Lindsey Williams – Global Currency Reset (GCR)

Lindsey Williams – Global Currency Reset Interview

By: Dominick Giammarino

Updated January 4, 2015

Start the Lindsey Williams video at the 50 minute mark or so.  This video will blow your mind.  See all the videos below regarding the global currency reset.

Lindsey has also appeared on the Alex Jones show.

Global Currency Reset Interview on Gold seek Radio


Lindsey Williams Update – Elite Instituting Drastic Measures Immediately

Nick Giammarino January 2, 2015

Learn About The Global Currency Reset Predicted By Pastor Lindsey Williams and Many Others

Global Currency Reset IMF Discussion - If only we knew what she did.
If only we knew what she did.

Video: Is A

    Global Currency Reset



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Pastor Lindsey Williams says “There are some strange things happening in the financial world in the past few weeks. I have been hesitant to risk my reputation on what I know. Christine Lagarde, IMF personally came to the U.S. a few days ago. A gentleman who was in the meeting she had with some of the most powerful people in America, he said she was very angry and vowed to close some banks down if they did not cooperate immediately. We are in the midst of a big power struggle. People that I know in the financial world are extremely concerned because they expect “that one of the numerous things could happen any time”.”

He went on to say “The best advice I can give is – “If it is written on a piece of paper, it is worth the paper it is written on.” GET OUT OF PAPER!” Those of you who prepare now are going to prosper. Those who second guess Pastor Williams’ warnings will find the future bleak.

Furthermore, he also told me “I have done no radio shows and cannot for a while because I don’t dare answer certain questions.”

Chaplain Williams will not be available until the middle of February 2014. However, he said that “I will send you updates every time I can (am allowed to).”

Pastor Williams ended his email stating “please urge everyone to get the Global Currency Reset DVD and give it to everyone they know”. If you have not already viewed the DVD you can purchase one from Prophecy Club. This DVD will inform you about what is happening and how you can protect yourself and your family. The currency reset could happen at any time, without warning.

On a personal note, I have read the comments that come from the many concerned visitors and followers of Pastor Williams’ work at his website It looks like several people are trying to out-guess the Elite. As Pastor Williams has said many times GET OUT OF PAPER!Fiat currencies such as the Iraqi Dinar, Chinese Yuan and Bitcoin are worthless. The only investment you should make is in physical gold and silver. Pastor Williams has said this time and time again “Gold and silver are the currency of the Elite!” Please listen to what he says and prepare accordingly.  Prepare yourself for the Global Currency Reset.

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