Lindsey Williams Update – Elite Instituting Drastic Measures Immediately

Lindsey Williams Update

By: Dominick Giammarino

Last updated on: January 15, 2015

The elite are up to it again. Lindsey Williams has not posted a new video or update for quite some time, please read below and share it.  For the latest information on Pastor Lindsey Williams check this link out – Lindsey Williams

by James Harkin on Friday, May 2nd, 2014 Pastor Williams just emailed me something I should share with you all immediately… “A while back I mentioned that my Elite friend was traveling for a few months. He and his wife JUST arrived back home. I just received an email from him. It was startling beyond words. HE SAID -“The Elite are instituting drastic measures which will be implemented IMMEDIATELY. The world as we know it will never be the same again. Expect catastrophic events in the monetary world, nature and the Elite EXPECT DIVINE REPERCUSSIONS.” I will try to get my friend to elaborate more.” I will add more when Pastor Williams knows more… Keep following for further updates, subscribe to the newsletter and Facebook for updates.  I will be sending out a newsletter as well as posting a video regarding what to do when the reset happens.



7 thoughts on “Lindsey Williams Update – Elite Instituting Drastic Measures Immediately”

  1. yea i think this has something to do with that HR 2847 and raising the minimum wage also everything else they are doing that will totally destroy the economy its clear that is their intention now plus all these jobs reports are bull not even worth the paper they are printed on either…and most of the jobs are either ppl that need more work so they already have jobs and or crap cheap jobs not high lvl jobs that are needed to really even call this a recovery…im sticking with july for now the GCR will happen soon no doubt…

  2. looks like russia is going to have to step into the ukraine…that lil puke washington obama aqualites put in the ukraine is openly murdering ppl now and im positive this is going to lead us to the global currency reset…do you feel it?!

    • Its possible, but also there is the possibility that the dollar will collapse, meaning you would be able to get more dollars for your dinars, but the question is this, how much "stuff" will your devalued dollars buy you? If the dollar goes down then emerging markets will go up, they have to.

  3. I wanted to mention to you I follow many ppl one more of which is fabian on yotube fabian4liberty I think I heard this before but agreeing with what you said I know now too that the IMF is planning on giving ukraine a bailout if they take out the russian supporters in the EAST of the country so I guess this is just going to escalate further and further till something pops…

  4. yea man…thats what guys like harry dent don’t understand when the USD is devistatingly devalued it will be worth much less but our silver will get us much more i think we will be able to get millions to buy things that cost thousands of dollars now or whatever however it goes down…but i heard a long time ago they were planning to lower the developed countries and raise up the developing…thats y the iraq vietnam indonesia russia china india they are going to explode i think esp with a gold backed currency…im seeing something big for february…now there is a countdown clock on a sight i was trying to download gravity falls on where you go to download like movies and shows…now they have a countdown clock looks like for feb…very ominous and now with that mike tyson mysteries talking about blowing up the hoover dam as well…something is about to pop off but i agree with you!!


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