New Videos I have posted on YouTube

Hi everyone, here are some of the recent videos I have posted on my Youtube channel.

2nd YouTube channel about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

Global Currency Reset Update – Scams, Dates, Reserves, Exchanges, Dinar Calls

Zimbabwe Dollar To USD | BREAKING NEWS!

TNT Tony – Update







3 thoughts on “New Videos I have posted on YouTube”

  1. so first of all did something happen with that login thing you did its not working anymore…and about what lindsey said do you think this is referring to the next huge even to lead to martial law the nuke plants im thinking in godzilla they showed a total meltdown in japan foreshadowing a future fukashima continuation i know its still melting down to this day and the BP oil spill is still leaking out i guess they would have bigger plans in the works its hard to imagine anything much worse that would have divine implications…what do you think D?

    • What login thing? I don't have a login for my site, just a subscribe button at the top and on the right sidebar. I feel there will be some false flag event that will ultimately lead to the dollar collapse and the subsequent revaluation or reset of the currencies.

  2. oh yea im just talking about how you had a couple weeks ago so we could sign in and just post comments right away cause now i have to give my name email and website again….but yea i agree there is def a big false flag coming do you know about the hoover dam blowing up? (on the 50) all the ones on the bills i think there are two left that will happen in the future and one is the destruction of the hoover dam if you watch jonathan kleck…destruction of america


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