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Hi everyone, before my next newsletter is published, I want to hear from YOU!

Check out the Youtube Videos to see if I already talked about it.

Submit your comments below and I will respond.

Don’t ask me, “When is the RV going to happen?” I’m not an insider, however, if any of you is an insider, and you want to contact me, you can, I will maintain your privacy, even though I could care less about my own.

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Here are some good sample questions and my answers:

What do I think about the NDA and will I sign it?

I don’t think we need an NDA, with the advent of hidden camera and microphones, someone will read the NDA outloud, put it on livestreaming, and everyone will know what’s in it. I think it’s a waste of money, furthermore, I believe the NDA is a trap. They say you get a special rate if you keep your mouth shut? What happens if you get called into an office and they say, “Speak up or you are going to jail.” I’ll take a much lower rate and keep my website thank you very much!

How long do we have to exchange?

If I get the word to exchange, whether private or public, I’m going in within 4 hours, you might not have a long time, China will probably dump it’s US Treasuries fast so as soon as you get your US Dollars buy something tangible, real assets like a car, a house, or precious metals.

Questions for the CBI: Are you aware of speculation that your currency will revalue/appreciate 400 times it’s current value?

A: Coming soon

Questions for the UST: Who is in charge of the interface team?

A: Coming soon

Just for background on myself, I spent four years in the United States Navy, I held the highest security clearance. I am a disabled veteran and I’ve been to the following countries, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Bali, Guam, Saipan, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Kong Kong, Singapore, New Caldoneia, and probably other places I’ve forgot to mention. Sound off if you have served, I’d love to hear from you.

Nick Giammarino


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