Is Another False Flag Coming ISIS

ISIS False Flag Possibility

By: Dominick Giammarino

September 10, 2014

If there is another false flag, I’m sure ISIS will be blamed, there will be someone, probably someone who is mentally unstable, some so called domestic terrorist, or maybe some American white guy turned ISIS supporter, who knows? Obama just said on TV (September 10, 2014) that ISIS is “Not Islamic” Oh really Mr. President?  I suppose anybody can be ISIS right?  So what is a false flag?

As for the reset, still looking to be around September, of 2015 that is.  Stop saying it’s happening this year, there hasn’t been enough evidence to support that statement, besides, I read the IMF reports, and they are not mentioning anything like that.  Maybe since we exposed Christine Lagarde (just go into YouTube and search for her name) that they are holding off on their announcement.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy – James Madison

YouTube link below for the video

The dinar gurus continue to pump fake information, I don’t even have to visit the sites to know they are full of lies, just go through the archives and what you read back in 2011 is what you are reading now.  Any day, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.  Lies, all lies, just shut up and say you don’t know because you have lost credibility.  See, I didn’t mention names, you don’t need to at this point.  I’ve already pulled hundreds of you off the dinar calls, I get emails from you thanking  me for giving you, “so much free time” and you are all very welcome, it’s a pleasure to help you wake up.

Speaking of waking up, we should all be vigilant for any warnings about imminent attacks from ISIS, ISIL, or USSR, just kidding, but make sure you have your video recorders ready, keep your camcorders charged and bring a camera with you, who knows, some of you might be caught up in the middle of a false flag bombing in New York, Chicago, L.A. or Detroit.  Whatever happens, it needs to be documented and uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo immediately.  Someone will piece together all of the footage and it will be exposed like the Boston Bombing was.  Alex Jones mentions the Next False Flag Event quite often.

False Flag History

Here are a small history of false flags in just the last 100 years of so.  September 11th 2001, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, burning of the Reichstag and you can just Google those for more information.  Basically, Tonkin got us into Vietnam, the Reichstag fire got Hitler in power and eventually brought the U.S. to war with Germany, Pearl Harbor was clearly an inside job (remember, I was in the Navy) and 9/11 was planned implosions.  So what is planned for the next false flag?  Well, since the government sees the following as it’s biggest threats, I think it’s clear who is going to be heading the next attack on America.

false flag

Here is an interesting article, I want to get my hands on the unclassified document, once I do, I will report on it immediately.

False Flag – Final Thoughts

The video below is something you may not think is related to a false flag, but you need to watch it if you are to understand ISIS and what the truth behind them is.  With Afghanistan, we went because they have opium, quite a large sum of it, and the Taliban banned the production of it, see the chart below.  Notice how just when the opium production went down the U.S. went in, and what happened?  We assisted the farmers who paid their cut by protecting their opium field, and the ones who didn’t pay?  Well, we burned their fields as a statement to everyone else.  Ask a soldier, you will see this is what went down back then, and it’s still ongoing.  So go out, visit a flag store, get ready for the next false flag because it’s coming, thanks for reading and please click one of the social icons to like on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

next false flag afghanistan opium production

10 thoughts on “Is Another False Flag Coming ISIS”

  1. Well, you surely lost any respect I may have had for your opinion with this last video crap you are spewing. As a former serviceman and the father of a current serviceman, I have great reapect for the job our sons and daughters do in a war zone. Although I hold no Love loss for our leaders in regards to taking us into these conflicts, and though I know that there were no WMD's in Iraq, I do know, without doubt that ISIS is abvery real threat. The televised beheading of American citizens is no fake. Perhaps the reason that you would likebeveryone to believe this crap is that you are an ISIS sympathiser, or perhaps a member. Either way, I am unsubcribing. Good bye!

    • I could have deleted your message but it was too important for everyone to see. First off, it's not about respecting our men and women over there, I never disrespected them, if you truly support our troops, then you will agree that they don't need to be over there. 2nd, you think I'm an ISIS sympathizer or a member? Wow, you really don't know me. I never denied beheading, watch the video again and read the article one more time. The WMD's are the whole reason we went into Iraq and it was the same reason Obama tried to bring our troops into Syria, did you forget that? The first gulf war, Vietnam, and World War II were all based on lies. It's not anti-American to be against a fake war, it's pro-American to stand for the truth, and if we were ever legitimately attacked, we should return fire. ISIS is not a threat unless we allow them to be, with the Mexican border wide open, that is a key entry point for ISIS to enter, other than that, they could fly to Canada and come across that way, but I doubt it. Feel free to reply. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

  2. Dom, I am confused or you are tired. Are you saying this girl is speaking truth or false flag. also are you saying that we went into Pakastan because of the opium and that we burned crops if they didn't pay?
    Please clarify, the content is confusing.

    • I don't remember mentioning Pakistan, the girl is in Syria, and she explains in other videos how the Syrian government was trying to stop the rebels (the real terrorists) but our American President wanted to support the rebels (the bad guys) so basically we, the U.S. are supporting terrorists, the same ones who used the sarin gas. The false flag has to do with ISIS, the next 9/11 type event will involve ISIS in my opinion.

  3. You know Nick I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes you do have to wonder what really is going on in the real world. I know a couple veterans that have told me things of this nature. It is scary to think about things like this and how much more stuff is really going on in the background. I thank you for your time serving in the US Navy and thank all our armed forces out there protecting us. I wanted to serve but was unable too due to a heart condition. Thanks for keeping us all informed and posting all the great videos and information.

    • Thanks Eric, yes, everyone must know what is going on. CNN and those other networks push the same agenda, ever notice how if you flip from one news station to another they have almost the same script? It's all planned. I know what you mean about not being able to serve, my father tried to join during Vietnam, but he has polio and was denied, but they thanked him for his attempt. I will continue to support and defend the Constitution I swore an oath to over 10 years ago. Nick

  4. As for the reset, still looking to be around September, of 2015 that is???

    People don't believe this idiot. He seems to want it to come which yes it will be coming this month. Let's all unsubscribe on this person site. Such idiot.

    Global Reset will be completed before end of Sept.


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