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hr 2847 summary

Here is my new podcast about the HR 2847 Summary Bill that went into effect yesterday.
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HR 2847 Summary Podcast 03 – Information

What Does HR 2847 Do

There is more to the RV (revaluation) than just knowing rates.

Swiss Bank accounts are no longer safe!
What should the elite do?

What should you do?

What if I don’t have money in offshore accounts?

Should I renounce my citizenship? Short answer is no by the way.

Penalty for failure to disclose. $10,000, and that’s not all!

Increase of penalty payments due when failure to disclose continues, in addition to the $10,000 listed above.

Foreign trust provisions.

What to do after the global currency reset?

Why I’m staying in the United States.

There is no such thing as a safe haven. All governments overseas are now reporting your account balances.

Don’t waste your time, focus on geo-politics, focus on what’s really happening.

What you need to understand about me and how I spend my time.

Rate this podcast! I’m choosing a select few people to personally call and thank.

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My upcoming interview with Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset, the interview is 40 minutes long and coming soon.

HR 2847 Summary 2014 House Bill


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  1. Dominick, check out video on YouTube, occult message in speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF. Worth looking at, Richard


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