Global Currency Reset – Iraqi Dinar – Mainstream Media

Global Currency Reset – Iraqi Dinar On Mainstream Media Video

By: Dominick Giammarino

Last Updated On: January 30, 2015
News about the global currency reset.  You won’t hear them mention specifically the gcr, but that’s because they are given a specific script that they must adhere to.  If you know anyone who works in the mainstream media, they will tell you that you can’t just get on the air live and talk about anything you want to.  There are delays, and you will be cut off.  This happens all the time, when broadcasters, or reporters, try to give their own input on a specific topic whether relevant, or unrelated, to the story they are reporting.  We probably won’t hear the words global currency reset in the mainstream news until mid to late 2014.  It’s important for all of us to make sure that we have our documents in order and to not be caught off guard when the global revaluation occurs.


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Global Currency Reset – My Thoughts

I have posted a lot of information about the global currency reset, if you see the link above for “what is the global currency reset” you will understand a bit more about the gcr.  Yes, it can be extremely complicated, but thanks to the many experts I have found, we now have a full spectrum analysis.  We are heading towards a complete global currency collapse, or a global currency reset.  You have to go back to asset backed currencies, for the United States, this would be gold, do we have any gold left?  Who knows, they haven’t done a complete gold audit in more than 50 years.  All I know is this, you have to have physical gold and silver in your possession, because if it’s written on a piece of paper, it’s worth the paper it’s written on.

global currency reset - christine lagarde
christine lagarde and the global currency reset

Global Currency Reset – Links


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