Dinar RV News – Iraqi Government Related News Sites

Dinar RV News – Iraqi Government Related News Sites

Dominick Giammarino

January 26, 2015
Hey everyone, here are some important links for you to check out.  Make sure you visit all of the links on the homepage and the title bar as things have been changing on the site.  I’m planning on updating the design as soon as I have more time.

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Dinar RV News – Personal Thoughts

Please note, I am not out to attack people, my wife and I seek the truth, if someone is lying they should be exposed right?  Ok, with that said, very few people actually take the time to email me and say, thanks for what you do, we appreciate knowing about the dinar rv and separating fact from fiction.  People, we are all in this together. We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.  Basically, we don’t need to attack anyone, we should try to help everyone we can.

Dinar RV News – More Information

I will be posting more information on my new website, see the link below.  I want everyone to know that this may not happen like we have been hearing.  For years the gurus have said next week, before the end of the month, or before the end of the year.  The truth is that they really don’t know, I don’t know, but I will say that nothing will happen in 2014.  If you think I’m wrong, comment below, and provide any links you think are important.

Dinar RV News


New Iraqi Dinar Revalue

Dinar Speculation

Dinar Exchange

Dinar Rumors

Dinar Scam

Iraq RV Announcement

Dinar Exchange Rate

Projected Dinar Value

Latest Value on Iraq Currency

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5 thoughts on “Dinar RV News – Iraqi Government Related News Sites”

  1. Thank you Dominick for all you do!!! I'm still not sure if I should invest in the Dinar, Dong, Real, can you give me some advice please.


  2. yea now i think ebola is going to affect the global currency reset and they will most likely push the NAU on the public within this ebola outbreak they are creating by barry ordering the CDC to let ebola into the corporation…also the perfect storm is coming i still think silver fix is ending in oct and the global currency reset will be in oct as well everything except the full scale collapse of the dollar we know that is going to be in 2016….since he pushed obamacare back for small – mid businesses…do you think we will have the amero after they announce NAU publicly or a few years after they have announced it or something?!

    • btw its confirmed from dahboo that the coffins are sealed they are for the CDC after they have things so out of control so they can get control back after enough ppl died to seal them up many bodies piled in these coffins that are DEF NOT COMMON they had them for years in georgia and they are about to use em….

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