Memorial Day From My Heart – Please share

Memorial Day – What It Means To Me As A Veteran

By: Dominick Giammarino

Memorial Day 2014 - Dominick Giammarino In Hong Kong 2002
Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great Memorial Day. Unfortunately I, even though I am a Navy Veteran, I have to go into work today as I was unable to avoid it this year.  The picture above was taken of me in Hong Kong Harbor aboard the USS Blue Ridge in 2002.  Click the picture for full size.  Since there are people who visit this website from countries like Canada, India, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world, I have to post this message from the heart.  Feel free to share it.

I dedicate this to the human race, most importantly, those who lost their lives defending freedom.

Memorial Day 2014, a federal holiday, is a day that we celebrate here in the United States where we set aside a day to remember the men and women who died serving our great nation in the armed forces (Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard).  We remember our fallen soldiers.  It was called Decoration Day during the American Civil War.  It’s also a time where we remember that there are very powerful people in this world who really don’t care about you and I, they are only in it for the money.  There are politicians who go into office with less than $50,000 but leave with millions, tens of millions and, in some cases, hundreds of millions.  No one seems to question that fact, but it’s well-known, but often, overlooked.

For me, I don’t spend Memorial Day just thinking about my fellow brothers and sisters who died serving in the United States military, I look at the ones who are homeless, on the street, left behind because society forgot about them.  I think about how the parents of Pat Tillman must feel, knowing that they were lied to regarding how their son was killed by his own troops.  I think about Jessica Lynch, how the media and Army spun the story of what really happened to her, trying to make her like a female version of Rambo just to increase signups, and how her testimony about what really happened to her made people everywhere begin to question the “official story”.   I think about the men and women I meet at the VA hospitals, who have fought in Vietnam, fought in the Gulf War, and fought for this nation, yet now, they fight just to stay alive another day.  Some of you may never know what people like that go through each day.  Well, I have seen during my time in the military, and my time meeting with them since I’ve returned, pain of such a magnitude that it goes beyond what most of us can comprehend..  To those people who never met an injured Veteran, count yourself blessed, because it’s hard living day in and day out, knowing that if you only had enough money, you could save someone from suicide, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.  Personally, I struggle with depression, I am a disabled Veteran, and let me tell you something: you have no idea what it’s like for me to go into a VA hospital for an appointment, and have to see my friends missing limbs, with part of their face burnt from an IED explosion, and if you could only imagine the daily struggle with pain these people have.  Sadly, some of you complain about your phone not working, or your internet being too slow, imagine not having arms, think about that.  Consider during Memorial Day 2014 returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, some have turned to alcohol, some drugs, and as some of you know, we Veterans are considered the number one threat to the United States.

veterans threatSome Americans use Memorial Day 2014 as an excuse to shop for deals online, to find cheap clothes or to get beer for a party.  What in the world does any of that have to do with Memorial Day?  This country is so lost, I’m in complete and utter disbelief that I served my country when I see what it has become.  I see the teenagers who come into my place of business, they are all like robots on their Ipods or Iphones.  Everyone is so busy texting and surfing the web or talking on the phone or listening to music that no one bothers talking to anyone anymore.  You know what I love besides having deep conversations with my wife?  I absolutely love meeting people who are over 60, who have knowledge of just how far downhill the United States is.  I run into people all the time on food stamps, and they have no plans to get off of them.  I see food stamps as debt slavery, they know that if they make too much, food stamps are reduced or denied, and if they don’t make enough, then they stave, so they try to find the middle ground.  I recently came across a video where people actually thought that President John F Kennedy died in a car crash in January 2014!  Here is the link for that video

Memorial Day – American Struggles

After seeing that video, we, as Americans, must have to ask ourselves, “How far gone is our country?”  I’m really glad Memorial Day 2014 weekend has passed.  As for the global currency reset, I’m not thinking about it on Memorial Day.  I have posted videos and article links below because think about how many Americans died in Iraq to bring us the dinar revaluation?  I still am optimistic for it to happen in 2015, but I’m not waiting each day, because my primary concern, is looking for someone with a sign that says, “Need help, need a job, need food.”  The reset will happen in due time, but I don’t listen to the dinar calls, I don’t search the web for news about the gcr, what I do is pray, and prayer is powerful.  Memorial Day 2014 is about remembering fallen heroes, not drinking, not memorial day sales.  As for us, we love to help people, my wife and I do what we can to help, I gave my wife $100 to give to a homeless person yesterday and it felt so good, knowing that I changed someone’s life, made their day, and encouraged that person to overcome their struggle, and to try and do better.  That person poured their heart out, crying about the abuse they received as a child, as a teenage, rejection from their mother, father in prison, and we were able to help this person out, it feels good to help someone.

What’s the history of Memorial Day?  Think of the men and women who died in battle.   I encourage all of you to go out, find someone who needs help, and help them out, bring them food, clothing, shoes, whatever you can do to help them, you know it’s going to come back to you ten fold, so why not make a difference in someone’s life today?  If you are concerned that if you give money that they will just go and buy beer or drugs then give them a hat, summer is here, it’s hot, a hat is great, or give them a bottle of water, what’s that cost, about two bucks?  Let’s make this Memorial Day 2014 a day where we can make a difference in someone’s life, not look at it as a day for us to drink and be selfish, let’s help humanity, let’s help our Veterans and the widows of Veterans, God Bless You all, enjoy Memorial Day.

Jessica Lynch Testimony –


I have the link here to the highly copied article I wrote entitled, “What is the Global Currency Reset.”


The article should be at the top of the global currency reset dot net homepage, but if it’s not, the link above should work fine.  As a backup, if that link is down, here is the other copy:

Also, I would like to point out another article for your to read on Memorial Day 2014, this one I posted about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

Video About The Global Reset For Newbies

Just because some of you may not be aware, check the video out on Memorial Day 2014 since at least you can educate yourself, then go out and help someone.

Here is the links to the top video:


Direct Link:

christine lagarde
christine lagarde imf

Memorial Day 2 14 is not Labor Day

Go RV – Happy Memorial Day

Remember to help someone this, you will never forget your good deed, neither will they.

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day From My Heart – Please share”

  1. Hey Dominick, first off, a heartfelt thank you for your service to our country as a U.S. Navy veteran. Go Navy. Secondly, thanks again for pouring your thoughts and feelings out onto the page for the world to see and learn that this weekend is not just about BBQ's and beer bashes. As a Vietnam era veteran (Navy Seals) this holiday has always been a highly charged event of extreme high's and low's, seeing what's become of our great country, at every age, socio and economic level. Even the apathy of some of our own brother and sister veterans just cuts to the core so deeply that it even causes bouts of depression in me; and I'm normally pretty upbeat and happy-go-lucky.
    Lastly, I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to craft your thoughts about what this weekend really means to you and can relate on so many levels but suffice to say, you are spot on regarding prayer. If ever, in the history of this country we needed prayer and divine inspiration, IT'S NOW. I would urge you to continue in prayer for our country and it's people. Prayer does work and it surely changes things. You're a good man Paisan and I'm honored that our paths have crossed. God richly bless you and your family……………Michael

    • Thank you so much Michael. It's difficult sometimes for me to speak this way, that's mainly why I type my thoughts out first. I'm getting better 🙂 Have a great Memorial Day. God Bless you and your family.

  2. Dominick:

    What a truly inspired post. Thanks for sharing thoughts —
    from your heart. Your compassion is touching and your words something that all should hear today.

  3. Dominick, thank you.

    I'm not a veteran, nor a soldier. I'm a twenty-four year old who looks around and sees many problems with our society. I want to be part of the solution and, to be honest, I lose heart often. People look at me and get furious because I "don't respect our troops." This couldn't be further from the truth. My grandfather was in Vietnam. I respect and support our troops for more reasons than the risks they take with their lives. They are not only willing to risk their lives, but also their rights, their mental health, and more.

    The people I disrespect are the ones who knowingly put soldiers in situations they should not have to be in. This happens while on duty and off and concerns finances and other topics as well. I lose faith often because those in charge, on all sides, seem to care more about getting their way than taking action for the peoples' sakes.

    We are constantly increasing the budget for defense without increasing the budget for education and mental health services. I don't understand how the government doesn't see that as a problem. Many soldiers don't come home with solely physical wounds. PTSD runs rampant among veterans and damn… it's no wonder why. Other orders with anxiety and depression as traits do too. Moreover, once you are released from duty, it is hard to find a job if your only experience is in military. They have some programs out to get an education FOR the military… but not as much once you get out.

    I do receive food stamps because I struggle with depression and other psychiatric problems. I can vouch for you and others when I say that getting off of them is easier said than done. The system is poorly designed to help you transition off of welfare.

    Regarding the usage of electronics, I do know what you mean. While I often can be found head with my head buried into the computer for research, or on the phone talking and, when needed, texting, and though I appreciate being able to communicate long distances with people that I would have to wait a week for to receive a letter otherwise, most people my age and younger rarely use the internet for such purposes. It's used for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, and avoiding reality.

    I'll be the first to admit: I spend a fair amount of time avoiding reality myself. I am a gamer, a lover of almost all kinds of music, and an avid fan of anime and manga, all of which I can access most easily online. However, you can only spend so much of your time avoiding reality and I worry that a lot of younger people (not necessarily most) don't understand that.

    On the other hand, and in defense of the internet usage, city wide events can be put together minutes before they happen. Civil rights rallies can be initiated amongst countries that don't have them with less fear of repercussion. My grandmother can keep in easy contact with her friends and family from Holland. Also, big mistakes can no longer be covered up easily with "It didn't happen." Like-minded people can get together to talk. I am obsessed with philosophy and in a small town north of Albany, New York that shouldn't even be on a map, it's very hard to find others like me. I googled "Philosophy Forum" one day in 2008 and many popped up. I was able to choose one that suited me best and have discussions with people that I now consider my friends.

    The thing is: we can't become so blinded by the internet that we forget there are matters of importance right outside our windows in our homes. Today I was going to literally hide under my covers during the Memorial Day Parade. It sounded pathetic to me even though I knew the loud noises set my anxiety to an insane level. In the end, I ended up getting myself to join my Relay for Life team in the parade itself in remembrance that those who serving and falling as heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

    Lastly, to you and your comrades, who risk your lives and everything else for my sake and the sake of all of humanity: thank you for being you and doing what you do.

    • Thank you Miriam, I understand about the food stamps better than most people. I just learned that a good friend of mine is now on them, and is struggling just to make enough for daily needs. This website helps me to communicate directly with people like you, people who I love talking to. I'm always trying to find new ways to better myself. It's hard being a disabled Veteran, you are limited when you look for work, people don't want someone who can't lift or who needs extra breaks every now and then. I'm blessed to find people who are there to help me, and I hope you find peace in the midst of all of the chaos in this world we live in. Take care.


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