Meet Nick Giammarino – Dominick

Last Updated On: March 29, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino

Meet Nick Giammarino aka Dominick Giammarino

Hey everyone, so my name is Nick Giammarino, I used to go by Dominick Giammarino.  Dominick is my birth-name, but living overseas, it was easier to just be called Nick.  Also, my wife likes Nick better, as do I.

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I am known for the following:

  • Doing great research on various topics, not just currency related, but general as well.
  • I am very good at SEO (search engine optimization) and getting my clients ranked on Page 1 of the search engines
  • I love showing people how to make money online (I have been doing this since 2005)
  • Being an honest guy, someone who cares and acknowledges his viewers.

nick giammarino

In this new video you get to meet me directly, I post video of me speaking live about the new podcast.
dominick giammarino

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