Global Reset Update May 10, 2014 – Ukraine Discussion, Dinar Gurus, and Zimbabwe

Update on the Global Currency Reset

By: Dominick Giammarino

This update begins and ends with quotes, remember them.  There is a link to a free PDF from the new book The Big Reset by Willem Middlekoop.

No man escapes when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails. And those who cried,”appease appease” are hung by those they tried to please. – Anonymous quote from the 1700s.

I’m working on content for the upcoming newsletter, something tells me the reset is several months away, maybe even not until 2015. I know everyone wants good news, but remember, I don’t listen to the dinar gurus. I’m not going to lie to you and say the “rates are on the screen” or, “the call centers are manned” and, “people are cashing out”, such a joke right?  Have you ever noticed that I am the only one out there producing REAL VIDEOS!  No one else bothers to show proof.  If some of the gurus would make a video with visual proof of their “sources” I might believe them.  Ever watch CNN and they say “Sources close to CNN confirm blah blah blah.”  I don’t believe in unnamed sources, do you?  Don’t be gullible.  I need to see it to believe it, that’s what I learned from being in the military, you need tangible evidence to support the facts, not blank, empty statements void of any actual proof.

At the bottom of this article is the fake CNN news video from the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf war.  Some of you never heard about this before, this is what happened before commercials were introduced to satellite subscribers, instead of a commercial, you simply kept watching.  Please note, there is some swearing in the video as this was unedited CNN footage.  The official broadcast is included also.  They were filming on the roof in Atlanta, GA, not at a hotel in Saudi Arabia.  Fast forward to the 7 minute mark, the guys are struggling to not laugh.



Here are my YouTube videos

OK, so Iraq just had their election, so will there be a regime change? Probably not, don’t expect too much news from Iraq. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  People might change, but general policies do not.  Watch closely what is happening with the Ukraine and Russia, the IMF is taking control of the Ukraine. The Ukraine said in November 2013, “We don’t want to join the EU.”  Here is a link:

Some people like Alex Jones talked about what would happen because of that decision, now it’s happening.  Want to know why? As some of you know, I was in Naval Intelligence, and I frequently read from the CIA Fact book, so here you go, read from the CIA FACTBOOK link below and you will understand.

click here and navigate down to ECONOMY

See the part that says this:

“After Russia, the Ukrainian republic was the most important economic component of the former Soviet Union, producing about four times the output of the next-ranking republic. Its fertile black soil generated more than one-fourth of Soviet agricultural output, and its farms provided substantial quantities of meat, milk, grain, and vegetables to other republics.”

UKRAINE has a full allotment of natural resources!  In fact, the Ukraine actually fed Russia, they were like California and Florida are to the United States.  I want you all to ask yourselves an important question.  When was the last time a country with little to no natural resources was invaded?  Think hard, because it seems like most of the countries invaded or attacked by foreign interests have something to gain.  It’s all about the money, follow the money, as they say. Remember, the reset is based on assets, so the IMF and EU want control of those assets.

As for rates, I think some people are getting greedy, expecting $3.71 for the dinar is not possible, there are not enough assets in the world. I bet 1 cent or 10 cents per dinar is more accurate. Same for the dong, 1 cent per dong, 10 at most. Why do I think this? There simply is not enough money in the world, the entire world GDP cannot handle a rate of $3.71 dinar, or even 10 cents for the dinar, and not $0.50 for the dong, it’s just not mathematically possible.  Remember, the only way one currency goes up, is if another currency goes down.  If the dinar revalued at $3.71  that would mean the dollar will loose most of it’s value, it’s simple mathematics.  Cause and effect, the cause is one currency goes up and the effect is another goes down.

Folks, I lived in Japan, I saw the exchange rate trade between 105 Yen and 130 Yen per dollar during my three years in Japan.  The only way you would see a rate of $3.71 per dinar is if the US dollar collapsed, and if that happened, you wouldn’t be thinking about the dinar, you would worried about martial law, social unrest, and how you are going to pay your bills because you don’t have a job.

Back to those rates, if you do the math those 1 cent figures are still good numbers, but remember, it’s not about how much the rates are, it’s how much “stuff” you can buy when you exchange your currency.

During the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe you had people getting paychecks in Billions and Trillions of Zimbabwe dollars. I actually own a pay stub from during the Zimbabwe hyperinflation, I should scan it for all to see.

Again, the Zimbabwe Dollar is worthless, it’s not being used in country or out of country, only dumb Americans are buying Zimbabwe dollars, forget it, buy gold and silver instead.

As for the dinar gurus, I don’t think they know any real information, my reasoning? Look at these archive posts: if you spend more then 5 minutes you will see that the posts from 2011, 2012 and 2013 all look like posts from 2014.  No one has exchanged yet, if they had, you would see proof, plus, Iraq is still having auctions at the 1166 rate:

What are the dinar guru’s trying to get out of this? Recognition? Money? I really don’t know, I started my site because I saw a need for REAL information. Do I make some money from it? Yes, of course, that’s why I have ads.  I spend lots of time doing real research, but is it just about the money? No, I have other sources of income.  I was hoping by starting a blog I might come into contact with real insiders, instead, I just get people who say the same thing.  “When can I cash out,” “When will I be rich,” “When is the RV happening?”

Now, I do love the small group of folks who have the same mindset as me, that being “Enough with the dinar guru lies, let’s just get the facts.”  Now, unfortunately, some of you STILL listen to every call, you don’t have to.  I have stated time and time again, I will post an update if anything happens.  Just check this site once every few days, that should be good.

I complied a few examples of what I have heard since I found out about the global currency reset back in December 2013, here is a small list:

Guru x says it should happen before the 2014 New year.

Now guru x says it’s going to happen before Jan ends.

Here we go, guru x says it will definitely happen before April 15 because taxes are due on that day.

OK, guru x says it’s going to happen before the elections.

Now guru x says they are delaying until after the elections.

Just in, guru x says the rv will happen….fill in the blank.

Get the idea? At least I’m honest. Comment below please.  Share this article, repost it on facebook/twitter.  Thanks everyone.

Dominick Giammarino

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“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

― Thomas Jefferson


Editors note: small changes made six hours after initial posting regarding rates.  Don’t get mad, but you can’t get $3.71 per dinar or $0.50 cents per dong, it’s not possible, let’s not be greedy, a lot of people need this reset to happen.  You can protect yourself by diversification, buy gold and silver as a hedge, also, I own Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupee as those countries are doing very well.  The Indian Government told it’s citizens it would put a heavy import tax on gold, something Indians all own, but since Indians switched to silver, we have a silver shortage.

More updates coming soon!  Be safe this weekend.

Dominick Giammarino (Nick G)

24 thoughts on “Global Reset Update May 10, 2014 – Ukraine Discussion, Dinar Gurus, and Zimbabwe”

  1. Yea, I get you. I'm invested in the Dinar and have a few Zim as well. I read the Guru sites and get excited then days or weeks go by and it's the same news crap that I've been reading for a long while. You get your hopes up over the possibility of what may come with a rate of 3.00+ but then let down when nothing happens. It's really easy to let yourself get depressed when you dream about what you can do with a huge windfall, only to let it run through your mind that it might or won't ever happen.

  2. I have a question about TNT and the group of Guru's that talk on the blogs everyday hyping people that it's just around the corner. In one of the blogs the was the words One World Order, I looked it up and I remember a TV Program America Declassified. The guy goes to Denver Airport and was trying to get answers to The New World Order then he goes somewhere else where a unknown person(s) has this big black marble thing that is about the New World Order in I think 5 or 6 different languages with the rules written in each language. The one thing that caught my attention there was a number that each Country was allowed to have in existence.
    Any thoughts ??? Am I just putting two pieces together that don't fit ??
    Thank You for your thoughts!

  3. Hey Dominick….another great post. The deception in our world is mind blowing. discovered Lee Emil Wantas website, still reading through it, the lies and bullshit our goats feed us never fails to alarm me and I have been navigating this stuff for many years now. I don't have you info by any means however if the currency comes in at such a marginal rate it is no longer the enormous even that it is to be. I believe the rates will be higher, maybe not as high as $3+ but there is no reason for dinar to be less that the rate was before they went to war…..I can't see why they should come in at less. Also the idea is to get rid of extreme poverty. The other thing that comes to my mind is that if I were china or Vietnam or India I would want to finally sell my goods and export them at real prices so people can get paid livable wage. This is an opinion from an average Joe that I am Dominick. Your sincerity is refreshing. However I think everyone out there is putting their opinions forward….and they say that too. I think all you guys mean well and I think it's great you can earn some dough through the blog ads. No harm in that.anyway thanks again Dominick ….keep posting your articles do smack of deeply genuine and I for one love that. 🙂

  4. I was just in Dinar Recaps and some are stating the RV might go Sunday night so just be ready for Monday!! One Guru said it will go between now and mid 2015.

    • Great! I was at a restaurant once, it said, "Free drinks tomorrow." I went back the same day, the sign had not changed, and there we no free drinks. If you read my article, you will see that they have been saying this over and over again for the last three or so years. I pity those who actually check the website everyday. I literally walk away for a week, then I'm back building this site. If the reset was going to happen soon, don't you think that I, the guy running this site, would be posting a new update every day? It's not going to happen for sometime, Iraq is not ready, the US is not ready, and the world is not ready. Wait until January when O-care kicks in, then when you see people all around you losing their jobs, they will be begging for anything to sustain them. I don't believe in welfare, people don't appreciate things they didn't earn. Again, please follow the links in my article above and see the archive of dinar guru. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for making this site. I agree with you that the "guru" sites are rubbish
    have you heard about the Trn a supposive treasury reserve note? There are
    People talking about it but no indication that they exist and or are being printed.

  6. Unfortunately, there won't be a GCR. The reason is that next reserve currency of the world is SDR issued by IMF. IMF is already printing SDRs. The loan to Ukraine was in SDR. SDR is not backed by anything and 1 SDR = US$1.55. Therefore, when the US Dollar collapses or there is liquidity crisis, IMF will step in and issue SDRs. The fact that they are printing it out thin air proves that there won't be a reset (where currencies will be backed by assests).

    • The SDR has the makings of a reserve currency, it has quite a sum of gold backing it. Eventually I think there will be a collection, or basket, of currencies that make up the world reserve currency system. If you read my free pdf, it goes into details about the SDR.

  7. Yep the yuan is def involved and as far as I have heard normal ppl won't be able to get the SDR Id stick with the ruble and the yuan until you can get your hands on more silver thats the end game here…silver city!! watch silver bullet silver shield…there are lots of great videos and sell your gold and buy silver thats on my shirt 😛

  8. This is a good article… I saw on Al Jazeer TV back in February that the Zimbabwe govt canceled there currency and are currently printing more. That alone told me not to invest in that currency.
    As for all these guru's, there all a joke. I went on Exogen's website everyday for two weeks. He does picture Intel. He does that so you cant accuse him of calling the RV because he'll turn around and say, I didn't call it, a picture is worth a 1000 words and your looking at it wrong. Meanwhile in reality he is calling the RV at least twice a week. Today for example he's saying, there some announcement that Jack Lew and China are putting out about the dinar RV. All of his worshipers get excited and sadly they will disappointed again. Its an absolute joke if you ask me. Followers of all these clowns give these guys money on a daily basis. There making a fortune. Its unreal. Then you have Dave Schmidt who uses his Senator status to his advantage. Then has the nerve to misinterpret the bible and add religion to this mix. Its crazy.

    I was at chase bank yesterday and I asked about the TRN. They had no idea what i was talking about. They did say something about the UST note being printed right now. Whether there BSing me is one thing but I guess time will tell if this is true. Dominick, this is a good site and your doing a good job.

    I apologize for the bad grammar Im on my cell phone.

    • Thanks for confirming what I stated about Zimbabwe. I think that you and I seem to be on the same page. Exogen is a good guy, and like me, he seeks the truth. I think I'm more of an extreme type of anti-guru, I hear from Tony, "The rates are on the screen," I call b.s. and show the CBI.IQ website proving nothing has changed. I talk to people who are there now and say they are still using the US Dollar. I don't want to just tell people, the reset is coming, get rich by investing in the dinar. You get rich by producing goods and services, Iraq still needs further infrastructure development and is several years away from being profitable. They have high inflation also, which guru's never seem to mention. Yes, regarding Chase, and Wells Fargo, I know they say don't ask the tellers, but that's like, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Remember from Wizard of OZ? So why do the gurus tell us NOT to do the very thing that will prove they are lying? Because, they are in it for the money. I show real videos on my YouTube channel that people love. OK, gotta go to work, yes, I have a full time job. Take care.

  9. The gold price is base on dollars! Anybody that got it around $300.00 it was good investment, anybody that is buying now, is buying it in a bubble! Silver is a good investment. The elite look more at cooper prices! Knowledge is power! We just to buy a whopper at $1.99, now you buying it at $3.99. I believe zimbabwe and dinar currency are good gamble because you're buying it at pennys in the dollar. The collapse can happen in different ways! If you have gold during collapse you can't no use it. Food and survival skills is go be money! When the collapse is over, gold will go down to $400.0 to $600.00 with new currency! China have a big bubble in the house market, don't invest on their currency! Thanks!

    • I agree with part of what you said. Gold is still cheap relative to the amount of debt in the world. In 1980, gold hit 850, the Dow was also at 850 so you had a 1:1 ratio. Adjusting for inflation, means that the 1980 record high price for gold was actually $2,079 an ounce at 2006 prices. Now, regarding Zimbabwe, please read my article posted on my homepage about Zimbabwe, they do NOT use the Zimbabwe dollar. Please watch my video, do NOT NOT NOT invest in the Zimbabwe dollar, it's not being used. Regarding gold during a collapse, yes, you can use it, it's been called money for over 6000 years. If all you know how to do is hunt, fish, and live minimally on a farm you might be OK for a while, but how will you trade goods and services for people? That's where gold and silver come in. Go will not go down, that is why the elite are buying it up. It sounds to me like you must have missed something Lindsey Williams said about paper currency. Remember, back in 1980, gold and the Dow were both the same number, gold would have to be above $6,000 today for this to happen again, some have speculated as high as $10,000! Basically, I'm saying this. Buy gold and silver, learn survival skills, know Jesus, and you will be good.

  10. Hello, I just have to ask what you mean by this statement:
    "Remember, the only way one currency goes up, is if another currency goes down. If the dinar revalued at $3.71 that would mean the dollar will loose most of it’s value, it’s simple mathematics. Cause and effect, the cause is one currency goes up and the effect is another goes down."
    So then there is no reason to invest in the dinar because at the end of the day the value still stays the same. Even if it goes up to 1 cents the dollar must fall equally so the buying power still stays the same. That is not a reset or revalue. We should then just invest in real estate, it will be the same idea then. Can you please clarify what you really trying to state there?

    • The value of one currency does not stay the same if another goes down. Please read about my experience in Japan, also, watch the video. If you bet on the dollar going down then you can profit on that, if you think gold is going up, you can profit on that. Everything has some value, but I believe in hard assets like real estate and silver as well as art, so do most of the elite of the world, cash is trash.

  11. yea so even if silver is revalued lower it doesn't really matter you will get way more value still like how it used to be when they said you could get a gumball for a penny and all that gas for 30 cents a gallon it will be price normalization i think either that or silver will shoot to the moon but yea either way you should be good with silver everyone will want it soon its almost too late now…they say if everyone in the world wanted one ounce there isn't enough…plus the industry demand don't forget about that THATS HUGE!!


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