IMF Releases Article 4 Consultation on Vietnam

The good reading starts on page 8 of the PDF.

Under Article IV of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement, the IMF holds bilateral discussions
with members, usually every year. In the context of the 2016 Article IV consultation with
Vietnam, the following documents have been released and are included in this package:
 A Press Release summarizing the views of the Executive Board as expressed during its
July 17, 2016, consideration of the staff report that concluded the Article IV
consultation with Vietnam.

Read here about Christine LaGarde’s recent Asia Meeting:
 The Staff Report prepared by a staff team of the IMF for the Executive Board’s
consideration on July 17, 2016, following discussions that ended on April 22, 2016,
with the officials of Vietnam on economic developments and policies. Based on
information available at the time of these discussions, the staff report was completed
on June 1, 2016.

 Last Updated On: August 5, 2016

By: Nick Giammarino
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vietnamese dong

Read this article on the devaluation of the Vietnamese Dong:

 An Informational Annex prepared by the IMF staff.
 A Staff Statement updating information on recent developments.
 A Statement by the Executive Director for Vietnam.
The IMF’s transparency policy allows for the deletion of market-sensitive information and
premature disclosure of the authorities’ policy intentions in published staff reports and
other documents.

Here is a recent video by the IMF on Asia:

For those who thought that the Vietnamese Dong had already revalued at 46 cents, it was an error on the part of some of the currency exchange websites, see the screenshot and video below:

vietnamese dong 47 cents

Video on Vietnam Economy:

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