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Pamela Pedersen is @alreadybblessed on Twitter

Last Updated On: Janauary 30, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino

So who is Pamela Pedersen really?  Well, you probably already know her as the Pam from the TNT Tony calls, but what you don’t know about her is who she really is.  Why these people have to hide their identity is behind me, I’m quite open about who I am, the business I run (Internet Marketing and SEO) and I don’t have to hide behind a microphone.  Just type in meet Nick Giammarino, you will find out who I am real fast.  It’s a video of me speaking into my professional microphone in my home studio.  She promotes the #wearethepeople tag.

OK, so this article probably seems too short, I don’t care, I just wanted to post this just to see if it comes up under the searches for Pamela Pedersen, if you found this page then I did it well.

Pamela Pedersen alreadyblessed tnt tony

Game Over For Pamela Pedersen and TNT Tony

Pam can’t ban me because I’m not on their forum, and she can’t report me because I have done nothing wrong.  Don’t worry, all of the people associated with TNT Tony will be brought in for questioning by the DOJ (Department of Justice), and I can’t wait for that day.  If you want to say that I, Nick Giammarino, am trying to start a fight, you are mistaken.  I’m trying to warn people, people just like you who is reading this to please, stop listening to these dinar calls, they are full of lies.  Below is the call from February 17, 2014 which was deleted, and on this call, Tony and Pam were having a discussion about reserves when TNT Tony accidentally slipped up.

One of the things I have learned, is that when someone lies you need to expose them.  It’s easier when you have a group of people behind you, but you can still go at it alone.  The point is, back in the day, if someone lied to you (bearing false witness) or broke a promise (didn’t keep their word) you could kill them, and no, I’m not for killing, that is just horrible.

Pamela Pedersen @alreadybblessed Twitter Page

Pamela Pedersen @alreadybblessed Final Thoughts

So what do I think of Pam?  It seems to me she will do anything to make a buck, rather than try to help people, she joins sides with a con man, TNT Tony, and DC, aka Winston Pfiester.  I feel that they all need to be brought in for questioning by the Department of Justice, but alas, justice moves slowly.  Pamela Pedersen should break away from TNT Tony and get a real job, or better yet, be a good wife and support her husband anyway she can, she could be a real blessing by not trying to deceive the people who hang onto every word Tony Renfrow says.  My point is, she could help the masses, not try to silence them. @alreadybblessed

Thanks for blocking me Pam, people know your lies, you are going down with Tony and Winston.  You have been warned, it’s not too late to leave like the mods did.

Sometimes you have to remove the thorns in order to harvest the fruit, and I’m hoping that Pamela Pedersen gets a wake up call from some three letter agency telling her to cease, and desist.

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