iTunes – Global Currency Reset Podcast

iTunes now has the Global Currency Reset Podcast!  This is very exciting.  If any of the blog sites wish to carry this, please go right ahead, don’t worry about contacting me for permission except to say, “Hey Nick, we have you listed here”.

Thanks for the support everyone.

The link to iTunes is below:

iTunes – Global Currency Reset Podcast

Alternate (non iTunes link)

itunes global currency reset


New Global Currency

World Currency Reset

Global Currency Reset Update

3 thoughts on “iTunes – Global Currency Reset Podcast”

  1. glad you like my emails i thought you would just so you know who i am the lastest was jim willie and about saturn 🙂 so speaking about lindsey williams you should try to get him to do a podcast with you maybe you can get him to talk about his opinions and insights and prophecy not just about the elites although that is key info but hes coming out with 2 more dvds soon thats big im wondering what hes got to say about the reset now he said he knows a lot about next year i still think it is likely to happen this year though so much is happening its crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and do you know much about those illegals joe and barry are bringin over alex jones says this is how they plan to collapse the system i heard over 75% are males over 14 and they are reporting they are kids HA! and they are giving them visas to move as they will about the country and they are bringing over all kinds of diseases the border patrol is making baby formula and whipping bottoms any clue is this all for real?! and then they sit there and sick the TSA on us while they give them anything they want..we are living in crazytown for real…

  2. kool yea i hope you hear from him i want to know his own thoughts about all the crap going on and his take on prophecy as well btw heres a great video im not sure if you can find it on youtube i couldn't find it like months ago so i bought it from prophecy club its star wars space weapons or something the guy is leonard horawitz i think hes unbelievable if you cannot find it im sure you could get to radio interviews or something hes done just to get a taste but that video is so powerful in the future i hope to get a lot of the prophecy club guys and others in a round table thatd be amazing we could hold our own anti-builderberg metting against them and form ways to really take a positive stand well financed with our foreign cash HAHA


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