring to an RV, I’m referring to when you decide to exchange your dinar for dollars, just like exchanging any currency for dollars.

Pay attention to the news reports about the Prime Minister of Iraq and the state of the Iraqi economy.  If you hear any word about delete zeros, remember, that doesn’t mean you get rich.  It means 25,000 goes to 25, that’s it.  From everything we have seen this year, Iraq might actually issue larger denomination banknotes in the 50,000 and 100,000 denominations.

To recap, here is what I believe and have discovered:

  • The guru sites have fake information
  • The rates and dates predictions are wrong
  • These sites never provide sources of intel
  • The gurus were paid by dinar companies to pump sales
  • The purposes of sites like mine are to inform the public of the truth
  • Since 2010, sites like have misled people on purpose
  • Most of the content is copy and paste
  • There is no Blanche Bonet
  • The public (you) don’t actually verify the information
  • 13303 was never about investing in the dinar
  • No major financial experts promote the dinar
  • Iraq is not planning a revaluation of $3 per dinar
  • Wells Fargo will not stock, buy, or sell the Iraqi Dinar

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