TNT Dinar Activeboard Showtime

Obviously if you are here, you know that TNT Tony Renfrow has been sentenced to one year in prison for his 14 daily plus scam. This picture of him was snapped on his sentencing date of 11/30/2015 at around 1pm Kansas time. Regardless of your position on the Iraqi Dinar RV or the VND, you should be aware of Tony, of TNT Dinar, and more.

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tnt tony renfrow

TNT Dinar Activeboard – The TNT forum

tnt dinar showtime activeboard

The TNT Dinar Activeboard has information that TNT Tony has posted about the news he has regarding the Iraqi dinar and the global currency reset.  TNT Forum Tony is another name for this activeboard.  The TNT Active Board is closed at this time mainly because too many people were joining and essentially telling TNT Tony that he was wrong.  The other site he uses is TNT Super Fantastic and that’s just a basic site that is not being updated, it’s supposed to be for when the global currency reset actually occurs.   Dinar Recaps is updated daily, and might be a better site to check out for news and updates.

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Tony discussing his five year plan with 14 daily plus


TNT Dinar Activeboard – Review

It’s interesting that as of May 2014 the TNT Dinar Activeboard is still closed to new members, meaning you are unable to register to post, or to read posts or ask questions.   This could be due to the fact that a cult doesn’t like to let outsiders in.

The link is here: TNT Dinar Activeboard

This is very suspicious, because most forums are open for people to post, and let’s just say they want to keep out people like myself who will expose the lies of Tony, I could still get banned, then no matter what I did, I would be left out.  There is a way to check the IP address of anyone who is banned, that way, if they register under a new name, their IP is blacklisted so they will quickly be removed again.

tnt tony prison

There are wordpress plugins that allow you to ban people who spam, so TNT Tony could use this, however, he choses not too.  TNT latest blasts are posted here but again, if you don’t know someone already inside, you can’t get in.  I’m supposed to be writing this page about my review of the activeboard, unfortunately, since I am not allowed in, all I can do is criticize the way the site is designed.  We know that TNT latest blast is there, but we can’t see it.  We can try and check out Twitter, but even then, he posts messages and says check the forum, why post private messages?  Weird, I’m sure you agree with me.

TNT Dinar Activeboard – Final thoughts

tnt activeboard forum

I’m highly suspicious of any forum that is closed but still active.  Unless it’s a professional business forum, then there is no reason why someone would have to close a forum.  I recently posted some videos on YouTube about how TNT Tony admitted he works for Sterling, so that link to the YouTube video is below.  My YouTube video link to the latest update on TNT Tony and Okie is here:

Just so everyone knows, I did a Twitter audit of Tony s twitter account, and what I found was that most of Tony’s followers are fake.  So think about that.

TNT Dinar Activeboard

Thanks for reading this review of TNT Dinar Activeboard

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