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NDA Vietnamese Dong – Just Received It

By: Dominick Giammarino

Looking for NDA Vietnamese Dong, I just received it.  You can get it from Blaino’s website:

site:vndbonanza.com do a Google search for that, you will find it.



Mark Meersman has been attacked because of his involvement in a private exchange.  I have received emails from people that signed the initial NDA but didn’t go forward with the exchange.

I will be updating this page periodically so bookmark it, share it with whoever you want.
I’m not going to be sending out copies of the NDA, if you signed up for the private exchange a while back, then you received the NDA delivered to your inbox.

Also note, I am not in charge of any group.  Some of you have emailed me saying when is my private group exchanging.  You are mistaken as I never stated that I have my own private group.  I am stating again, that I plan to exchange at a bank.  As for the NDA, you may have to travel to visit an authorized bank.  I cannot go into details now.

So what is an NDA?  An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement.  What is an NDA?  See this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-disclosure_agreement

Watch the video here about this NDA.

NDA Vietnamese Dong – My Thoughts On Exchanging

I’ve been doing currency exchanges for years, you go into the bank with your local currency, such as Indonesia Rupiah, and you leave with United States Dollars.  That’s it, no paperwork, no waiting for someone to approve, it was very simple.  It takes a very short amount of time to do a currency exchange.  NDAs are not needed for this exchange unless you plan to get a higher rate, you may have to travel to a specific Tier 1 bank to be announced, this is optional.

NDA Vietnamese Dong – Where To Buy Dong And When To Exchange

As I have stated previously, you can buy Vietnamese Dong from your local bank.  You can also buy it on eBay if you want to.
I’m not concerned where you purchase your Vietnamese Dong from, that’s why I don’t recommend any particular private dealers on this website.  I believe in free market, not high markup from currency websites.  Compare prices on eBay and Amazon, don’t worry about having certificates of authenticity, those are worthless, I can make you one for very cheap that says you own a piece of beachfront property in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.  I plan to do my Vietnamese Dong exchange locally whenever the rate increases to a rate that is substantially higher than the current rate.  Here is a link to the current Vietnamese Dong to USD rate.  1VND=0.0000472500 USD

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Please share this article, it might help someone you know.  I think this private exchange might be worth it for some.

Watch out for scams such as dinar options, those folks don’t have the reserves they say they do.

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16 thoughts on “NDA Vietnamese Dong – Private Exchange – Mark Meersman”

  1. Please send any info on Dong in regards to your latest video about filling out forms for the currency exchange.

    Blessings Tic

  2. Okay, I stumbled upon your website while doing some research on this Mark Meersman and PIF group I just found out my parents have been listening to for a while now regarding Dong currency exchange. I am very concerned regarding all of the paperwork that they just received to fill out including the NDA that you reference along with a LOT more paperwork with tons of personal information that is to be sent back or uploaded. My parents are very good, hardworking and selfless people who are not normally drawn into something like this. While I do understand the legitimacy of currency reset, I am looking for feedback on all of these forms. I did see in your video you would not be signing NDA, but what is all of the rest of that paperwork??! I do not trust this PIF group after seeing this and would like some clarification if you could provide.

  3. I did not get the link for the private exchange for the vnd.
    would you please send me the link i,am a member.
    Thank You
    Nino R.


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