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Global Currency Reset Notification

Dominick Giammarino

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If you are on this site for the first time, I would suggest you start by going to the home page, reading the intro, then going to breaking news to read the latest headlines. The IMF plans to get this reset underway very shortly and you definitely want to be one of the first ones at the bank. After that, check out the other pages to learn more. You can also post in the forum and talk to others. This site is relatively new however more and more people will join you with the free discussion, and you don’t have to register.

Here are some steps you need to take once you understand the reset.

1. Listen to some conference calls to understand what is happening.

2. When you can, go and open a bank account at both Wells Fargo and Chase.

3. Buy some Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong, how much is up to you.  I’d recommend checking ebay and finding high rated sellers with at least 98% and at least 30 positive ratings.  Read the ratings.

The Global Currency Reset is an event that has been planned for many years.

All of the worlds’ currencies will be revalued based on the assets of the country. Some countries have a lot of assets (Iraq has oil) so their currency will be worth more, however, it’s been speculated that the U.S. Dollar will lose between 20% and 30% of it’s value in just one day. What does this mean for you? Higher prices at the grocery store, more money for gas, and who needs that? If you invest properly you can protect yourself, personally, we recommend buying Iraqi Dinar on ebay as a hedge against inflation in the U.S.

In 1990 the Iraqi dinar was worth more than $3. Basically $1=0.33 dinar. Today, $1=1166 dinar. There is talk that the rate could go back to what it was in 1990, maybe even higher! This has happened to Kuwait, just search for Kuwaiti dinar revaluation and read articles and stories about what happened back then.

So just when will this Global Currency Reset happen? We have been told it’s coming “very soon” for a long time.

You probably are frustrated because you have to sit and listen to all the “gurus” out there like TNT and you don’t have time to listen to a 2 hour call each day.

You don’t have time to manually check currency conversion sites to see what’s changed. Don’t worry anymore!

We will be monitoring all global exchange service sites like and as well as We will make sure you know within an hour of us finding out. Don’t be left behind!

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  1. hello could you please tell me how dinars will work for me when the reset takes place and why do I need to open an an account at chase back? sorry about the questions this is all news to me thanks for your understanding.

  2. any word on the revalue rate of the Vietnamese Dong? im hearing alot of rumors but just investigating further in depth..


  3. After speaking with a rep at chase bank they’re telling me this is all a hoax. I’ve been with chase for years and know them personally. What’s your thoughts?


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