IMF Lagarde On China Yuan SDR Inclusion – Not If But When

Are we about to witness International Monetary Fund give the green light for the Chinese Yuan to be included in the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket of currencies?  Can we expect anything from the 10 year anniversary of China’s revaluation?  A recently published document mentions the French IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has stated that it’s not a question of if (the Yuan is included in the SDR), but when.

Christine Lagarde of the IMF – Statements About the Chinese Yuan Renminbi – China Announcing World Currency With Proof

christine lagarde imf

Last Updated On: March 24, 2015
By: Nick Giammarino

This is a long article, please read it all.   So, Christine Lagarde has just mentioned that it’s only a matter of time before China is part of the SDR.  That’s huge news!  I have not had a big announcement in quite some time.  Alright, so I have included all of the links for proof.  Please scroll down to read it.  This video I just made goes into a lot of detail about two of the banks of Hong Kong mentioning the Chinese Yuan internationalization. We could still see a dollar collapse before this happens, we just don’t know.  Obviously some people are focused on the dinar, but this article is really meant to put the spotlight on China.  I know quite a lot about foreign exchange as I have been to 16 countries.  As for precious metals I wrote about the gold silver ratio recently Please watch this important video I just made on 3/20/2015 below:

Read this article on my site, if you want the free PDFs, they are available, you can also click the picture below:
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China Yuan Revaluation – Past and Present

If you follow this link, you should see the news articles from China’s last revaluation

Now, going forward, eventually China will have a currency that is traded alongside the Yen, Pound, Euro, and U.S. Dollar, when that happens, another revaluation will occur, most likely, increasing the value of China’s currency.

The following is taken from Willem Middelkoop’s best selling book “The Big Reset

willem middelkoop the big reset

If you are interested in listening to my interview with Willem Middelkoop, that interview is below

Watch around the 30 minute mark, China is discussed there

Visit Willem Middelkoop’s website below:

Standard Chartered Bank

The video starts off with discussing the terms used to describe China’s currency.  It’s known as the Yuan, the RMB or the Renminbi.  Now, Chrsitine Lagarde’s latest comment made March 20 of 2015 was that it was not a question of if but when China’s currency would be included in the basket of SDR currencies.  This statement was made on CNBC.  The press releases I have included are from the Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong – Internationalization of the Chinese Currency Status as of February 2015.  I discuss what happened in July 2005 and what could happen again in 2015 regarding China’s currency.

My Previous Video:

China World Currency Announcement Bangkok Thailand

Expect a 70 to 85 percent majority vote before you hear about the Yuan included in the SDR basket of currencies.  As of right now, China considers that their polity of Yuan Internationalization is working perfectly.  They are seeing over 10% economic improvement.  They are expanding into overseas markets.

Bank of China

The Bank of China’s website is

If interested in finding out what is happening, I strongly urge the reader to visit the site and read the available press releases and documents.

The Bank of China prints the Hong Kong dollars, don’t forget this.  They make the banknotes that are used throughout Hong Kong, and let me just say this, some are just amazing to see in person.

bank of china hong kong dollar


The HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is well known as a banking institution, however, did you know they also print currency for Hong Kong?  I have visited Hong Kong several times from 2002-2003.  Here is the website:

Below is the 1000 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) note see below:

hsbc hong kong dollar

China’s Endgame For The Yuan

So what is the Endgame?  At 4:50 into the video, I show how the government issued document states that the endgame is clearly to have full convertibility of the yuan.  This means that China wants to have a currency with the power that the U.S. Dollar currently has.  I’m still waiting for HSBC to make a statement regarding the internationalization of the Yuan, when I have this I will post a new video.  At 6:30 on the video I posted you will see the original February 2015 Chinese Video discussing making the Yuan an international currency.  They also state that this goal is rapidly progressing towards completion.  The document from April 2014.

Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone – Document April 2014

IMF Determines New Currency Weights for SDR

Great Bloomberg article regarding why China wants the Yuan to be the worlds 5th reserve currency.  Released March 23, 2015:

Video: Christine Lagarde IMF News Regarding Chinese Yuan Inclusion In the SDR

First, read my previous article here Bank of China – Chinese Yuan – Announcement of World Currency Bangkok Airport

Also, watch Christine Lagarde mentioning the reset back in 2014.

Christine Lagarde reset interview

Her March 20, 2015 statement about not a question of if but when China’s currency is included in the basket of SDR currencies.

China’s Currency is known as the Yuan, Renminbi, and abbreviated RMB

IMF – 5 year review on China The desire that the Chinese Yuan gets included in the SDR alongside the dollar, euro, pound and yen

What happened in July 2005 with China’s Currency?  What could happen in November of 2015? IMF 2010 SDR

My video: China World Currency Announcement Bangkok Thailand

Direct link to my video:

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Bank Mentioned in the video as making the statement about the Renminbi:

Press Releases from the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank Statement – China – International of the Chinese Currency Status as of February 2015

Chinese Videos

Free trade zones – China’s stepping stones to freely traded renminbi


IMF Determines New Currency Weights for SDR Valuation Basket

christine lagarde
Press Release No. 10/434
November 15, 2010



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