Nesara Law – 2014 Update

Nesara Law Blog – 2014 Update on the Law

October 17, 2014

By: Dominick Giammarino

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Hey everyone, so for the Nesara law you will find that I have made a video.  The video is located here and I would really like to know what you all think.  The main goal of my site has been to research the information that is out there and then to provide you with an honest opinion based on the information that I have seen.  Nesara blogspot has some good information to start on, so Google that and you might be surprised by what you find.  It’s now 2014 and we have not seen implementation of it.

What does NESARA Law actually do?

NESARA News carries out the adhering to adjustments:
1. Absolutely removes out all bank card, mortgage, as well as various other banking debt because of prohibited banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst headache, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of financial obligation.
2. Eliminates the earnings tax obligation.
3. Eliminates the Internal Revenue Service. Employees of the IRS will certainly be moved right into the United States Treasury national sales tax area.
4. Produces a 14 % flat rate non-essential brand-new things simply sales tax earnings for the government. In other words, meals and medication will not be strained; neither will certainly made use of products such as aged houses.
5. Increases perks to senior citizens.
6. Returns Constitutional Regulation to all courts as well as lawful issues.
7. Reinstates the original Title of The aristocracy modification.
8. Establishes brand-new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA Four Winds announcement. The acting federal government will certainly cancel all National Emergencies as well as return us back to constitutional regulation.
9. Displays elections and avoids illegal election activities of unique interest groups.
10. Develops a new UNITED STATES Treasury rainbow currency returned by gold, silver, as well as platinum gold and silvers, finishing the personal bankruptcy of the United States launched by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.
11. Prohibits the sale of American birth certificate documents as chattel home bonds by the United States Department of Transportation.
12. Starts new UNITED STATES Treasury Banking System abreast with Constitutional Regulation
13. Does away with the Federal Reserve System. During the transition duration the Federal Reserve will certainly be enabled to run side by side of the united state treasury for one year in order to take out all Federal Reserve keeps in mind from the cash supply.
14. Recovers financial privacy.
15. Re-trains all courts and also lawyers in Constitutional Regulation.
16. Stops all aggressive, U.S. federal government army activities worldwide.
17. Establishes peace throughout the world.
18. Launches substantial sums of cash for humanitarian purposes.
19. Allows the launch of over 6,000 licenses of reduced technologies that are being kept from the general public under the semblance of national safety and security, consisting of complimentary energy tools, antigravity, and sonic recovery devices.

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Nesara Law Scam

So is Nesara law a scam?  Some people seem to think so, there is no shortage of sites that are anti Nesara as you can tell from searching the term, but where is the evidence that the people involved with Nesara have actually been arrested and gone to jail?  It would seem to me that something this important would not go unnoticed right?  I wrote an article here regarding Nesara Law that you should read.  Wikipedia has an article about Nesara Law. Regarding the Iraqi dinar, Nesara dinar has been closely tied.  I have noticed that there is no shortage of sites mentioning both being a source of great abundance in the coming years, but we have to wait and see.  Here is the White House Petition I mentioned previously.

Nesara Law Final Thoughts and Update

In conclusion, many of us who have purchased Iraqi Dinars, or other forms of currency in preparation for the Global currency reset, are expecting that this law will take effect very soon.  This was such a hot topic in 2011 (when most of the gurus appeared, that the White House actually took the time to respond to a petition.  It seems that, at the current time U.S. President Barack Obama has no intentions to implement Nesara Law, hope this article helps.

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