GER – Global Economic Reset

Global Economic Reset – What does it mean?

By: Dominick Giammarino

Global economic reset has been attributed to this site.  I made a short article on the link below for the term global economic reset.  I have been hearing it recently and people thought that the terms global currency reset and global economic reset, or GER were the same thing.  Now just because you might think they are the same does not mean they are.  As I have stated before since I started this blog, I did not want people to confuse me with the dinar gurus.  Open Also Part Two of this Article:

Understanding the Global Economic Reset

Here is the thing that separates us.  First of all, I strongly advocate that you get involved in buying precious metals, specifically silver, before the global currency reset takes place.  Secondly, I warn everyone to never buy the Zimbabwe dollar, this is a currency that is no longer being used, much like the hyperinflation era German Marks.  Once a currency is hyperinflated, it is either replaced, removed, or reintroduced.  Replacing means you go from the mark to the Euro.

Removing means the currency is no longer used and alternative currencies, like the U.S. Dollar, are used.  This is what is happening now in Zimbabwe, however, even they don’t trust the U.S. Dollar.  Finally, reintroducing a currency would be if they ever decide to bring back the Zimbabwe Dollar, which even the local people do not trust, or use.  All in all, Zimbabwe is not the country to be investing in unless you buy mining shares.

Final Thoughts on the Global Economic Reset

Another thing separating me from the dinar gurus is that I never make calls promoting companies, that’s too obvious among these dinar guys.  Remember when I told you one of the dinar guys was promiting a dinar dealer on his site by “name dropping”.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  In essence, you all can count on me to reply to your comments here, on Facebook, and by email.  If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, the link is in the menu above.

Below is the link to my new article about the GER.


Link: Global economic reset

Additional terms heard:

Economic Reset 2014 was being used because people assumed the reset would happen this year, which is not true.

Global Monetary Reset is very similar to global currency reset, just another term used overseas.

What is a Global Reset for more information check out my article here: what is the global currency reset

Global Currency Revaluation is located here

Global Reset of Currencies is an alternate search result that comes up.

Again, here is the link to my new article

Thanks for checking out my post about the global economic reset

global economic reset
Kazakhstan’s currency

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