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Here is an old softball interview from 2011 with Mark

As some of you know, I spoke privately with Mark Meersman.  This was in June of 2014.  Mark, explained a lot.  The dong process has changed, but Mark had mentioned in an interview to “Expect the unexpected.”  I missed that call unfortunately, but I trust that he said it.  Mark states in a call on April 2 2014 that you need to hold onto your own currency and not just give it away.

At one point, Mark and former Senator Dave Schmidt were doing the private exchanges.  Suddenly, the call was deleted, and you never heard Dave mention Mark again.  The same happened with Dave and exogen from Stage 3 Alpha

Here are the two deleted calls of Mark Meersman and Dave Schmidt:

Dave Schmidt May 29 2014 – Mark is revealed for the first time.

Dave Schmidt PIF April 2 2014 deleted – PIF mentioned.  Dave mentions people have already cashed out.  G-man (Lee) is mentioned and speaks around the 17 minute point, Lee is described as a representative of the U.S. Treasury.

Dave was reporting that people had already cashed out in the April 2, 2014 recording.

Here is a call with Frank26 (KTF Always) from April 1, 2015 with Mark Meersman

Coming soon, a brand new call, bookmark this page and come back after April 15, 2015

As you know, since 2014, my thoughts are that people should wait to exchange their currency at a bank, and that they should not sign an NDA.  If you want to do so, go right ahead.  I have not made any conflicting statements since last year on my position.

Personally, I cannot vouch for any NDA or any private exchange because of the bad testimony of my readers/followers.  Many of you have expressed that I warn others about such groups as the following:

the VNDBONANZA group (Blaino / Blaine Fogel)

the General 64 Group

the admirals group

the Okie group

If there is another group, avoid them as well.  Other considerations to think about:

  • An attorney in fact, is not an attorney, but someone who is authorized to make decisions on your behalf
  • Who is paying the higher rate
  • Where is this money coming from
  • Since when do the 1% care about the other 99% of us?
  • Why do you trust people you have never met
  • What do you have to lose
  • Has your attorney read the NDA?

According to Wikipedia:

As an agent, an attorney-in-fact is a fiduciary for the principal, so the law requires an attorney-in-fact to be completely honest with and loyal to the principal in their dealings with each other. If the attorney-in-fact is being paid to act for the principal, the contract is usually separate from the power of attorney itself, so if that contract is in writing, it is a separate document, kept private between them, whereas the power of attorney is intended to be shown to various other people.

I took the time to find out the truth, and I am glad that I did.  According to Mark, the NDA is for the protection of the person exchanging, you and I.  It’s private, no one is forcing you to sign it.  This is great because in my honest opinion, you have no reason to sign it anyways.

Obviously, some things have changed since 2014.  Now, Mark goes by topshelf, previously PIF, and prior to that spguru on some of the boards/forums.

I’m not going to be sending out copies of the NDA, you can get them from, it’s the same ones.  Also, if you follow my Twitter (see link below) you already have access to the NDAs. Now, if you signed up for the private exchange a while back, then you received the NDA delivered to your inbox.  Now, I’m not signing them, watch my video here:

Mark agreed with me that these dinar options are bad, and that these companies who sell options or layaway DO NOT have what they say they have.  Mark agreed that physical was the way to go, there isn’t much time to still buy it he said.  In my opinion, he is wrong.  On my sister site I have posted recent Central Bank of Iraq documents that I had professionally translated.  This was not a Google Translation, but a real one.

According to what Mark said in 2014 exchanges will be at TIER 1 banks such as Chase/Wells Fargo etc.  The security is in place for anyone exchanging, obviously, we don’t want a line of people standing.  This is good news because many of you were concerned about turning in your currency in the middle of  an office building, not so, this exchange will be done AT THE BANK.  You can get cash, or cashiers check, and your money will be made available, there is no 30 day hold, you exchange, you get your funds, end of story.

This article, originally posted in 2014 around May/June, has not really been updated.  I became more active on Twitter and Facebook, learned more about the different currencies, and have come to the conclusion that people should still avoid signing any NDA without having a qualified attorney read it and approve it first.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to my Twitter page, thanks.

Nick Giammarino


27 thoughts on “Mark Meersman – PIF Topshelf – NDA – Dinar Dong Private Exchange”

  1. Hello Dominick 🙂
    I received the dok concerning the VND exchange oppurtunity.
    When it comes to the NDA….Is it for all people to sign? Even if they come from Norway as I do?
    And do you know anything about receiveing a MasterCard and what are the rules and regulations when it comes to wire transferring money from a USA bank to a bank in Norway?

    I hope you think its ok that I ask you about this since I am feeling very much alone here in my homeland. 🙂

    Thank you and haved a Blessed day.

    Kind regards


    • NDA is for US citizens I believe, you may have to email someone else about that though. I dont know about Mastercards.
      I am not an expert on wire transfers, but I use them domestically. I understand you feel alone, don't worry, this should be good for everyone.

  2. Dear Nick
    Just above this request you are saying the Global Currency Reset is about to take place and you intend to inform us. you gave a long https;// address that will not open. I would like to hear what you were going to say?

  3. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for all your posts, I like very much being able to get many different points of view when it comes to all of the GCR talk. I am wondering if you have changed your mind personally about signing the NDA through PIF & Dave? I am skeptical still due to some red flags I see/feel in my gut.

    Your opinion would be much appreciated.

  4. Hi,
    Can you please tell me what to do I live in Ireland and are not a US citizen how can I exchange my dong ?
    Do I have to travel to the US to do so ? I'm part of the private exchange with PIF ,do I have to travel or can it be done in a central bank here in Ireland or uk ?
    Many thanks

  5. Hi, I live I'm Ireland and part of PIFs private exchange with the dong but I'm rely confused what to do .
    Do I have to travel to the US to exchange ? or can I go to a centel bank in Ireland or England .? If I go to the US Is my exchange done in dollors or can I get it in euros . I have a hard time seeing how this exchange can work for EU members
    Many Tks Jon.

  6. hi when the Dinar revalue how soon after the Dong will fallow like days or months? thank you have a bless day

  7. Mark Meersman runs a softball field in Utah – He hooked up with conman Lee Carrick (who claims to be an agent of the US Treasury Dept). This is a total scam and here is how it works:

    1) You are "selected" to take part in a "private exchange"
    2) You receive the documents where you will provide everything necessary for them to steal your identity, a Non-Dislosure Agreement that will be important in managing you at the conclusion of the scam and a power of attorney giving them total control of any assets that you deliver to them.
    3) You personal information that you provide is taken and sold to criminals.
    4) At the point you give them your currency, the "exchange" begins.
    5) There will be delays and problems and you will be asked to be patient.
    6) Weeks will go by with no payment, you will get antsy and threaten legal action or to call law enforcement.
    7) The criminals will point out you signed an NDA and a POA, giving them the right to keep your dinar as liquidated damages for breaking the NDA.
    8) The con is then complete.

    A few items to think about:
    1) A contract entered in as fraud is not a legal, binding contract.
    2) Why would the manager of a softball field suddenly be at the center of enormous financial transactions?
    3) Why would anyone pay more than the going rate for an asset? They can buy all they want at a lower price, so why will they pay you 100 plus times the going market?

    Anyone who signs up with these guys will regret it at a point – either when your identity or your currency is stolen…

    • You don’t have your facts right even names. You don’t know what I own. Your one of the guys that is a Ketboy cowboy that believe if it is on Internet it is true. Lee name is not right. So how you can call him a conman and not know his legal passport name says a lot. He corrected his statement that it is all agencies handling this. No one to date has reported any info after a year sold to anyone so again your a fear monger NDA is only excited at exchange so wrong again. Lol. So far your batting ooo. So delays no and will not know and each and every transaction it your realstic is different so get real. Again NDA I’d fear by you and you remain control of your dinar all I do is push and comply and make sure papers in orders. So I hope all the people that listen to you sue you for putting out information that is wrong. Oh I don’t own a softball field again you lie and don’t know my history or family history as to why. Well can’t wait for your lawsuits to come your way because not one thing was true.


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