New Iraqi Dinar Notes Released – Three Zeros Still

New Iraqi Dinar Notes Just Released

Last Updated on: January 25, 2015

By: Dominick Giammarino

The new Iraqi Dinar currency has been released, this is according to the CBI, not me, not some dinar guru, and especially not any of the buy Iraqi dinar currency websites.  I am the first one to point this out.  Perhaps it is because I have done real research.  I’m really hoping that this video gets shared so that the gurus can respond.  They have been telling all of you that ever since 2011 that the new Iraqi dinar notes was going to have three zeros removed.

For more information check out New Iraqi Dinar

Check Out the New Iraqi Dinar Notes

See below the difference between the old dinar and the new Iraqi dinar.  There is a new image and new security features.

The image has been moved slightly off center, much like it’s predecessor, but notice the color difference, watermarks, and security band.

Old Iraqi Dinar

iraqi dinar


New Iraqi Dinar

new iraqi dinar

My Opinion About the New Iraqi Dinar Notes

I completely expect that these higher denomination notes will be in circulation for quite some time before we even hear about a revaluation.  This article points out that for years the dinar community has held onto every single word that the fake gurus have said regarding the lop or the removal of the three zero notes.  Time and time again TNT Tony had stated his contacts told him they were no longer allowed to use these bills, he was wrong.  Thanks for reading this article about the new Iraqi Dinar notes, talk to you soon.

New 10,000 Iraqi Dinar

10,000 new iraqi dinars

Full Screenshot of the CBI page

central bank of iraq new iraqi dinars

New 25,000 and 5,000 Iraqi Dinars


central bank of iraq 25,000 and 5,000 new iraqi dinars


New 10,000 Iraqi Dinars

central bank of iraq 10,000 new iraqi dinars

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