November 2014 Podcast

November 2014 Global Currency Reset Podcast

November 29, 2014

nick giammarino nick g global currency reset

Interest rates, and why savings accounts are useless.
Derivatives and bailouts – The main reason we have had so many problems.
How much to keep in the bank, and is your money safe?
Paying off debt
Direct deposit, why and how you can increase your ATM with drawl limit (see below)
Ending of QE and what it means for the stock market.
Stock market is priced in dollars, not in assets like gold.  You need to price the stock market in assets like home values, or gold.
Why I purchase silver, and what I purchase.
Do you report your silver sales (profit) or not
9/11 and bank holidays (bank closures)
My experience with the ATMs after 9/11
Withdrawl limits for your bank card (if you stuck with direct deposits)
China real estate market analysis, my discussions with visiting Chinese this month.
What do the Chinese visiting the United States see in China’s future?
Ghost Cities in China, what is happening according to the Chinese?
China has all of the gold, and the United States debt (treasuries and dollars)
The problem for Saudi Arabia with the low oil prices ($75) we are experiencing.;_ylt=AwrTWVX5vHpU3F0AVgzQtDMD
Labor participation rate, inflation on household items by reducing package size;_ylt=AwrTWfx86HpU0DcAzRjQtDMD

Dinar revaluation, call centers, who cashed out?

Dinar Revaluation Page
TNTBS – Why I like him
Next TNT Tony court date is December 15, 2014

TNT Tony Court Date - December 15 2014
IQD Calls is great but they don’t have all of the TNT Tony calls, but nothing has changed in regards to Tony’s calls.
No reset in 2014 – IMF Documents
Christine Lagarde update
High frequency trading and the flash crash
Are computers really running the stock market?
Possible collapse or just a reset without a collapse?
Most important things to prepare for before a reset or collapse
Currency collapse / devaluation of currencies
When prices at Walmart start doubling / China exports
Date of the reset, when will changes start coming?
Corporate America and Obama-care
Hours getting cut – people moving to part time (less than 30 hours)
Am I a Democrat or a Republican?
Ron Paul, why he didn’t become President
How to get in contact with me
Mortgages – Get ready to pay the interest and principal in 2015.

2 thoughts on “November 2014 Podcast”

  1. oh yea dude i heard the same day they announced the FED fully tappered they had japan crank on their side so now instead of the FED pumpin in the crap its japan and they cannot do this long either since they don’t have the world reserve currency they are PISSING the hell out of china korea and other asian nations so i wouldn’t be surprised if it pops off after the new year….i think they will give us christmas that pagan holy day and then BOOM who knows what but its the perfect storm like i have been saying katy perry sang about it in dark horse the horse of the apocalypse pestilence ebola won’t be the only virus and even barry said get ready for more ebola cases

    • did you hear that about japan man? this is big time taking all those ppls pensions too…PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN…hahaha yea we are so screwed….


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