IQD Guru Experts On The Iraqi Dinar

Here is a small list of people who many claim are experts, or dinar gurus on the Iraqi Dinar currency, click their names to go to that page:

dinar guru picture
Image of the dinar guru

Dinar Guru Website – The 2nd dinar site that became popular following the Dinar Daddy site.  This site has basically looked exactly the same since 2011.  It has more ads now, and lots of fake posts, but you can always sort out the mess by simply doing a Google search like this: [your search]

If you can do that, you can find what you are looking for

dinar recaps - picture
dinar recaps info

Dinar Recaps Website – Started around 2011, equally as popular as dinar guru, however, you have the option of commenting, and the posts are more detailed.  Their website is recently updated.  It is a mobile friendly site with a newsletter to keep you updated as to what is happening in the dinar community.

dave schmidt

Senator Dave Schmidt – Appeared in 2013 with inside knowledge about the Iraqi Dinar and Dong Revaluation.  Has workshops around the world.  Has contacts with various people in the financial community.

tnt tony renfrow

TNT Tony Renfrow – Now In Prison – Since 2011, Tony Refrow, or TNT Tony, was a key figure in the Iraqi Dinar community.  He hopped around from People’s Dinar, to People’s Talk Radio (PTR) to Blogtalk, and now, he is serving a one year to three year sentence for his 2006-2007 scam involving 14 daily plus.

Pamela Pedersen alreadyblessed

Already Blessed – Pamela Pedersen – TNT Tony Sidekick Since 2011 – She disappeared sometime around Tony’s 11/30/2015 sentencing.  When Tony’s brother Raymond Renfrow (RayRen98) took over TNT Dinar, she never came back except to login to her account to check private messages.

Roger Dorman Dinar Daddy 2

Roger Dorman – Dinar Daddy – He started the original Iraqi Dinar website in 2010.  He originally promoted Dinar Trade, but then his wife Angela Dorman started the company Currency Vault (now Treasury Vault) and he introduced her on the call as simply “Angela” not, more correctly, “My wife Angela who owns the Currency Vault.”  His site has much information, but it’s clear the motive from the beginning was traffic, AdSense, and currency sales.  Here is a short clip where he introduces his wife:

Picture of his wife Angela Dorman, owner of Treasury Vault’s Facebook Page

Angela Dorman Facebook

Both of them together


Proof that both websites (Dinar Daddy and Treasury Vault) are using the same Google Account:

Dinar Daddy Treasury Vault sameidnet2

Next we have Willem Middelkoop


Economist Investor Willem Middelkoop – I conducted a very classy interview with Willem in 2014.  He did NOT mention any of the popular currencies as ones to invest in.  Here is my interview with Willem:

Here is the real Okie

okie oil man

Okie the Oil Man

Below is the top dinar dealer in PR:

james mendez dinares pr

James Mendez of Dinares Puerto Rico