Dinar Detectives Current Updates

The dinar detectives website was down recently, it seems the original updates page disappeared. This is not a problem as you can simply return to their homepage which is listed below.  Also, keep in mind that it looks like that on 1/4/2016, the website was hacked as it’s back to a basic HTML layout, lacking the WordPress shine it used to have.

If the detectives site is down, hacked, or not looking correct you should go here to the Dinar RV News website > > > DinarRVnews.net < < <

Check out the Iraqi Dinar news page, and make sure you subscribe to the Iraqi Dinar newsletter for updates. The updates you receive will be unlike the ones you receive from either the Recaps or Guru sites.

Another website exposing the truth about the Iraqi Dinar is Dinar Daily, also this site on the Iraqi Dinar.

Dinar Detectives Updates – Overview

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Last Updated On: January 4, 2016
By: Nick Giammarino


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Dinar detectives updates official site is located at http://dinardetectives.com/  The site is designed in a manner similar to that of dinar guru. There are banner ads and a link to a site where you can buy iraqi dinar online.  Learn about the current updates.  Even though the site does post some of the calls from TNT Tony Dinar Guru, now run by RayRen98, you might get lucky and find fresh news.  It’s pretty basic in terms of design, a homepage with a long posting section, and a few page links up top.  I have quite a bit of content on this site, and I tend to spread it out over links on the sidebar and the homepage title bar.  This site doesn’t have a forum like the TNT Dinar Forum, which is a good thing, Global Currency Reset Facebook Page is good enough I think.

Dinar Detective Updated News

dinar detectives updates

Speaking of news, one thing common with a lot of these dinar update sites is the fact that they do a lot of copy and paste work.  You might have found me because you are looking for TNT Tony Dinar Detective Updates.  Anyways, regarding copy and pasting, unlike this site, where I try my best to post new content, new updates, and fresh interviews.  I started a podcast because I wanted people to know that I, like them, am invested in the Iraqi Dinar, I bought physical Iraqi Dinar, not options.  I do care about what happens in Iraq.  As you probably know, I try to keep up to date regarding the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.  The year is now 2014 and people keep searching for Dinar Updates 2014, so it’s important to be up to date with the news.

Detective Updates – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the site for dinar detectives updates has much of the same content as the other dinar update websites.  I think one of the things they can improve on would be original content.  If they had a fresh article section that would just be great, of course, I do things different.  If you want to stay up to date with the dinar rumors, check them out, some of it might be good information. I’m not putting down the site, I just think they need more content, thanks for checking out my dinar detectives updates review.

Dinar Detectives Current Updates

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