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Here is an NDA
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The NDAs and how to Exchange Your Currencies the Right Way

Last Updated On: January 26, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino

Hi everyone, this article will focus on cashing out procedures, NDAs and how to exchange your currency.  First off, I have been working on two new videos and articles lately.  Here are the links

New article and video https://globalcurrencyreset.net/gold-silver-ratio/  (open this now so you don’t forget)

My new video posted today (Veterans Day) is below

So in a nutshell, here is what I have to discuss with you today:

Currency Exchanges and Non Disclosure Agreements Including Private Exchanges and Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (RV) Discussions

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Lately, I have received messages from people who claim they have signed an NDA (Non disclosure Agreement) and comments about cash outs and private exchanges. I want everyone to be prepared but I especially want you to all be prepared for calls from unknown people telling you to send your currency to them to “get on a list” to exchange.  Regardless of anything I have said or wrote in the past, I am not going to any private exchanges, and I’m going publicly, to Chase / Wells Fargo, as I have been doing.

Some of you have stated that the Iraqi Dinar has revalued and that there are Zimbabwe exchanges available as well? First off, the whole Zimbabwe situation is a scam, there is no exchange for a non existent currency. You might as well bring your own hyperinflation German Marks from 1923 right? Now you are beginning to see. For Zimbabwe, there has already been hyperinflation and removal of eight zeros. Later on, they removed four more zeros, for a total of 12 zeros removed.

iraqi dinar nda

Iraqi Dinar NDA

Why I won’t sign the NDA, who is paying for this? I don’t trust the people out there who are promoting this, it seems shady that all of these unknown people began showing up this year offering to get you on the list to private exchange.

Where to buy dong and dinar. Buy dong at your local bank, and for Iraqi dinar, I wrote a useful guide here:

Who I trust, and who I don’t trust. I don’t trust the gurus, but I do trust my own judgement to go to my local banker who I personally have known for over seven years.

Nobody has proof, nobody has exchanged yet. Where are the receipts? All of you who told me you are exchanging have yet to send me any copies of your documents, even if you blank out all of the personal information, NONE of you have been willing to prove to me that you have exchanged.

Do NOT send your currency to anyone, why send it off? Some of you have already lost more than $20,000 by getting scammed, I would highly advise you to hold on to your currency until the time is right, which I will inform you of.

DeLaRue Machine facts, they are not needed, manual inspection of Iraqi Dinar is possible at the airport/your local bank.

Never ever ever, send your money out to be “counted” as you can count it at the bank, this should be obvious.

Learn about NDAs here http://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/nda.asp

This video: NDAs Currency Exchanges Including Private and Revaluation

If you want to know how the gurus make the money they do see this article below:

Final notes on NDAs and Currency Exchanges

If you still have questions after you have already watched the video above, you can comment below.  Please ask your question because by me answering your question, I am also potentially answering some else’ as well.  Thanks for checking this article out, I hope you make the right decision before you do a currency exchange or sign any NDA.

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