President Obama Announces GCR – Video of How It Might Go Down

President Obama Announces Global Currency Reset – A Fake Video of How It Might Go Down

By: Dominick Giammarino

Here is a video from about a month ago, this is what it might be like when it actually happens.   What do you think?

Embed this video, tThis is what it might sound like if President Obama announced a global currency reset.  It reminds me of when President Nixon announced the end of the gold standard.

3 thoughts on “President Obama Announces GCR – Video of How It Might Go Down”

  1. Howdy. Just a thought that came to me out of the blue….. I guess the GCR is in the offing, but when who knows? There's also talk of a financial collapse maybe 2015(?) triggered by an interest rate rise(?). I guess an interest rate rise (and a financial collapse) can be defined as a whole heap of fiat 'money' being sucked out of the system – as basically it is debt(money) that is being extinguished (whether paid off or defaulted on). The GCR I understand will be based upon countries' assets, so a massive contraction in global money supply as per a financial collapse would have a seriously big impact on asset values – punishing countries that are in debt the most – and one of the ways that that 'punishment' might manifest is in the relative value of currencies. So what I'm saying is that the Global Currency Reset and the impending Financial Armageddon are one of the same thing….. Hey I'm no economist, but I hope this makes sense….. What do you think? Good wishes, Mal.

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