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Dinar Vets

Last Updated on: 2/15/2015

The link for dinar vets is here
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Dinar Vets has some good information,  There are different forums for people to post on.  Since it’s a free community site to join, I suggest you do so just to get an idea what others are talking about.  Personally, I like reading news coming out of Iraq, not guru 2nd hand information.  I’m sure people out there will think, “Hey, if you don’t like guru’s why do you listen to them?”  The truth is, I only listen to the calls if I get notification of a promise a guru makes about the RV, that way, I can make a video about how it won’t happen.  See this YouTube video here where TNT Tony mentions he works for Sterling, a dinar dealer.  Recently in May 2014, Tony had the same company on his dinar call, praising their efforts, yet, Sterling claims he does not work for them.  Decide for yourself.

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