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Here are some good sample questions and my answers:

What do I think about the NDA and will I sign it?

I don’t think we need an NDA, with the advent of hidden camera and microphones, someone will read the NDA outloud, put it on livestreaming, and everyone will know what’s in it. I think it’s a waste of money, furthermore, I believe the NDA is a trap. They say you get a special rate if you keep your mouth shut? What happens if you get called into an office and they say, “Speak up or you are going to jail.” I’ll take a much lower rate and keep my website thank you very much!

How long do we have to exchange?

If I get the word to exchange, whether private or public, I’m going in within 4 hours, you might not have a long time, China will probably dump it’s US Treasuries fast so as soon as you get your US Dollars buy something tangible, real assets like a car, a house, or precious metals.

Questions for the CBI: Are you aware of speculation that your currency will revalue/appreciate 400 times it’s current value?

A: Coming soon

Questions for the UST: Who is in charge of the interface team?

A: Coming soon

Just for background on myself, I spent four years in the United States Navy, I held the highest security clearance. I am a disabled veteran and I’ve been to the following countries, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Bali, Guam, Saipan, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Kong Kong, Singapore, New Caldoneia, and probably other places I’ve forgot to mention. Sound off if you have served, I’d love to hear from you.

Nick Giammarino


62 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions – Click HERE”

  1. Should we think about credit unions and what do you think the reset will occur after elections?! It cannot be much longer they are building up events in the ukraine more and more I AM SURE that this is leading to the GCR…how much more time is the question…also you do believe the full scale collapse will occur around 2016 (obama pushed off the mid-small businesses to 2016 no one can disagree that hes our dictator) right since lindsey williams stated that after the full implementation of obamacare will it happen…

    • Thanks Nick: My question is – what online source or sources would you recommend to track the value of the dong as well as the dinar. Really respect your balance and judgement. Thanks again!! Don

  2. I sent a colleague of mine to pick up my Dong from a local Travelex office. He gave me my Dong but I DO NOT have a receipt. Do I NEED that receipt to cash out after the RV takes place or can I just take the Dong somewhere to redeem?

    • Hi, this is a great question! Of course not. Right now you can go to the bank and exchange your dong (which is pretty much worthless) and get US Dollars. The only difference will be the rate, trust me, you have never needed receipts in the past and you don't now. When I left the US Navy, I had quite a bit in foreign currency. I waited from 2004 until just after the 2008 crash to exchange. As an example, the Japanese yen, which I acquired in 2004 at the rate of 124 or so to the dollar, was now 78-80 to the dollar, so I had a gain of over 60% and I never had to prove how much I paid for it, you don't usually get receipts at airports now either.

      I will explain this in my upcoming video, thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the follow up Dominick. Your reply is good news and serves to allay my concerns of trust in my associate. Guess all we can do now is to wait for the RV.

    Bene Grazie,

  4. Nick, I have signed up to the Private Dong Exchange run by PIF.
    Do we know how this is progressing?
    Can we act on the rates you revealed in your videos?
    Any feedback appreciated!

    • I don't really understand this whole thing, however, I will allow this link to be displayed so my readers can decide from themselves. I'm a Christian and because of that I must not follow channels or mediums. As Christians, we are supposed to seek God for the answers to our questions. Praying to or “channeling” like what I just read is idolatry. Leviticus 20:6 KJV And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.

      Read more:

  5. I had already signed up but have not received a newsletter. Dave Schmidt also stated that we don't need to send our receipts. I could, but didn't since he said we didn't need to. Can you please clarify?

    thank you

  6. I purchased dong on reserve for 60 days.If the dinar rv's within 60 days,will I be able to use that money to purchase my dong reserves? Would that be considered double dipping?

  7. If I am going on vacation when the RV happens will there be time to still cash in or should I take the Dinar with me?
    I will only be gone a week, but I saw your response that you will go with in four hours!
    I did here that NASDAQ is going live in July for Iraq so that means they would need to RV soon; on the other hand I have been hearing January 2015!?
    No one knows except the very few and I don't that includes the President!
    I just want to help the homeless and animal causes ( including the Ocean). God made everything and it's up to US to do Gods work!!!

    • Hi Sam, here is what recommend. Take your vacation, nothing will happen, trust me, you have time. I appreciate your last sentence, it's important that people help people, not government, but people like you and I who can make a difference. Enjoy your vacation, message me when you get back ok?

  8. Your info on reset and revalue was very insightful. I am a new investor in currency. My question is, would I have to sign an NDA for dong?

  9. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the newsletters and the credible information you provide, we love info with links to back it up. Here is my question…I use to keep abroad with the Iraqi Dinar rates and the Dong rate. Since I started following the rates, the IQD was 1166 per $1 UDS for a while. Now in the last week as of 6/12/14, IDQ is 1116 per $1 USD. Now with that being said, the still shows 1166 as of 6/17/14 8:30am est. Has the IDQ exchange rate changed? What is going on here? Thanks for you support.


  10. Hi my name is Suzanne I live in the uk , I have been following you for months, to be honest find it all a bit hard to understand . I have probably left this late to ask this question but is there anyway still i could make any money i don't have much but if i could make any at all it would be of help, thankyou for helping all the people you are helping its good to know there are still good folk out there.
    Thankyou Suzanne

  11. Dear Sir, I would like to know, how to get registered with a 'private exchange group' preferably in the Somerset, NJ area. So that I could get a better rate, for my VIETNAMESE DONG.

  12. Your info is very much appreciated, kind sir. I'm of an age that I can remember Nixon's announcement. Being young and not too bright I didn't pay much attention at all, but I do remember 17% mortgage rates. Are there any gurus you trust? Mountain Goat? Okie? Poof? Others?

  13. If I go to the bank tomorrrow would they do an exchange with my dong so far I have seen on that it is a private exchange of 47 cents per dong.

  14. I invested in Dong, thinking it was going to be in the RV package with the Dinar. Have I just thrown my money away, or is there still a hope that the Dong will revalue leaving us a nice profit in the near future like the Dinar?

  15. Please humor me for a minute…. I know you said you do not pay attention to DinarGuru or any of the other bloggers. Do you ever read Dinar Recaps? I know you also said below that you don’t expect to see any private exchanges or the GCR until at least late September 2015. You also said not to ask you why or how you know that. Without asking you why or how you know, please take a quick look at the first couple of paragraphs from the dinar recaps website from today and attempt to answer my one question below

    Jim G. (whoever he is) says the GCR plan is to roll out on Monday. How can he know this and how can the two of you be so far apart with your knowledge/stories? A few others chimed in and said they heard the same thing. Why would they say this if it weren’t true? I’m not being critical of anyone. I know you are providing a great service and we appreciate all you do! But inquiring minds want to know…

  16. Nick, I thought you were going to send the information on Tues nite or Wed. morn to do the private exchange with PIF? This gentlemen has signed, so did I miss your email on this?

  17. Hello,
    I have heard dinarrecaps, dinar detectives and all a lot of other "dinar gurus" say things like it will happen Monday and then it comes and goes. I have seen ir many many times and I have a friend that bites on every word. It is driving him crazy because he does that. The gurs have been saying stuff like that for months now. If you read all of Nicks posts and podcasts you will understand a lot more than listening to the gurus. The other guru sites post the same "updates" and have yet to bo right on anything. Stick with Nick.

  18. As I personally know those involved with the"bond" market, there are many bonds and boxes that are waiting for the global reset announcement so that these large transactions will finally be paid out by treasury departments. What are your thoughts as why this announcement gets postponed week after week, month after mont?

    • Because they are not ready, things don't get postponed like this unless there is a serious issue. Someone is holding it up, my guess is it's not just the IMF. There are certain member countries (Zimbabwe) who are not using a national currency, until they are, I don't see a reset, unless there is a new reserve currency like the Yuan and in that case, we are in big trouble.

  19. Thank you for your thoughts, that makes sense. We from time to time hear news that it's days away, and then nothing, we have seen most of the same letters that you have read and posted as well. We where told that The President has signed off on it but keeps pushing off the announcement. There is so much mis-information at all levels it's hard to tell what's true and what's not. You have an interesting website and I commend you for it. Thank you.

  20. Nick.

    Considering that I have read your valuable opinion and interesting references
    about GCR .. RV ….

    Could you pls tell me .. your opinion about situation of ZIM … at present time ( 25/26 December 2019) ??.

    Thanks !!


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