Dinar Option | Why You Should Never Buy Iraqi Dinar Options

Dinar Option – A New Scam

By: Dominick Giammarino
dinar option

The Iraqi Dinar option is a big scam and people need to be warned.  Please note, I wrote an article about buying Iraqi Dinars safely online.  I sent this modified to eBay a couple of days ago, remember to like this page on Facebook using the link above, it will help to get it noticed and to put a STOP to these scams.  My Facebook page link should be to your left, make sure to like the page on Global Currency Reset, thank you in advance.   What follows is my email to eBay, modified, but this is basically it.

I have noticed a certain user on eBay Member id fd671401 He is selling the following items multiple times:
TEN MILLION Iraqi Dinars Uncirculated Banknotes 90 Day RV Certificate!! (#181461899920)  He joined ebay Dec 15, 2012
Another seller is 2271nynewyork  Here is his item http://www.ebay.com/itm/90-Day-Iraqi-Dinar-Option-RV-Certificate-for-15-000-000-Dinar-/251590809795?pt=Paper_Money&hash=item3a93fb18c3
Note that he joined Dec-28-12, about two weeks after fd671401.

Here is what eBay is not aware of:  The current cost of 10 million Iraqi Dinars is $8,586.70.  If you see the amount of sales being generated from these fake certificates from just these two users who are doing the exact same thing, you must have to believe that they have a lot of spare Iraqi Dinars sitting around.  Unfortunately, this is a clever scheme as you can tell from their descriptions.   Note the similariteis, as if their starting date (on eBay) was not a dead giveaway.  Here is what the description says on one:

“This option certificate entitles you to 15,000,000 Dinars in uncirculated 25,000 Dinar Notes, if the value of the Dinar goes higher against the dollar during the 90 day period .The Revaluation must be announced by the government of Iraq or agencies (Central Bank of IRAQ). The new value of the Dinar must be .10 or greater in US Dollars. In the event the Revaluation occurs your 15,000,000 Iraq Dinar will be mailed to you First Class mail free of Charge.  We have a Limited supply of Dinar, so get yours while they last.”  Yeah, limited as in, probably none.  Show me a picture of the vault where you are holding 650 million dinars.

Here is one from the other seller:

“These certificates give you the choice to benefit from an increase in the price of the dinar notes, without you having to invest a fortune.  This certificate entitles you to 10,000,000 Dinars in 25,000 Dinar Notes each, if the value of the Dinar goes higher against the dollar during the 90 day period your certificate can be exercised. The Revaluation must be announced by the government of Iraq or agencies (Central Bank of IRAQ) and/or the dinar be exchanged at the new rate on international currency exchanges like the Forex. The new value of the Dinar must be equal or greater than the US Dollar. In the event the RV occurs and is greater than USD, your 10,000,000 Iraq Dinar will be mailed to you FREE of charge.”

No Hidden Fee’s and no additional Payments.
Revaluation Term:

Revaluation of the dinar would increase its value against the US dollar.

If the Iraqi Government removes the zeros from their currency but does not change its value in terms of dollars, then no RV has taken place. If they just remove the zeros the exchange rate to the US Dollar would still be the same. When a

RV takes place the Iraqi Government and its official banks (CBI) revalue the dinar’s value in relation to the US dollar. When this happens you will know because it will be all over the news!

So that should be enough information to stop all current transactions and run an investigation, also, here are some news reports I found confirming my suspicion:

Dinar Option Scam – Mainstream Media Reporting

If you are even thinking about buying new Iraqi Dinar Options, you better check out these news reports.

News report on local TV: http://whnt.com/2014/05/09/iraqi-dinar-investment-fact-or-fiction/

FORBES: http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnwasik/2013/09/06/inside-the-dubious-dinar-revaluation-ruse/

I know some people who have been scammed, and now eBay is allowing two individuals to scam others.
You need to be registered with the SEC to be doing these kinds of investments, so these sellers are breaking SEC rules, misleading statements, and not authorized.  According to eBay http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-bonus-prize-giveaway-raffle.html these individuals are breaking rules.

#1 – If these people have the amount of dinar they claim, they have no need to sell options on eBay because they have hundreds of thousands of dollars.

#2 – According to eBay’s own rules:
“Specifically, we don’t allow listings that promote giveaways, lotteries, sweepstakes, random drawings, raffles, contests, or prizes. These types of promotions are highly regulated and may be unlawful in many states.”

#3 – Do these individuals have proof that they have all of the Iraqi Dinar they claim?  They are selling nothing, and making money on the transaction.

#4 – As a dinar example eBay user Member id fd671401
total for the last 90 days
10 million options x 65 listings = 650 million Iraqi dinars – $558,135 US Dollars.

OK everyone, can you believe that?  Over $558,000 in dinar options.  Would you really expect that someone really has this much Iraqi Dinar?  Obviously, if you are even thinking about buying an Iraqi dinar option, you must be out of your mind, you know deep down that you are asking yourself, “Gee, I really hope he has the money to pay me.”  Please, do yourself a favor, avoid buying a dinar option, you will be happy owning the physical Iraqi Dinar.

Dinar Option Scam – Final Thoughts

If you want to Buy dinar options at this point then I failed.  The purpose of this was to get you to purchase the physical Iraqi Dinar, not this fake options junk.  eBay Dinar Options are a big waste of money, some people are making a killing, but I really hope they all go to jail.  Now, this is not just limited to the eBay dealers, there are a bunch of online dinar dealers who do the same thing, but they called it reserves or secured options or some other nonsense, however, all of them are unreliable.  Buy physical, or buy nothing.  In my option, you should only be buying gold and silver, not paper currency, but it’s up to you, and you alone.  Good luck!


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Thanks for reading my article about the dinar options scam.

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