Iraqi Dinar Warnings – Avoiding Scams

Hey everyone, Nick here.

As you all know,, and my Global Currency Reset YouTube channel were attacked in three ways from December to January 2015.

First, the dong companies didn’t like the fact that my website ranks for buy Vietnamese dong, because on that page, I express my feelings on why you should NOT buy Vietnamese Dong online, but, however, why you should buy from Chase Bank and save 50-100%.

Here is the chart from that page:

Comparing Online Iraqi Dinar Prices

This table was created by Nick Giammarino to prove that most dinar dealers charge much more than the official (street) rate for one million dinar.

I'm sure the dealers will be mad when they see this chart and the video, maybe you dealers should lower your prices instead of ripping people off. Share this link and this table with everyone.

Prices INCLUDE Shipping, because as we all know, that is where they get you.
Website of Iraqi Dinar SellerPer Million IQD
% Increase Over Official Rate
dinar inc aka tampa dinar$122042.07%
dinar index$118237.64%
cheapest dinar$113031.59%
silver greetings$109026.93%
gid associates$102018.78%
dinar trend
buy iraqi dinar here
i buy dinar
fx express
dinar trade
buy iraqi dinar currency$8994.68%
Official Rate
$1 =1166 IQD
$858.740% (baseline)

For February, I will be discussing the attack on my TNT Tony video.

Let this be a warning to everyone, and every company guru involved with selling Iraqi Dinar.  The time is up, you gurus have been scamming people for years, you prey on the innocent, the single moms who can’t make ends meet, and you convince them that the is the dinar is a good investment.  Then you overcharge them by 10% 25% and 50% in some cases.  This warning is also for all of you who promote these companies and try to make a buck.  I’ve had enough of hearing over and over again, “When is this going to happen.  I’m losing my home, my wife.”  Too many innocent people have wasted years and years listening to each and every dinar call and they are convinced that the RV is just around the corner.  Next week you guys keep telling them, you tell them to keep hope.

Before you continue, I challenge the folks reading this to go here

Try to convince me now that the RV is just around the corner when we now have clear evidence that it’s nowhere near close to happening.

fake tnt tony report dinar guru




Tell me something, how much hope do you expect a person to have when they have no money to pay the rent and utilities but they have millions of dinar?  Answer me that, you people have no shame, you would sell your soul to the devil if you could just to get ahead.

It’s time you either start charging a normal price, or I’m going to promote a chart that shows how much you are ripping off people.  I have been asked by numerous companies if I would put their link on my site or if we could do a link exchange, and I’ve joked and made offers but I have no intention of having any dinar companies on this site.  Sure I mentioned buying off of Amazon, but I have not had currency on my Amazon page for quite some time.  The reason behind my idea was this: if the reset happens, and you never purchased currency, and suddenly the price doubles or triples (for any currency), then you have a chance to buy it at the last minute.  I’ve got bookmarks in place just in case a currency ends up being actually worth something, however, I have bookmarks also for gold and silver, which is my preferred form of money.

If you saw the chart below which I did for the dong sites then you know what I will be making for the dinar sites.  Time you guys start lowering your prices, you have one month to do this, and if you don’t lower your price, expect me to be making a video exposing your site.  This is nothing personal, this is all about free market, and when people see that your prices are high like they are right now, you will be forced to lower your prices, or else close your business, which isn’t difficult because some of you operate out of your homes.


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