S3Alpha or S3 Alpha

S3 Alpha – Stage 3 Alpha

Dominick Giammarino

January 20, 2015

Article about stage3alpha – Exogen from S3 Alpha was recently on the Sedona Connection Radio Show with Dave Schmidt.  I really enjoyed that interview.  Exogen, you can contact me through the link at the bottom of this site.  I really hope everyone has an opportunity to check out S3Alpha.  Thanks.

Update, Exogen has contacted me through S3 Alpha.  I’m not sure what to think of the site because I see a lot of misinformed people.  I have made a few posts there occasionally.


If you were looking for the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone the link is below

More information regarding the dinar gurus like TNT Tony Dinar

Link to my article about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation


s3 alpha







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  1. 6/7/15 Dave schmit and the ambassador are saying that the Chinese Yuan have to be used globally and the cabal control has to be gone before we see any reset. Can anyone out there comment on this? Is was released by Dave 6/5/15 ambassador says these two events are tied together. So anyone have any confirmation or opinion on this subject.


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