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Hello everyone, first off, thanks to everyone who attended this live conference call. I never expected it to go as long as it did. I went ahead and had the call transcribed. I figured that I wouldn’t have anyone who would do it for free so I did pay to get it done, and I’m glad I did.

Here is the video:

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Announcer: You’re listening to the Podcast podcast. Now, here’s Nick with today’s headlines.

Nick: Well, it definitely is working. Awesome. Now, I’ll make sure I put that on the original, official recording once I start. Welcome everybody. You’re on the free conference call right now. For those of you watching on YouTube wondering why I’ve got a split screen, I’ve got the chat opened on YouTube and I also have open my chat window. What I want to do is just show you an article real quick before I go to calls. Again, hit *6 and then you’ll get a message saying if you would like to enter the queue hit 1. So that should be easy enough.
I’m going to find a couple of articles right here. Some of you are already pretty familiar with them. But either way, I just want to make sure that you see these articles. I will try not to overwhelm you with a whole bunch of news. But, that’s kind of what we want to do is we do want to go over a little bit of news. I do want to take your questions so anyone who has a question, hit *6 and then hit 1.
There’s a good amount of people right now who are on YouTube, which is amazing. In fact, let me go ahead and look at YouTube. It looks like there’s 50 something people on YouTube right now as we speak. Yeah, there’s 55 of you on YouTube. For everybody who is on YouTube right now, if you want to get on this queue to ask a question, enter this phone number: 712-775-7035. Then, enter this PIN: 181420 and then you’ll be in the queue. When you’re in the queue hit *6, simple as that, and you can ask any question you want.
This is an interesting one right here.
[Reading from computer screen]
Marc Faber Issues a Stunning Warning That Gigantic 50 Percent Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming.”
The guy is based out of Switzerland, but he is Swiss. Actually no, I’m wrong, he’s a Swiss investor, he’s from Switzerland, but he lives out of Thailand from what I understand. It’s kind of a nice cheap place to live; I’ve been there. It’s actually a beautiful country; great people, great food. Just bad weather. I don’t know, what can I tell you? Look at what he’s saying: we could easily see the S&P plunge all the way down to 1,100. The S&P right now is at 2,100. So that’d be a 1,000 point drop. That would be huge to lose 50% right there. This is a great article. I have already given you this article once before. I want to make sure I put it on the webpage somewhere just so you can take a look at it.
I have all these other articles that came up. I’m going to open this one here. Info Wars always ends up linking to really good sources like Bloomberg. A lot of people don’t follow Info Wars, but I’ve been following them for years. This is the other one: “Pound Overtakes Argentine Peso to Become 2016’s Worst Performer.”
[Video audio plays briefly]

Nick: Just take a look at this real quick. I’m going to have to full screen it so you can see it. The pound is now 2016’s worst performer against the US dollar. And, obviously that’s because of what happened with BREXIT; Britain deciding to leave the European Union.

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I was totally in favor of them doing that and I was very excited. Now, they will hopefully get their sovereignty back. Look at where the British pound is and look at the Argentine peso. It actually passed the Argentine peso. It’s lost about 13% against the US dollar. The Japanese yen has gotten stronger, but they are just overprinting money. Their economy is probably going to collapse. That’s coming from a guy who was optimistic. I used to live over there. I do not see Japan recovering.
I want to look at what’s happened since BREXIT with the British pound. Let’s look at the last year. You can see the huge change. If somebody looks at this chart for the first time, and then it’s like ‘Ok, well, when did BREXIT happen?’ It should be obvious it happened right around here. You can see the huge change in the amount now. Some people looking at this chart for the first time will be like ‘Oh, their currency went up.’ Actually, it didn’t. This shows you how many British pounds you get per US dollar. The lower it is the stronger their currency is. This chart is inverted. It’s right here at 67, and it jumps to from 67 to 73. What that is showing you is the British pound losing value. If you look at a five-year chart, the British pound has never been this low. Look at a 10-year chart. The closest they even got was January 27, 2009.
I did have some British pounds. I sold my British pounds sometime around 2009-2010. I needed some cash because you know the dollar was not doing very well. I sold my British pounds somewhere around then, and I’m glad I did. But, you can see not much happened there.
Let’s look at Japan for a minute. Feel free those of you who are on YouTube watching this live, if you want to ask some questions on YouTube go right ahead. Those of you who are on the free conference, just hit *6 then hit 1. I will get to your questions. By the way, Happy Labor Day. I forgot to mention it.
Alright, look at the Japanese yen. This is kind of strange what was happening. It was doing really bad out here in 2011, and it just started to get some strength. But then, it fell again.

Let’s look at a one-year chart. The Japanese yen was right around 120 one year ago, and it’s fallen to 103. Actually that means it’s gotten stronger. Remember the chart’s inverted. The Japanese yen has been doing really good. Last month, it just lost a little bit of strength.
It’s kind of strange. I was in Japan when I was in the Navy. I was actually stationed over there from 2001-2004. What happened was it was 120 to the dollar when I was there. If you look at this real carefully, it got to almost on par, it was actually on par. What this says right here, around August 17, 2016, the Japanese yen was on par with the US dollar. It got a little bit weaker, but when you look at the one-year chart it definitely gained strength against the dollar. It went from 120 to 103.
Let me stop looking at news for just a minute. I’m going to check chat, and then I’m going to answer any questions.
Actually it’s going to confuse us if I have it up so I’m just going to leave the chat window right here and just try to zoom in on it just a little bit. Perfect.
[Reading from chat window]
HawaiiVolcanoSquad, thanks for helping me with that beginning part there.
“GunChannels is a 2nd amendment social platform.” – I will definitely check that out. I’m all about everybody being armed. I think somebody told me years ago the only reason Switzerland didn’t get invaded in World War II is because everybody was armed.
Carlos, yeah, I already told you about that.
Nameless says, “Obama, the Corporate President, got snubbed at the airport per Zero Hedge.” Ok, let’s take a look at that real quick. I think that’s worth looking into.
[Reading from computer screen]
Tarmac Altercation Erupts After Obama Lands in China.”
They don’t like Obama in China. Well, they probably don’t like him anywhere, but I mean, China.
“Upon arrival on Saturday in China as part of his last visit to Asia as US Commander in Chief for the periodic photo op that is the G20 meeting something unexpected happened. A very undiplomatic greeting when an unusual tarmac altercation involving Chinese and US officials, including National Security Adviser Susan Rice, devolved into a shouting match by a member of the Chinese delegation.”
This is ridiculous.
“It all started with the actual landing. The first sign of trouble is that there was no staircase for Obama to exit the plane and descend on the red carpet. As the photo below shows, Obama used an alternative exit. Needless to say, a diplomatic f-up such as this one was not accidental. Beijing was sending a loud and clear message.”
Yeah, they don’t screw up by accident. They were organized people.
“Then, around the time Obama was exiting through the emergency staircase, a Chinese official began shouting at the White House staff after the traveling American press contingent was brought onto the tarmac. The Chinese official attempted to block Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes after they lifted a blue rope holding back press and walked to the other side.”
Wow. So it says later on below, it says “…according to Politico, the press pool was brought under a wing of Air Force One where the pool was supposed to stay behind a blue rope.”
Yeah, they keep the press separated.
It says, “However, a member of the Chinese delegation began shouting to the White House staff demanding the pool leave the arrival scene.”
“This is our country; this is our airport. A video of the incident was later tweeted.”
So, let’s see a quick video. It’s not going to play very well.
[Video briefly plays]
Nick: I’ll go ahead and mute that for a second. This is what was happening in Beijing a couple of days ago. Very interesting.
[Reading from computer screen]
“A government official was not happy that reporters were under the wing of Air Force One. A White House press aide would not back down.”
Interesting. Well, thanks for that article there.
[Reading from chat window]
It says, “Putin got the royal red carpet treatment by Chinese leadership. They talked about ice cream on the tarmac.”
They talk about ice cream with Putin, but our reporters are getting snubbed and Obama doesn’t even get the red carpet. So, what does that say? Do they really like us over there? Probably not.
[Reading from chat window]
Hey, Carlos. Carlos from Portugal. Canada, Marshall Miller, hey.
“Coinbase.” – Yes, I am familiar with that, Michael. Excellent. Thank you for bringing those up. Check out Coinbase, GoldMoney, Bitrex and Bitclub.
“When is physical silver going to jump?” – Hopefully soon, Marshall. I’ve got a ton of silver. I was looking at the gold-silver ratio. In fact, I better bring that up really quick while we’re talking. Silver-gold ratio, rather. I did an article on this also. So, let me look at a one-year chart here. For those who don’t know – I don’t know if anybody here owns gold and silver, I know a lot of you are probably just currency investors – the ratio works like this: if you look at this chart it says a high of 83, a low of 67. A high of 83 means it takes 83 ounces of silver to equal one ounce of gold. The low would mean it takes 67 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. Now, when you look at the historic ratio. It was always around 16, 18; it was between 11 and 18 usually. In the last 30 years, 20 years, it really fluctuated quite a bit. This thing doesn’t go back far enough. Essentially, if you look at what’s happening the silver ratio has been falling. It’s actually taking less silver to buy gold. What that means is silver is actually getting more expensive. This chart is inverted. I personally recommend you continue to buy silver until the ratio hits somewhere around 50 or 55 maybe. When it hits around 50 or 55, then you may want to start buying gold. I like acquiring gold. The problem is I can acquire more gold in the future if I buy silver now. Does that make sense? I will be able to buy more gold if I wait. I do enjoy gold more than silver. Right now, silver’s cheap so I’m going to be buying silver. I’m what you call a “cycles investor”. Not a psycho investor, but a cycles investor. I’ve got to be careful because I know YouTube sometimes transcribes things differently.
[Reading from chat window]

currency devaluation
“When the climate change treaty takes effect…” – I think you mean NESARA? – “…will implement and gold/silver will jump quick.” Nameless, did you mean NESARA or were you saying GESARA? You probably just hit the wrong button.
“…badge differentiating a free man from a slave…”
Let me stop right here with your comments here and let me just check; I think I have a caller or two callers. Let’s go and see. Nope, nobody is in the call queue so if you want just hit *6, and then hit 1. I’m going to wait about 10 seconds to see if anybody is in the call queue. If you are, then I will go to your call.
[Reading from chat window]
Montreal just joined. Welcome.
There are 65 of you on YouTube. Not as many callers actually, but about half of you are on the phone. Nobody hit *6 and then 1 so I’m assuming nobody on the call wants to ask a question. So let’s go ahead and continue onward.
[Reading from chat window]
“Climate change New Jersey by Chemtrailing.” – Oh yes, by the way, I never believed in the whole climate change. There were originally, years and years ago, probably before some of you were born talking about a global cooling. There was going to be a new Ice Age. Then, Al Gore came out with this movie, and it was all about global warming. Global warming became climate change because they realized there wasn’t global warming. There was that one factor that they forgot to mention in terms global warming – what about the sun. They didn’t figure the sun into the equation and how come every single planet near the sun was also having their surface temperatures rise. It was very strange they didn’t want to mention that. I went to Australia and they are very crazy about climate change over there. It’s to the point where they hate, not that they hate climate change, the citizens hate that people go in their houses and say ‘Oh you have a certain number of appliances so we’ll charge you more.’
[Reading from chat window]

vietnam debt to gdp
Michael Felton, yes, Good point. Let me bring that up real quick. I think it was You can see our national debt rising in real time. You can see this is what the true price of gold and silver should be. Silver should be $900 an ounce, and gold should be $8,000 an ounce. I will agree with that. If they decide to revalue the price of gold, which they’ve done in the past, it would have to account for all the national debt we’ve created. In doing so, you would definitely see these prices. I guarantee you.
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I’ve got one person in the queue. Caller 646, I’m going to unmute you in about 10 seconds. In the meantime, while you are getting ready, I’ll open a link somebody else sent me.
Hey 646, you’re unmuted. Hello? 646?
Caller 646: Hey Nick, this is Brian from New York.
Nick: Hey Brian, I don’t know what Free Conference was doing, but it had you in a mute hold mode.
Caller 646: Sorry about that. Quick question and quick statement. Love everything you do. Thanks so much for all the public service and all the information you provide. Thank you for that. My question was related to investing in silver bullion and gold bullion. What is your attitude or feeling about buying from organizations like the Perth Mint or other locations that you can buy and store your bullion at? As someone who doesn’t have a safe place to keep it, what would you recommend to someone who wanted to truly invest in precious metals, such as silver and gold, and how they buy and store it for up to 18 months or even up to 5 years?
Nick: That’s an excellent question. I’ll go ahead and answer that for everybody. I think precious metals need to be stored properly and they need to be stored in your country. I just did a search for precious metals. I’ll go ahead and type in “storage” to show you how I go about finding a place. I’m all about buying silver. I prefer to buy gold, but you can buy silver. There’s some excellent guides here on where to get gold and silver stored. I would not recommend obviously using a public storage place because those get broken into constantly. I would recommend if you can invest in getting a home security safe, maybe something if you have a basement or something that is stuck into the ground or a hidden safe. Or you are going to have to store it outside of your home. I do not recommend storing it in any of the major banks. I’m going to see if I have that article I was looking at yesterday regarding that. Definitely if you can’t store it in your home, store it close to yourself. Do not store it in another country. Some people will say ‘what do you think about storing in Germany?’ Well, that’s one of the worst places to store gold.
I just typed “Deutsche Bank gold.”
[Reading from computer screen]
“Dire warning about Deutsche Bank Failure to Deliver Gold.”
Germany has probably one of the largest amount of gold reserves for a country other than the United States. In fact, let’s see a “US gold by country” search. You can see Germany is number two still. Germany doesn’t have any trouble holding gold. They do have a problem delivering gold. For people in Germany, they kind of got screwed over. Deutsche Bank in my opinion may be heading toward a huge collapse. This is just another reason why I would say do not store your gold with one of those big banks.
How about a safe deposit box? Gold is so small that you can fit several hundred thousands of dollars’ worth in a safe deposit box where just you and the bank have a key. I would probably recommend if you have a bank, store at a local bank, find out how much their storage fees are. As far as a major bank? Definitely not a good idea. I don’t know if you remember what happened on 9/11, but the banks shut down. You didn’t actually have access to your precious metals. That can be a cause of concern because what if you need access to your funds. You may want to just keep a couple of gold coins somewhere hidden in the house. If you have an attic or somewhere store a couple of gold coins hidden so then you have access to a few thousand dollars or maybe even more down the road. As for storing overseas, do not store your money overseas.
As for where to buy gold if you live in the US, you are going to want to buy silver American eagles. Let me show you what those look like. Silver American eagles are these kinds of coins here. I know you had mentioned Perth Mint, they are excellent. I’ll go ahead and bring that up as well. I did not go to Perth, but I wanted to go to Perth. I got to go to Darwin and Brisbane which are cities in Australia. Here’s the Perth Mint. You can see what kind of coins that they have. For right now, I’m going to mention silver. These are some of the silver coins they have.
Another site that sells coins and does storage is out in Texas. It’s this company, APMEX. They do storage, which is fine if you live out there. So Delivery on Demand: you always have the option to take possession of your precious metals anytime you want. Which we can’t say the same for Deutsche Bank. So silver eagles if you live in the United States.

negative interest rates
If you live in Canada, you want to order silver maple leafs. We have a bunch of awesome people from Canada on the phone. Canadian maple leafs are really beautiful coins. I have a few of these because you never know when you’re going to go to Canada. These are good. Some people go down to Mexico. They have some Mexican silver coins as well. The big ones are going to be the ones I just showed you: the silver American eagle, the silver maple leafs, and the ones out there in Australia.
On APMEX, when you highlight silver it also brings up Perth Mint. You can just click there, and boom, you got all the current coins from Perth Mint. You get them shipped to you from the United States, not from Perth, which is great. They’ve already got these in stock. If I click right here, these are probably some of the most popular ones: 2016 silver kangaroo coins. Click “View All Products”, and you can see it right here. I’ll go ahead and open one of those, and for comparison I’m going to open up a silver eagle just so we can look at the prices. I can’t stress this enough, keep your silver in your possession or keep it in your city – as close to your city as possible. If you have to drive a half an hour that’s fine, but if you have to go to another country to get your silver, don’t do it.
Let’s look at the price difference from this company. I’m not promoting them and I don’t get any money from them. I have purchased from them in the past when silver hit around 18. I just loaded up. If you buy one coin, you’re going to pay $23.15 for the silver American eagle. If you buy an Australian coin, it’s got the same amount of silver as these are both 1 ounce of silver, then you are only paying $21.60. It’s about $2 more for the US ones than the Perth ones. Which one you buy is totally up to you.
The way I find a dealer is: I live in Tempe so I would just type “sell silver Tempe” and on Google all of these local businesses show up. These are pawn or cash for gold. I have tried to call up first and say ‘Yes, I have a question, how much are you buying these for? If I have a couple of these and I want to sell them to you, how much are you buying them for?’ You’re not going to get the same amount, but just compare, compare, compare. Once you find a store that has a good price, then I recommend you just stick with that same store. If something were to happen and the internet goes down, which we’ve been hearing about, make sure you have these phone numbers down and the addresses down. That way you can call these places up and say ‘Yes, I have to sell 100 ounces of silver American eagles. Are you open or can I set an appointment?’ Some of these places you have to set an appointment to sell your coins. They are not going to let you just walk in through the door. The one I use looks like this.
They’re not going to show you what it looks like on the website. When you walk into the store, you have to buzzed in by the way. They see that you’re by yourself and they buzz you in. It looks like a bank almost separated by some bulletproof glass. You open a door, put your coins in, the door closes and opens from the other side. It does not work simultaneously. They let you pick whatever you want to buy or whatever you want to give them. In return they’ll look at, inspect, make sure it’s legit, and then, they’ll give you.
[Reading from computer screen]
So “We Buy” $16.49. If I went in there right now with these coins, they’re going to give me $16.49. I do not have any receipt of transaction unless I need one. It does not need to be reported. Just something to keep in mind. Silver maples – they sell it for a little bit less than these ones here. If you buy a box of 500, which is what I typically do, you get a huge discount. A “uuuge” discount as Donald Trump would say. Hopefully that goes into gold and silver, how I recommend you buy it, and how I recommend you store it. Does that answer your question?
Caller 646: Nick, sorry I had you on mute. It did. I have one last follow up question not directly related to coins. I’ve heard people in the past when they talk about bullion about it being less than 5 years old. Not that I’m going to go out and buy a 2.5 kilo bar. But, do you have a comment as to why that is the case or why that’s important? Just more of a factoid than anything else.
Nick: No, not really. I only buy the coins that people recognize. I’ll give you a very good explanation. I tell this to a lot of my friends or anybody I come in contact with who is interested in precious metals. I just mention “fake silver bars.” All you have to do is hit “News” and you can see what comes up. Look how recent this was. It was as recent as July. I will typically buy either a coin that is printed by a government or I won’t buy any at all. Some places make their own silver coins, but I just don’t trust it. Here’s what’s going to happen. If I go to this store here, I already know this is the price of gold and silver and this is what they are paying. If I give them a silver round that they aren’t used to seeing, then they have to test it. They have to make sure its 100% pure. If it’s not, then it ends up lead-based or something else. I only stick to coins because they are easily transportable and easily tradable. It’s too much of an effort to deal with these large bullions.
If you have a lot of money you shouldn’t be buying coins, you should be buying gold. You can get gold very cheaply from a lot of local places. Online you are going to end up paying more for shipping. If you’ve got a good amount of money and you want to invest in precious metals, I would suggest getting gold. If you’re going to get silver, it’s going to take 66 of these coins to equal one of the equivalents, which is a gold eagle. Depending on what you have available, I literally stick to coins. If you have a few thousand dollars, get a silver box. They are sealed. There is no way to get these open. You cannot lift this physically without cutting this. You just keep your silver in there and you don’t touch it. I’m going to tell you it is heavy; it’s like 70 lbs. You take that in when it’s time to sell it and they’ll give you $8,000. They cost about $10,000 right now. But bullion bars, I do not recommend bars. Hopefully that clarifies that.
Caller 646: That does. And Nick, thanks very much. Have a great Labor Day weekend.
Nick: My pleasure, buddy, you too. Thanks for the question. I’m sure it helped a lot of people. I’m going to go back and look at the chat window real quick.
[Reading from chat window]

Gosh, how many of you were commenting on here? Alright, there we go, Nameless, “Obama has a fish named after him now.” – I didn’t know that. In Hawaii?
“Just got the JM bullion app and it has the ratio in it.” – If you have a smartphone, then you can get this app.
“Climate change” – I already mentioned I don’t believe in any of that.
“Allocations based on commitments by the border concept leaders to maintain nature.”
“I store my metals on hand at home where my Glock handles security.” – Yes, a Glock, a pit bull, a Doberman pinscher, something like that. I love that answer. That’s perfect.
“Never store it a bank. Use a private company that uses Brinks.” – Michael, excellent point. Kind of like what I mentioned before on 9/11, what happened? Banks were shut down. I was stationed here in Arizona when 9/11 happened. The banks shut down. You couldn’t get your money. You couldn’t cash anything. If you had a CD – a certificate of deposit – you couldn’t cash those. You couldn’t withdraw because the ATMs ran out. This is huge. If you have at least $800 in your checking account, call Wells Fargo right now and tell them you want to increase your ATM withdrawal limit to $800. When a crisis happens, the bank ATMs only have $20 bills at least here in the United States. If you can only take out $200 or $300 at a time, you’ll be standing there at an ATM grabbing your money and looking around, and you’ll have to do that how many times? I increased my ATM withdrawal to $800 with Wells Fargo. It’s a very little known secret. You call your bank up and say ‘I would like to increase my ATM withdrawal limit to the maximum.’ First thing they’ll probably do is look at the amount in your checking account, and they’ll say ‘Well you’ve only got a $100 in your checking so we can’t increase your limit.’ So what you do is go to the bank, you make a deposit and put in $1,000 in your checking account. And you ask in person to increase your ATM withdrawal limit to the maximum. Once you have that done, go outside and test it and make sure it works. Do not leave the bank until you can withdraw $800 in a single shot. Do not forget what I just told you. It’s very important.
[Reading from chat window]
Let’s continue you onward. This is one of my favorite answer: “I store my metals on hand at home where my Glock handles security.”
“Banks close up and no access.” – Yeah.
“Sunshine Mint Bars.” – Let me see where those are made. Oh, JM Bullion. I’ve heard about JM Bullion. They’ve existed for several years. This is what he was referring to. Those are probably good silver rounds. Especially if they are familiar to the company you are selling to. Now, if you are going to sell them to JM Bullion, you are probably going to get a better rate than if you sell them at a local place. I don’t actually know where JM Bullion is located. I have never purchased from them before. Dallas, TX, perfect. Then, you definitely have your gun, right? That’s where I recommend you would sell. You would have to call them to ask them what they buy them for, and then check with other companies. Most likely if you buy silver rounds from this company, JM Bullion, you are probably going to get the best rate if you exchange it with them. Just from my experience. I don’t deal with rounds anymore unless there is a huge deal and I’m buying from the company I’m selling to.
[Reading from chat window]
Michael Felton, you do karat bars. I don’t do karat bars mainly because of the amount of added cost and plus it’s mainly a marketing thing. I’ve had a lot of people try to get me to buy karat bars, but I prefer to just buy the physical coins. I understand the concept of karat bars; I think it’s good for people getting into things to understand how to buy in portions. But in terms of actual store value and wealth, the only problem with karat bars is when you go to a bullion dealer like the one I was showing you in Scottsdale, they are like ‘what are we supposed to do, break these up?’ A lot of them really don’t want to mess with karat bars. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying when it comes time to sell if you have karat bars go to your local business, Michael. Say ‘I have these karat bars, how much will you give me for them?’ See the look on their face, and see if they have any issue with you exchanging it. Seriously, just do that. I would really prefer, Michael, you do that and get back to me. Try to sell your karat bars at a local business and see how it works out. I would really like to get your thoughts on that because I can tell everybody. I have a lot of people asking me about karat bars and gold money. Is that James Turk? I thought it was. Oh, it’s Peter Shift. I thought it was some guy named James Turk I remember hearing about years ago.
[Reading from chat window]

dave schmidt
“Have you heard that Dave Schmidt is doing a private exchange for people at a high rate and is he legit?” – I don’t believe in anything with a private exchange. Laurie, there is always this difference of opinion with me when it comes to these private exchanges. You know, I have Dave Schmidt’s phone number right here on my phone, I might call him up. I have called him up. He’s told me it’s legit, I just have a different opinion than everybody. I just don’t understand how you can get a different rate of exchange than what’s on That’s all I’m saying. If a US dollar to the Japanese yen ratio is at 103 yen to the dollar, then somebody says ‘I’ll give you a thousand’ it doesn’t make sense. Why would he give me ten times more than the regular exchange rate, it doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry, Laurie, I cannot advocate any private exchanges at this time. In fact, ever, because it’s not really private. Any time you deal with currency exchanges, then you actually do have to report it. If I sell a bunch of currency and I’m getting an increase in value, how is it a private exchange? It’s not. Maybe the exchange itself is private, but the reporting is definitely not.
“Dave has a lot of rules that imply his will be limited exchange for his contacts/royal families.” – Yeah, I’ve heard that before too. I did that fake thing on Dinar Daily. Because people kept asking me about the Dragon family. If you look at the results, I asked the question does the Dragon family exist. I only got five people that said they do, and I got five people that said they don’t. Someone was like “What does the Dragon family look like?” I’m like there they are. That’s them right there, that’s them right there. They were like “you’re just messing with us.” Then this guy says, “This is not the Chinese elders I ate with tonight.” I just don’t mess with that. When has China ever wanted to help the US? They have always been about themselves. You kind of have to go over there, but they’re kind of strange people. They really kind of do their own thing.
We can probably look over here for a minute. Let’s see if I got any more questions. I’ll actually go to a question real quick. I have a question. Looks like from Canada area code 250. Well if that’s an area code. I’m going to unmute you. Why don’t you ask your question? Let me bring this over here real quick. Just saw we have 70 people online. That’s awesome.
Hey, you’re unmuted? How are you?
Caller 250: Hello. Pretty good. I’m calling from British Columbia, Canada. I have a few questions as far as Iraqi dinar. I don’t know if it’s still on the cards for maybe one day RVing. You seem be skeptical about that, and then I guess also a 100,000 note came out. If some people thought it might go one-to-one, well that would be impossible. So I’m just wondering where you’re at with that. I think this is sort of a dinar site, but I haven’t really heard you mention the dinar or RV.
Nick: Yeah, I try to mention everything, but regarding the dinar. I had to put out a press release because they removed the 50 dinar note from circulation. Do you remember that happening last year?
Caller 250: Uh, I’m not sure if I caught that or just knew they issued one.
Nick: So let’s go backtrack a few years. Back in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, most of the gurus – now you can go check this yourself through the dinar guru archives – were saying that Iraq was going to remove the high denomination notes meaning the three digit notes. They were going to get rid of the 1,000, the 5,000, the 10,000, the 25,000. That’s what they kept saying – they were going to remove those digits and they were going to revalue the currency. That’s not what happened. What happened was they created a 50,000 dinar note. So they increased the number of bank notes, they increased the denomination, and they removed the 50 dinar note. Why did they remove the 50 dinar note? Very simple. If we look at an exchange chart and if you look at the 50 Iraqi dinar note, which has been demonetized, it was only worth four US cents. That’s in country. In reality, it wasn’t even worth holding on to.
There were many dinar companies, many websites, and many gurus saying you need to buy the lower denomination notes which to me made no sense even when I first started investing in this. The reason is the notes were too small and they were too expensive. Because to transport them, they weighed so much and for the same amount you could just get a few 25,000 notes. All of the gurus who were telling everybody were wrong. And that’s the thing – anytime I try to mention this to people, they don’t understand. Years ago, the gurus said you have to buy the lower demonetization notes because they are getting rid of the higher ones. What happened was the complete opposite. They got rid of the lower denomination notes and kept the higher denomination notes. If you remember leading up to the 50 dinar note removal, not one dinar guru was able to predict that it was going to happen. All these people that said they have contacts in Iraq and know exactly what’s going to happen were all wrong. None of them said ‘Hey, in about a week or two weeks or not even in two days, the CBI is going to announce the removal of the 50 dinar note.’
When I tell people that they have to think for a second if that’s true, if all of these people have contacts, how come nobody gave us a heads up? If you type “50 dinar” on the internet right now it is like my website. Everything. Because I was the one who put out the press release. I actually paid like $150 to get a press release out there saying if you have 50 dinar notes they’re going to be worthless and you have about two or three months.

Iraq is not on a path to do what a lot of people are saying. They have an issue with ISIS. Their money supply has gone up tremendously. I’m going to open up “Iraqi money supply.” If you can, check my YouTube channel later. I’m going to go ahead and show everybody who is listening right now on this call Iraq’s money supply increase. I’m going to look at the last 10 years. If you are online, you can see this very clearly. Iraq’s money supply has doubled, more than doubled, in fact, it’s doubled since 2010. Around 2010, Iraq’s money supply was a little bit over 40,000 billion Iraqi dinar, and now it’s over 80,000 billion. I can’t even calculate that. That’s a tremendous amount of money. That’s mainly going on what is in circulation. Everyone who was saying that Iraqi dinar was going to revalue back in 2010, now they’ve almost doubled their money supply. But, they’re still saying there is going to be a $3 rate yet they are removing the lower denomination notes and they’re going to producing the 100,000 dinar note. It was actually Rich Morris who said this was going to happen over a year ago. There was a video that he put out about a 100,000 dinar note. It seems to have been moved.
Essentially, no. Iraq is going to continue to release higher denomination notes and remove the lower ones. Did you notice that I put an article on my site that translated for the first time ever the whole thing about deleting the zeros? Did you read that one?
Caller 250: No, I’m not sure I read that one. I can’t remember.
Nick: Ok, so deleting the zeros is a term called re-denomination. Deleting the zeros is not a revaluation, it’s a re-denomination. They are not revaluing. In fact, no one has been able to show me the article that says they are going to revalue. They are going to delete the zeros, at least they said they were going to. However, with the new head of the Central Bank of Iraq in charge it looks like that whole thing is on hold. It’s unfortunate because a lot of people invested in dinar.
Caller 250: What would happen if they delete zeros? What would that do to the value of the currency?
Nick: What’s going to end up happening is people like you or I who have those 25,000 dinar notes will be required to send those in and those 25,000 notes will become 25s. The value will not change.
Caller 250: Ok. One other question for you. It doesn’t look good. I am invested in the dinar and I’ve got a problem in a way I wouldn’t mind getting rid of them. I’ve got about $7,000 US in dinar. In Canada, the people that sell don’t seem to want to take. I’ve contacted a few US places, and they don’t want to deal with Canada. They said send it across the border to a friend in the US, and they can send it on. It can only be from in the US. I have a friend in the US and I could do that, but the problem is I don’t know how to package it or label it. Is the border going to take it? Or all of the above. So question one is do you know anywhere in Canada that will actually buy?
Nick: eBay. I’m checking eBay Canada right now. People are selling it. They even have the new 50,000 dinar notes.
Caller 250: Oh ok. I would do that in country. That would be the way to go. I don’t want to send it across the border and have the guards at the border take it. I don’t trust them.
Nick: Well, you’re right. I’ve never been to Canada, but I just don’t trust authority sometimes. The last thing I want is somebody to search my bag and ask why I have all this currency.
Caller 250: I only know an ex-girlfriend in Pittsburgh. I was going to send it by mail.
Nick: But then what’s she going to do? How is she going to sell it?
Caller 250: Well, she can send it to a dealer that will buy. They will buy it, they just don’t want to deal with Canada.
Nick: I would sell it in increments on eBay. If you try to sell it all at once, no one is going to buy it. I would bid on the smaller amounts. You may just have to sell it in small amounts. Like you said, the girlfriend in Pittsburgh may be required to get it to her. Definitely insure it before you sell it. Insure it for the full face value of whatever it is. If its $7,000, insure it for $7,000. Then, give it to her, and check with the dealers. I don’t know how many dinar dealers there are. I know one of them got hacked and some people already know who it is. They actually threatened me if you can believe it. It’s almost like they didn’t want me to tell everybody the dealer was hacked. In fact, they probably are still hacked right now. The point is make sure it’s insured before you send it and make sure that you have an acknowledged price before she hangs up the phone with the dealer. You have to insure it twice I guess.
Caller 250: I think I would go the easier route in Canada and go with smaller increments. So bottom line, it’s probably not going to RV to anything substantial.

christine lagarde
Nick: Right, not to anything substantial. You have to understand ISIS is in control of the country. ISIS controls the oil well. ISIS controls a large number of Iraq’s oil wells. People keep forgetting that. When you look at how much Iraq actually gets from the oil, it doesn’t actually get that much off the oil. Yet, their entire economy is based on oil. So you have low oil prices. Iraq has control of the oil, and people are expecting a revaluation. You have three negative things going for you. You also have the added effect of its very hard to sell this currency. Maybe dumping it and buying Canadian maple leafs, whether it’s gold or silver. If I was in your shoes that’s what I would do.
Caller 250: I actually have invested in that a fair amount, and that leads me to a quick last question. You’re saying don’t buy bars so much. I had Canadian maple leaf coins, but I also had a one ounce denomination bars of silver. I bought a lot of silver mainly because it’s cheaper, but because they say the ratio will go really up and, second of all, silver being an industrial metal. You are saying just buy coins. First of all, coins are more expensive because they have to mint them. Second of all, even though I didn’t buy a small amount in coins, I bought small denom bars. I would buy APMEX that’s in the US and Sunshine Bars. I often just bought one ounce, and the highest being 10 ounce. I figure, number one, I can buy a lot more silver for my money. Number two, they say it’s really going to go up. Number three, because it being industrial applications as things fall apart we know there isn’t a whole lot of silver left. What do you think of that?
Nick: First of all, I like the way you think. I’m totally for what you just said. Silver is an industrial metal. All the gold, at least most of the gold that’s ever been mined through history, is still available. Maybe it’s in jewelry or in museums. But silver gets used up. It’s a little bit in your keyboard, a little bit in the microphone I’m using, a little bit in my cell phone. Silver gets used up in these small amounts and, then, it never gets recycled. I think from what I read the price has to be over $200 an ounce before it becomes something that people want to recycle. Gold is a different thing. People will buy gold motherboards and recycle those. Silver is extremely cheap right now relative to the price of gold. The ratio is also off. We do expect to see some silver shortages. It’s all over the news about silver shortages. Our mint, the US Mint, at one point was unable to deliver silver. All you can really do is type in “silver shortage” and you can see – “Americans and Canadians Face Silver Shortages as the Investment Deficit Surges.” This is from July 6, 2016, and this is on Zero Hedge right now.
[Reading from computer screen]
“Americans and Canadians will likely face silver shortages in the future…” – it doesn’t mention gold – “…silver shortages in the future as investment demand continues to surge higher. This will come at a time as the silver price skyrockets. Thus, making it even harder for investors to acquire physical metal.”
I’ll hold on to this link. This was as early as July. It’s talking about silver Canadian shortages, and it’s talking about how the US and Royal Canadian Mints produce most of the silver in the world. That’s exactly what it says. Silver, for anybody listening including yourself, definitely get silver. The bullion coins are great. Maple leafs are amazing. I do bars if it’s something that you can go to that same place of business and just get it exchanged. I don’t like to buy bars online from weird companies like Joe Schmoe’s Backdoor Silver Mining Company. I prefer to buy something you can do a Google search for reviews of that company. You can say this is a great company, they are very reputable, they have great reviews online, and then in that case, I would absolutely buy silver bullion from them. Personally, I always stick to the smaller ones because I can easily toss a coin down and get that exchange and buy some gas or whatever I need. You are definitely following the right train of though.
Caller 250: Right. One other thing with money is that I was just selling a car and I got about $8,000. I’ve also been taking out money out of the bank every day in $1000 increments from the ATM because that’s my limit per day, and buying silver, etc. Here’s my last question. If you were to keep money at home it would protect the devaluation aspect, but would it be better to just put more and more in silver and gold?
Nick: I think you’re saying instead of holding on to physical currency shouldn’t you just buy silver?
Caller 250: Well, by taking it out of the banks is number one in case they do a bail-in, but then number two if they all of a sudden devalue. Then, if you had the physical currency at home you wouldn’t beat that because it would still be devalued even though you hold it at home and have access to it. In that sense, it’s probably better at least keep $2,000-3,000 at home, but turn the rest into precious metals.
Nick: Can I be honest with you? I have a business, I have several businesses. I keep no money in the bank unless it’s necessary for me to operate my business. I just prefer to be able to make a payment. They look at me kind of funny. They’re like ‘why do you still deal in checks? Why don’t you do direct deposit from your clients?’ My clients could easily do PayPal, but then you have to wait for that money to be transferred. I have a PayPal ATM card, which is great because when you pay me I can immediately go to the bank and withdraw my money.
This is from Zero Hedge, I want you to listen to this title. This is from March.
[Reading from computer screen]
“It’s official. Canadian Bank Depositors Are Now At Risk Of Bail-ins. Canada’s new liberal government unveiled a stimulus budget meant to revive slumping growth with a surge in infrastructure, spending, and said it would run a deficit nearly three times larger than promised during last year’s election. The budget broke virtually all pledges the liberals made before the election. We have officially confirmed that Canada has just become the latest currency to treat depositors as the bank creditors they are. And as such, they too will be impaired or bailed in the next time a Canadian bank needs to be rescued.”
You are absolutely correct, you should be concerned about bail-ins. You shouldn’t keep that much in the bank. If you have a little extra money, if you’re making a few thousand extra a month that you don’t want to waste on anything and you don’t want to buy any kinds of goods, then precious metals would be the way to go. If you don’t have any precious metals, what are you having it in? You have it in physical cash which as we’ve said could be devalued. It’s very easy for them to just devalue the Canadian dollar overnight. Very, very easy. They’ve done it in other countries. Vietnam does it all the time. They devalue their currency constantly. They’ve done it six times in the last two years. If you have money, I would not keep it in the bank. I would continue to buy precious metals, that’s a good thing you’re doing, and buy things that you need. Buy food; buy water; buy whatever you think you need; buy extra seeds if you have a backyard; buy stuff that you can trade with and that’s usable. If your Canadian dollar falls, and I don’t think Canada’s ever had a huge banking crisis. I think it’s the only country that really did ok during the 2008 crash, but it could happen. And now you are signed up for bail-ins. So you can tell your friends about that.
Caller 250: The next crisis is going to probably take everything. If it happens. Thank you for the info. I just wondered, you haven’t said anything about bitcoin as a way to store wealth. I’ll just hang up and let you go, but I’ll listen. Is that good?
Nick: My pleasure, I’ll go ahead and mute your phone. He had some excellent questions. If anybody else has a question, it’s *6. I don’t know how long I’m going to keep this going. This is actually fun because I’m talking to you, and I’m finding these new articles. I have those tabs open so I can show you that information later.
[Reading from computer screen]
I mean look at that – “Canadian Bank Bail-in Regime Brings Negative Outlook for the Big Ones.” Look at the date July 30, 2016. “A Canadian credit rating agency is maintaining a negative outlook for the country’s biggest banks. It’s all because the federal government is looking to protect taxpayers in the event of a financial collapse.”
I’m going to go back and look at some questions. For anyone that has a question, it’s *6 and I will get you in the queue. I want to keep the chat window open just like that. Let me clear the queue real quick.
Female voice: Q&A queue is cleared.
Nick: To anybody who wants to ask a question, please hit *6 and then hit 1. Star 6 and then 1. There is still a bunch of you on YouTube – 77 people on YouTube, perfect.
[Reading from chat window]
“Coin metal shops know the Sunshine Mint” – Definitely yes, Sunshine is popular.
“Please tell me something about the RV/GCR. I don’t have any more money to invest.” – Well, we kind of went into that. If there’s going to be a global currency reset, then that just means that all of the currencies will reset to a certain value. It may not happen overnight. That’s what some people said. What if it doesn’t? What if first the US dollar goes down 30%? Then, the Canadian dollar goes down 30%? Then, the Japanese yen goes down 50% because Japan is in the worst case scenario right now? What are you going to do? When currencies reset, they are going to go to what the powers that be think the currency is worth. If they think the currency needs to be reduced in value, then they will reduce the value of currency. Do they ever do things in our favor? Do they ever say we’re going to help the little guy out? No, they try to devalue our currency. A reset will most likely reduce the value of our currency. I don’t see how any time the big wigs would want to do anything to help us. I have yet to see a time where major banks actually care about you or me. I just don’t.
[Reading from chat window]
“Yes, the new fish lives in Hawaii.”
“Obama quadrupled the national marine reserve area.”
“When will the reset happen?” – Your guess is as good as mine. Everyone is talking about a financial collapse later in October. I can’t say if it will or not.

christine lagarde imf
Nameless says the reset will occur in the next two time structures.
This thing could happen anytime. I like what Julie is saying here, “It is best to buy silver rounds to coins.”
“Will the Middle East countries all get along?” – They are all Muslim, they are really close together. They all get along. They certainly don’t like us.
I’ll just continue to go through the questions here, and if anybody has a question I’ll be ready to go.
“What was the website for the currency?” – Ok, D McKnight, it’s going to be I’ll go ahead and show you. I really like how this Hangout works. It’s like we’re doing a live call, a live stream, we have free conference call, and we have chat open. So we are getting everybody. We are hitting people who don’t want to talk, we are hitting people with YouTube accounts who just want to chat. I wanted to check something else out real quick. Looks like there are 15 on my site right now. I’m just checking to see where everybody’s at. We have 80 people here on the YouTube channel. We’ve got about 40 people on the phone, about 20 people on the website.
You can’t hear the other person talking on YouTube just the host. In the YouTube description, dial this number 712-775-7735 and enter the PIN number, and then you’ll be able to ask me a question by hitting *6 and then 1. Anybody who is on YouTube right now, look at that description. What I actually need to do is check chat real quick. Because the website has a chat also and this is mainly for people who don’t want to do the YouTube thing. Nobody is using the website chat. That’s fine.
Check out this book out – if you’re on the website, I put the link the live stream – “The Truth about the Coming Global Currency Reset.”

global currency reset book

Marcus Curtis wrote this book. I purchased it January 9th, and it actually came out January 7th. I bought the book literally the day after almost.
[Reading from chat window]
Ok. Nameless is gone.
“I took a 100 silver oz. bar through LAX and they just physically checked to make sure it was not a bomb because the scanner radar could not penetrate silver.” – Nice, 100 oz. of silver.
“Ammo could go up in price dramatically if Clinton is elected.” – I don’t know how Clinton could get elected. She’s kind of having all of these neurological issues. Her speech is slurring, she was shaking. She just looks tired. Then, you have the same people who are like ‘What about Trump? What about Trump? How is he going to help?’
I have to agree with a lot of what Trump says. I can’t agree on everything. I can never agree on everything that somebody says. I do agree with him that we need jobs back in this country. I live in Arizona. I have all these crazy people who say ‘I wish they would just increase minimum wage.’ It’s not the wages that people need, it’s the quality jobs. If you are working at McDonald’s and say you want $15 per hour, you’ve got to be out of your mind. You’re not producing enough to justify $15 per hour. I think McDonald’s makes like 20 cents on a hamburger. They make all their money on fries and other stuff they upsell you. You’re not going to get $15 at McDonald’s. What they’ll do is give you $15 per hour or they’ll lay you off, lay other people off, or they’ll give you half the hours you need. They’ll give you part time hours so that you have to pay Obamacare.
I do agree with you here that ammo could go up in price. Because everyone is concerned that Hilary is going to try to take the guns; to convince everybody that guns are bad. It’s not the guns that are bad, it’s the people behind them. I think in some country’s they don’t even allow guns so people are going on stabbing sprees, which is absolutely crazy.
[Reading from chat window]
“Martin Powell has gold/silver Kingdom Talents” – That name sounds so familiar. Let me check this out. The musician? No, Kingdom Talents. What does this look like? I like this site. Oh, I see he makes his own, privately minted. I would buy some and get them tested first. If they test out ok, then you’re fine. I don’t know this guy, and I can’t trust anybody unless I’ve tested their coins. But if they’re good, then totally go for it.
If you have a question, hit *6 followed by the 1 key and you’ll get in the call queue.
[Reading from chat window]
“Middle east countries get along? Since when?” – I guess you’re right in a way. Even the Muslims have their own factions. The Shiite, Sunnis – they don’t get along. There is Sufi. There are so many different types of Muslims, and they don’t all get along. They may have the same religion, but they’re different. That would be like the equivalent of Catholics murdering Baptists, it’s ridiculous. It’s not really a religion of peace, I guess. They’ve been fighting forever and will go on for eternity.
“Is there a difference between the coins or rounds on APMEX or JM Bullion? They are listed as two different types. Which is best to buy? I have been buying the rounds.” – I buy coins. I think rounds are just privately minted, Julie. Rounds would be like a silver coin with my face on it. That’s a silver round. A coin is something that has been minted by an official mint like a silver eagle or a silver maple leaf. Rounds are good if you are going to sell them to that same company.
“My sister is an astrologer and I talk to her about the GCR with Dinar IQD. She told me that according to astrology that will occur on November 7, 2016. Possibly a financial collapse.” – Very interesting. I don’t know if that was the date people were providing to me. Let’s take a look.
[Reading from computer screen]
Well, Washington’s Blog says worldwide governments will crash the first week of October, but that was in 2015. Max Kaiser, but that was 2015. Let’s just remove the date, say “November collapse” and see what comes up.
“Terrifying collapse of 2016.” If you go on Google, click “Search Tools” and click “Anytime”, just choose Past Month and you’ll see any articles that talk about collapse. And you can see how many months of just been posted.
I almost want to say I hope your sister is wrong because everybody is rushing out saying ‘Yes, we need a global reset’, but a lot of people aren’t ready for that. They think when the reset happens they’ll be rich. No one is buying dinar right now. If you go to different Middle Eastern countries, you aren’t going to even be able to sell your dinar there right now. Nobody wants Iraqi currency. For those of you who still haven’t listened and still own Zimbabwe dollars. Please sell those on eBay. Those are worthless. You aren’t going to make any money off it. I will call you on the phone to convince your loved ones and say please get rid of your currency. I had someone tell me that someone in their family bought $1,000 US dollars of Zimbabwe dollars. It’s just completely worthless.
Hold on one sec, I got a knock at the front door. Please continue to throw those questions in the chat box or hit *6.
Looks like I do have a call. I will talk about bitcoin in a bit. Ontario, I think I already took your call, I’m going to unmute you.
Hey, you’re unmuted can you hear me?
Caller Ontario: Yes.
Nick: Oh, are you on your speaker phone? Can you pick up your speaker phone? There is a bit of an echo.
Caller Ontario: Ok yes, can you hear me?
Nick: Yes, I can hear you. There is just a little bit of an echo.
Caller Ontario: What is going on with the private exchanges and the NDA?
Nick: What is going on with the private exchanges and the NDA?
Caller Ontario: Yeah [indistinguishable]
Nick: I’m sorry, it’s really hard to hear you. Can you pick up your phone? There is too much of an echo. It sounds like you are on speaker phone, and it’s very hard to hear you.
Caller Ontario: Ok, can you hear me?
Nick: Yes, that’s a little better.
Caller Ontario: Ok, I won’t speak loud then. What can you tell me about the private exchanges, the NDA, and sending currency to any person for the private exchange?

currency devaluation
Nick: Perfect question. First of all, there was a whole bunch of NDAs. In fact I could probably pull them up on my computer right now. Do not sign any NDAs for any kind of currency exchanges. It makes absolutely no sense for people who are getting into this. If you have currency to exchange, you should be able to exchange it at a bank – Wells Fargo or something close to you. Here is an NDA right here. I’ve got it on screen for people to see. This is the one that looks like Planet Dinar took from Mark Meersman or from somebody else. I had a lawyer look at the NDAs. In fact, there were two NDAs. I had my lawyer in Phoenix look at the NDAs and he said do not sign these. These were very poorly written and he did not like them. If you have an NDA that you want to send me to review, you can go ahead and send it to me. I will gladly have my attorney look at it. I would recommend if you have currency to sell, just sell it at a local bank. As for the NDA, don’t sign it. No, don’t sign the NDA until I’ve had a chance to give it to my lawyers and I will be glad to forward it back to you with a statement from them. Do you have my email address? Are you on my newsletter?
Caller Ontario: Yes, I do. How are you getting the NDAs? Is anyone emailing it to you like Planet Dinar? Do you have to download it from somewhere?
Nick Ontario: I’m able to get into websites. Let’s just say I have a way to get into websites. In fact, for everyone that is online right now. I want you to see what I’m doing right now. Look at what I just did. Personal invoices are out there. Look I’m going to open up three invoices. These are invoices, people’s invoices. I already told them about this, but they don’t want to fix their site. Do not put your information out there. One of these other sites had NDAs and they got hacked – I think it was Planet Dinar – and they were talking all about ‘Hey, somebody joined Planet Dinar just to get the NDAs out.’ And I actually put out on I’m doing this onscreen right now so people can see. But, if you type “”, it should come up still. Let’s see.
These NDAs are supposed to be private, but they’re really not. So I would just say be very careful.
Caller Ontario: What’s happening with the thing VND Bonanza? Is that for real?
Nick: Yeah, that was something that Blano started some time ago.
Caller Ontario: Is it still going on?
Nick: I don’t know. I don’t trust anything that guy does. You know what I’ve got? I actually have all of his NDA stuff right here. I don’t trust any of it. I’ve got his phone number, too, I think. Let me check real quick if I have Blano’s number. Hold on one sec. Let me see if I can call him. Let’s see if he answers his phone live.

[Phone ringing]
Nick: Come on, Blaino, answer your phone.
[Phone ringing]
Nick: I found his number online, too.
[Phone ringing]
Male voice: Sorry I wasn’t available to take your call. Please leave me a brief message and I will get back to you as soon as time and circumstances allow.
Nick: Hey, Blaino, this is Nick Giammarino from I have some subscribers who are asking about your NDAs, and if you’re still going through with everything with Fulton Bonanza and the VND Bonanza. If you can, please give me a call back. Again, it’s Nick Giammarino from Thanks.
I just called Blaino. You heard his voice. We’ll see if he decides to call back regarding that. Hopefully he’ll get back to us and we can talk to him. As of right now, even his stuff I’m not trusting. I don’t trust any of these private exchanges.
Caller Ontario: What about Dave Schmidt?
Nick: I already answered that. I’ve got his number, but I’m not going to call him up. I just don’t trust these private exchanges. I’ve got a lot of people asking me about that. Just hold on to your currency. If you really think you need to exchange it, then sell it to somebody on eBay. Can you explain why you would get a higher rate going with Dave Schmidt than you would selling it to a dealer? Why would they give you a higher rate than what is on the exchange websites?
Caller Ontario: Yeah. It makes sense. The public exchanges? How are they happening, even if they are real or not real? Are they happening at a bank or do you mail in the currency? Is it counted or insured? How does it work?
Nick: Have you ever sold currency to a bank before?
Caller Ontario: No. I just called two banks in Canada. I went to the banks in person and gave them physical Vietnamese dongs for cash in return.
Nick: I’ll tell you this. I already spoke to somebody from Canada. He said he’s got a girlfriend in Pittsburgh. Your best bet may be to come to the United States if you have currency to exchange. Especially if it’s Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong. You could probably sell it on eBay. What I recommend doing is calling someplace in the United States close to the border where you can just exchange your currency. That’s about the only way you can publicly exchange is if you do it in person. Nobody should ever send their currency away to be counted, to be exchanged. Look at what happened to Sterling or Dinarcorps. Do you want that to happen to you? If you have currency to exchange, do it in person. There are a lot of different currency companies. Call them up and say ‘can I exchange my currency with you at your offices?’ If they say yes, set an appointment and go down there. That’s the only way to do it. If I have any currency, I would either sell it on eBay – make sure it’s registered before you sell it on eBay – or I’d find a dealer. I live in Arizona so there are Iraqi dinar dealers near me that I can physically take my currency to. In Canada, you don’t really have that option.
Caller Ontario: What is the normal market rate? What will I lose?
Nick: You’ll probably lose like 15% or something; maybe 10-15% you’ll lose. But that’s better than losing everything by mailing it out to somebody.

1000 dinars
Caller Ontario: Ok. So you say you have a record of NDAs, are you able to mail it to me?
Nick: These emails were all over the internet. I never signed up to get them. People just said, ‘Hey, what do you think about an NDA?’ and I’ll just receive them. Or I’ll just go into a website to get the NDA from them. I got it from Blano’s website. I didn’t even have to do anything. I just went and did a Google search. I typed “planet dinar NDA,” it said “pdf,” I clicked “pdf,” and, boom, I had their NDAs. I didn’t hack their website or anything. Google had the NDAs indexed. I own websites and you can block things if you want to. These weren’t private NDA documents. These were publicly available. So my strongest recommendation is don’t do any signing unless it’s in person and make sure it’s with somebody who has a reputation online – like a real company – never an individual.
Caller Ontario: For all the currencies, it’s better in the US and not in Canada?
Nick: I don’t know. At least for what the gentleman said before that Iraqi dinar is hard to exchange in Canada. Every other currency you have you should be able to go to the airport and exchange it. You don’t get the best rates.
Caller Ontario: They will pay out IDR?
Nick: I assume so. I haven’t been to Canada before so all I can say is your best bet is probably to come to the United States if you are close by and find somebody here. If you have Iraqi dinar, I’ve heard it’s extremely difficult to exchange unless you do it on eBay Canada or you have to come to the United States.
Caller Ontario: Even Zimbabwe zim?
Nick: It’s not a currency. Do you know what a currency is? Let me go ahead and explain it to everybody. I have to do this probably once every two weeks. I’m typing the definition of currency. A currency is a system of money in general use in a particular country. Do they use the Zimbabwe dollar in Zimbabwe? No, they do not so it’s not a currency. It’s not a medium of exchange. If you go to Zimbabwe and you have Zimbabwe dollars, they say ‘we don’t use these.’ The currency is so worthless they use it as toilet paper. They are in the bathrooms. They have signs up that say no zim dollars. Their currency is not used. All you have to do is talk to someone from Zimbabwe. You cannot exchange that currency anymore. They had an open window to exchange it. That window has now been closed. So any Zimbabwe dollars, sell it on eBay. You are going to get some money, but you can’t exchange it anywhere. Thanks, I have to go to the next caller.
Caller Ontario: So eBay or PayPal.
Nick: Yeah, eBay or PayPal. Make sure for PayPal you get a PayPal debit card.
Caller Ontario: Last question. Which banks should I open an account in America – Bank of America or Wells Fargo?
Nick: You don’t need to open an account in the United States. There is no reason to unless you are going to come here.
Caller Ontario: Oh ok, thank you.
Nick: My pleasure, thank you.
Looks like Caller 210. You’re next. I’m going to go ahead and unmute you.
Caller 210: Can you hear me?
Nick: Sure, absolutely.
Caller 210: I was just responding to let you know that I was watching you on YouTube and I could hear you. I didn’t know what else to do so I went on my phone to call in and let you know that you are being heard on YouTube.
Nick: Oh great. Am I coming in loud and clear?
Caller 210: Yes, loud and clear.
Nick: That’s perfect. Thank you. Do you have any questions?
Caller 210: Well, I was concerned about the question your last caller had about the zim. What I heard was they were going to restore it as a bond because that’s what it was originally issued as. I wondered if you had any information about that.
Nick: No, it appears that somebody might have misunderstood what’s called Zimbabwe bond coins. Then, there is Zimbabwe bond notes. This came back on May 5, 2016 – “Zimbabwe will print 200 million dollars’ worth of its own version of US dollars.”
As yet, we haven’t seen them.
[Reading from computer screen]
Here it is “News We Zimbabweans have refused the use of bond coins.”
So in Zimbabwe themselves, they are saying they don’t want Zimbabwe currency. Now the only reason they came out with these bond coins was because they had a bunch of US dollars, a bunch of Canadian dollars, a bunch of Chinese yuan, but they had no change. They couldn’t give anybody coins. If something was 70 cents, they rounded up to a dollar. That was the reason they came out with these bond coins. It was basically because they did not have coinage in Zimbabwe. That was it.
As for Zimbabwe bond notes, I haven’t seen any pictures yet of actual Zimbabwe notes.
[Reading from computer screen]
This is saying “Zimbabwe bond notes spark anger.”
No, they haven’t come out yet. It says “President Mugabe’s plans to introduce a local bond currency in October has disrupted businesses.”
But, they haven’t been released yet. There is a picture of a guy who wears a hat of old Zimbabwe notes with stuck on denominations. Do you presently hold Zimbabwe dollars?
Caller 210: I have some.
Nick: It’s useless, just sell it on eBay. It’s a collector’s item so if you want to hold onto it, that’s fine.
Caller 210: That’s what I bought it for was a collector’s item. Then, I started hearing stuff about it so I wanted to find out if there was any truth to it. There is a lot of stuff going on and you don’t know what to believe anymore.
Nick: I know. None of these guys never want to debate me because they know I’ll hit them with facts. They just have the little websites. But I just like to hit people with facts. Thanks so much for the info. I’m glad everything sounds pretty good.
Caller 210: Ok, thank you. Do I hit *6 to get out?
Nick: Yeah, go right ahead. Thank you.
So let me just go ahead and continue. See if we have a few questions.
[Reading from chat window]
“Is there a difference between the coins or rounds on APMEX or JM Bullion? Their listed as two different types.” – Ok, we went over that with Julie.
“Government mint coins offer a little better movement across countries, especially when you go through customs.” – I completely agree.
“They value government mint coins at face value not intrinsic value.” – Right.
“The next thing they will make is the manufacture of ammo illegal.” – Right, Julie, but that’s why they have 3D printers. People will be printing their own currency. Julie, people have already printed 3D guns, they will also be printing 3D bullets. They will figure out a way to do it. Plastic bullets are deadly. People don’t think that, but they can create plastic bullets that are more deadly than regular bullets because they don’t shatter. They don’t break up.
[Reading from chat window]
HawaiiVolcano says “if Clinton is elected, I’m going to grab all my guns and silver, put on my Tiger stripe BDUs, and grab as many 50 cal. ammo cans as I can carry and run screaming into the jungle.” Yeah. This is excellent. I would love a way to save all of these questions, but it’s so hard to do that.
Another person said “if Clinton is elected, I’m leaving the country and expatriating to Panama or the Caymans.”
“Nick, what is IEX?” – The IEX? Do you mean the ISX – the International Stock Exchange?
[Reading from computer screen]
“IEX grabs attention of Wall Street” – Let me just double check this real quick.
“Wall Street’s ‘speed bump’ hit the markets on Friday – ironically, one of the slowest trading days of the year. IEX, the exchange upstart featured in Michael Lewis; bestselling ‘Flash Boys’ had its first full day of trading all major listed stocks. It captured about 1.4% of the stock market, making it the 9th largest by volume. IEX took about two weeks to do a full roll out.”
It’s just brand new. It’s just starting out a couple of days ago. I wasn’t really focusing on them too much. I try not to keep any money in the stock market if I can. I just don’t trust it.
[Reading from chat window]

global currency reset
“Knock on front door. Run away.” – No, that was great. That was one of my clients.
“They have come for your silver or for your guns. They came for the donuts.” – I don’t eat donuts, I’m a health nut. Unless they are vegan donuts. No, I’m kidding, I don’t eat donuts.
“I came in late. What’s happening here?” – Oh Joe, my client was dropping me off something.
“Get out of paper. If you don’t already you can re-exchange your currency back and get CAD currency on Globex 2000. For your info.” – Thank you, Antoine.
I see Caller 562, I’ll be right with you. Just stay right there. I want to go through these questions because sometimes I miss these questions.
Here is the call number 712-775-7035 and there is the PIN number. By the way, you guys who are watching this on live stream, you can actually pause this, walk away for a second, and then resume it. But if you want to be live, there is a live button that you can click. Just letting you guys know you can pause the YouTube video. That’s not an issue. Because I know people think this recording gets deleted. You can actually rewind what you are watching right now.
[Reading from chat window]
Laurie says “Dave is saying the high private side is cashing out. Do you know anything about that?” – No, I don’t. If he can show me proof that people have cashed out I will believe it. The main problem, Laurie, is if the is saying the Iraqi dinar is worth 1,000 per US dollar, why would someone give you $3 or $4 per dinar? They wouldn’t do that. It makes no sense. I don’t know what currency he’s saying people have been cashing out. Unless he’s saying that people are getting out. I cashed out meaning I got rid of some of my dinar and I got rid of some of my dong.
[Reading from chat window]
Spooky: “All of the smart money left before they told anybody.” – Yes, absolutely.
“It’s the nitrocellulose they are going to try to ban.”
[Reading from computer screen]
“ATF Makes Ammunition Error, Works on Correction.” – Gun cotton, ok. I’d buy some nitroglycerin.
[Reading from chat window]
“I want a doughnut please.” – I can’t give you a doughnut over Skype.
“Toilet paper is the only paper I want to keep on hand.” – Or baby wipes. Baby wipes would be better because their softer. Just saying toilet paper is kind of rough sometimes.
We are caught up on the chat on YouTube, so I’m going to go to Caller 562. You should be un-muted.
Caller 562: Hello?
Nick: Hey, how are you?
Caller 562: I’m very well, thank you. I’m calling from Long Beach, California. My name is Cindy.
Nick: Hey, Cindy.
Caller 562: I got the understanding that China owns Wells Fargo along with owning Abbot Downing, their private wealth management company. I’m also looking to understand when the 800-numbers are released where do you call and confirm an appointment to exchange our currency in person. I’m also under the impression that Africa has great wealth resources above ground and below ground, especially copper and that China very much wants us to quickly exchange our zims and sign an NDA for future structured payouts because it’s going to go through the roof.
Nick: I’m hearing a lot of noise in the background. Can you move to somewhere else?
Caller 562: I’m in Starbucks, I’m sorry.
Nick: Oh, you’re in Starbucks. Ok, I understand I had you on hold for a while. Where did you get this information? What website? Because I have people online and I want to actually show it online so I can show them what you are saying.
Caller 562: I look at the Kathryn May on the Blog Talk Radio Panel. She actually gifted me with 20 trillion zim, and I purchased one million dong last July because I was told the dong would go up as well. I am also under the impression that I should not go to the actual bank because they would exchange it much lower contract to market rate. But, if and when you go in to redeem your currency, and if you present negotiable rates for humanitarian purposes, there are three levels of rates. If you just want to go in a cash in, that’s the lowest. If you want to exchange it for someone to micromanage humanitarian, that’s a higher rate. If you are going to be in the day-to-day operations and be involved, they want you to be involved. They consider that to be a good partnership with Abbot Downing and Wells Fargo, and the Chinese will take you more seriously and they’ll offer you a top rate. So my question is why don’t you know about this? Also, what do you think the 20 trillion zim is worth in a negotiable rate? You are saying it’s worth toilet paper and they are saying it’s going to go up because of the value of what is going on in Africa.
Nick: No, Zimbabwe was demonetized.
Caller 562: It’s a bond, right? Not a currency?
Nick: No, it’s not a bond nor a currency. It’s useless. They are using it as wall paper. You can call anybody in Zimbabwe, it has no value whatsoever. You’re being lied to. A lot of people are being lied to. They are being deceived. I don’t know what the ulterior motive is.
Caller 562: Ok, this is very confusing. What about the dong? I understand the values in Vietnam are going up even in October.
Nick: No, it’s not. The Zimbabwe dollar has been devalued several times in the last couple of years.
Caller 562: And what about the Vietnamese dong?
Nick: The Vietnamese dong has been devalued. I’m going to go ahead and open up an article real quick that talks about Vietnamese dong devaluation. It has been devalued so many times in the last several years. The Vietnamese dong was devalued 3 times in 2015 alone. They keep devaluing it again. The State Bank of Vietnam said back in August of 2015 that they weren’t going to devalue the dong. They wouldn’t devalue it for the rest of 2015. They kept their word. They waited until this year, and they devalued the dong this year. There is no real secret plan with Vietnam. I have a friend who goes over there. His wife is Vietnamese. There is nothing crazy going on over there. She reads the news. They have been devaluing their currency to keep it cheap. That’s something that’s been happening in Vietnam.
Caller 562: Are you familiar with Abbot Downing?
Nick: I have heard of Abbot Downing.
Caller 562: Well, according to what I’ve read and been told, Abbot Downing doesn’t deal with small amounts of wealth, but large amounts of wealth. They are is exclusively known for that. They’re a separate entity from Wells Fargo, but they are both owned by China.
Nick: Well, China owns a Federal reserve which is something I heard recently. So yeah, Abbot Downing. I’ll tell you their whole deal because I live very close to Scottsdale; I’m in Tempe. They are right here where I’m at. What they do is they mainly work with people who have a lot of net worth. They aren’t going to work with people like you or I that don’t have any money unless there is proof we are going to come into money. Sometimes you can speak with them privately to do some private banking. Unless you have documented evidence that you are going to come into money if somebody dies and you get part of their estate, then that’s different and they’ll talk to you. If you just say ‘I have Zimbabwe dollars’, they are not going to talk to you. You can call them up right now and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment, and they’ll straighten you out right there. These currencies are worthless right now, and they’ll say when you do have some money come back and we can discuss how to do some asset management.
Caller 562: I don’t understand why people would go out of their way to have us go there to exchange currency especially if you’ve been gifted – I was gifted. Why wouldn’t they have us call them and exchange with the very people you’re saying don’t want to deal with people who don’t have any real wealth? They are saying these people are part of the loop. So this is very confusing. I don’t understand, what is the motive behind people doing that?

zimbabwe dollar
Nick: Why do people lie? I don’t know. People lie all the time. None of that makes sense. The Zimbabwe dollar is worthless. It’s going to remain worthless. It’s not even a currency.
Caller 562: Isn’t it a bond?
Nick: No, it’s not. I just spoke to another caller about Zimbabwe coins. They are called bond coins. Did you hear me when I spoke about bond coins?
Caller 562: A little bit.
Nick: The reason they created bond coins in Zimbabwe is because there was a lack of coinage. They had many US dollars, Canadian dollars, and they did not have coins. If somebody were to buy something in Zimbabwe using US dollars, they were not given change. They created the Zimbabwe bond coins. They are trying to introduce Zimbabwe bond notes. As of August 4 of this year, there are protests because they do not want this local currency. They’re rejecting this currency in Zimbabwe. If it’s rejected in its own country, it’s going to be rejected everywhere. There are no pictures of the currency at all. The bond coins are in use and they are being circulated. The notes have not been released. There is no circulation of the notes yet. They are planning to release them and there are protests. The people do not want to deal with the bond notes.
What you’re hearing about these exchanges, redemptions, and tiers, I’ve been hearing that stuff recycled for the last three years now. Everybody says something different. Nobody can ever show me solid proof or actually give me a recorded phone call where they’ve spoken to a wealth manager and they’ve actually said this. I’ve talked to people who have gone to a wealth manager or a Wells Fargo appointment, and they were in the office for three minutes and they were told this wasn’t going to happen. They have more people to see with more legitimate concerns.
Abbot Downing lives right out here near me. They do deal with Wells Fargo clients who have a lot of money. They deal with foundations and endowments. They deal with asset protection. They don’t deal with these currencies that you’re mentioning. If you want, you can give them a call. You can just search for Abbot Downing. They have a 1-800-number. You can call them up and speak to them, and they’ll be happy to direct you in the right direction.
Caller 562: The initial reason why I called is because we were told there would be 800-numbers that were released, and that we would call in to schedule an appointment and that we would have to sign an NDA. You said you don’t like NDAs, and yet, NDA was part of the Abbot Downing picture. That’s what threw me, and now you’re saying is what I have is worth very little. It’s worth nothing at all. I guess clarification.
Nick: So you’re saying Abbot Downing sent you an NDA or you just got one from one of these guru sites? Where did you get an NDA from?
Caller 562: I don’t have an NDA. I was told through the Blog Talk Radio panel and too.
Nick: Another site that makes up a bunch of information too.
Caller 562: But anyway, that was primarily it. They were the ones that were going to release the 800-numbers. We are supposed to call them with our zip codes to bring exchange appointments. Once we get there we would have to sign an NDA. We can’t discuss anything that we’re exchanging.
Nick: I’m sorry, Cindy, that you were lied to. You can call Abbot Downing yourself, but I’m telling you that whoever told this to you definitely lied. Dinar Chronicles is known for putting out disinformation. They try to create this thing with classified information. You are supposed to donate money and you get classified information.
Caller 562: I haven’t donated anything. I haven’t had to spend any money to do that. Except I was told last year to buy a dong. I sent like $55 and opened an account with Wells Fargo, and I bought a million dong.
Nick: I think having diversification in different bank accounts is a good idea. What’s going to end up happening is there is going to be a shortage at the ATMs eventually, just like what happened around 9/11. You probably remember the ATMs ran out of cash and people didn’t have money. The precious metal dealers were good, you could go there and get some cash. If you only had money in the bank, you had to hop around ATMs to try to find money. You had to keep a list of ATMs available.
Caller 562: I have Wells Fargo now, and I also have a credit union. Would credit unions be affected like the banks would?
Nick: Yeah, they all get affected one way or another.
Caller 562: Oh, alright. I certainly am grateful for your input.
Nick: Sure, please feel free to email me privately. We can continue on a private message.
Caller 562: I’m sure I’m one of many people who had to clarify this with you.
Nick: Absolutely. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. I always enjoy helping people out.
Caller 562: Thank you kindly.
Nick: My pleasure.
That was good. You all who are in chat can feel free to leave your comments there. There is still a good amount of people online. I did not know I was going to go this long. I did not know I was going to get the knock at the door. If you’re on the call right now, feel free to hit *6 if you would like to ask a question. If you would like to get in the queue go ahead and hit *6, and then hit 1.
I’m going to continue to go through these chat messages.
[Reading from chat window]
I’m glad so many of you jumped onto this. It’s really nice talking to you. I think that’s funny “run away run away” from the door. I get a knock at the door, and it’s the FBI. Actually I did speak with the FBI, did you know that? You didn’t know? Yes, I spoke with the FBI. Don’t worry it wasn’t about me. I think they just wanted to share information.
“Toilet paper is the only paper I want to keep on hand.” – Sorry, I had to read that again.
“Ok, if ships stop coming to Hawaii I would trade toilet paper and ramen 12-packs for silver and gold.” – As funny as that is having something tangible like ramen and toilet paper is actually a good thing. Everyone else is going to have US dollars, you are actually going to have food and butt wipes, which people need. What are they going to do after the food riots?
“First time on the site. Bottom line is the GCR happening?” – It’s not happening now. It could definitely happen whenever. Whenever they decide to do it. You see what’s happening. All of the countries are having currency issues. Everyone is printing money. I don’t know, John, how are things in your town? I can see you there, but I’m not sure what town you’re in. Have you ever talked to friends who may be having trouble finding work? Or maybe they aren’t making as much money as they used to? Maybe they are working harder for less? I talk to friends all the time who ask what are you doing to make money. It’s hard.
“Be careful with chemicals in baby wipes.” – Buy them from somewhere online and that’s safe.
Bandit: “I’m on the XE site. Where do you see the IQD USD rates you are talking about?” – Good question, let’s go ahead and do that real quick.
Caller 616, I see your area code. I will jump on the call in just a sec. I don’t know how long I’ll keep going. I have too much energy.
[Reading from computer screen]
There it is right there. Its $1 equals 1,165 Iraqi dinars. If you look at a five-year chart, you see a little bit of a fluctuation, but not too much. The Iraqi dinar was the same in 2012 as it is now. There’s a little dip, a little change, but it just reverted back. In fact, the Iraqi dinar has actually been in the same place now as it has been since March of 2009. It was stronger a lot further in the past. I can’t go more than 10 years past with this. It did get stronger, but it’s right back to where it was before.
I’ll go ahead and unmute 616. I’m unmuting you right now.
Caller 616: This is Caleb.
Nick: Hey, Caleb.
Caller 616: How are you?
Nick: I’m great, how are you?
Caller 616: Hey, good. I know you might have answered this question. I got on a little late. First of all, I really appreciate you. I’m part of a different group. I’ve never been lied to by Planet Dinar. I just have a question. I’ve got hope, Nick. I know there are a lot of different things going on. I’ve got a lot of dong, a lot of it. I’ve got a lot of dinar. Do you foresee anything ever happening with any revaluation is my first question? My second question, if not, is the best thing to do with the GCR coming up – I know it’s going to happen – is to get rid of this right now and how?
Nick: Caleb, I would suggest and I can only tell you what I’ve done. I still have some Iraqi dinar. Rather than try to sell it, I’m going to give it to people. I’ll probably have some thing on my site. I feel like I’m such a target that if I try to sell it on eBay or somewhere someone might try to target me. I don’t want to deal with any of that. I’ll just give it away to folks. As for Vietnamese dong, don’t expect anything to happen with that currency except for it to continue to depreciate. Vietnam is not one of those countries that wants to have a strong currency. If they have a strong currency, Caleb, then their exports become more expensive. People will stop buying from Vietnam. They’ll start buying from other countries – Burma, Laos, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, anywhere. Vietnam is keeping their exports cheap. In fact, I’m on right now.
For the YouTube people while I’m going through this and you’re listening, you can’t hear the callers. Call into the PIN number. There is a phone number and a PIN number. Call into that and you’ll be able to hear what the caller just asked.
He was asking about revaluations of currencies. What we are seeing is a devaluation over the last 10 years. A progressive devaluation of the Vietnamese dong. The Iraqi dinar has been more of a stable currency. It hasn’t really changed. The biggest downside to the Iraqi dinar is that it is not internationally traded. When it becomes internationally traded, I can give a much better analysis on it. But, because no one is using that currency even in the Middle East, it’s not a good currency to hold on to.
Vietnamese dong, on the other hand, you can exchange it. You can go to your Wells Fargo and sell it to them. You’ll get some money back. They sell it for $56 or so a million, probably cheaper at this point. At this juncture, I would say if you can with the GCR – we don’t know when it’s going to happen, but we see all the things happening in the world – I would rather hold physical gold and silver. If you had to do a ratio, I would say try to have a little bit of cash, a little bit of actual gold and silver, and a good amount of food and water stocked up on. What ends up happening is the supply chain breaks down when there is an economic crisis. Food and water – all that stuff – breaks down and it gets really dangerous to go out and even go shopping. People think they have money, but there is rioting and looting. You don’t want to be out in that environment. Having gold and silver is really going to help you.
I put this little book up, and you don’t even have to buy it. If you want to take a look at, see this thing on my website? You click that, and I have a little screenshot of the PDF here. Its 34 pages of all the different things: 17 items to hold when there is crisis. This is a really good PDF for you. If you want to buy it that’s great. It says ’17 food items to hoard in a crisis.” You just click the button below, and you can actually get the book. I make a little bit of a commission of the book of course because I promote it. If you don’t want to that’s fine. I’m just telling people I would rather have something that I can eat than have a bunch of paper currency that is going to lose money. I think you’ll agree with me on that, Caleb.
conquering the coming collapse
Caller 616: What I gather here, and I don’t mean to take up too much of everybody’s time. And again, I appreciate it. The dinar is not internationally traded, I understand that, but we don’t know too much until the day that takes place. I know ISIS has a foothold in some of that stuff. As far as the dong, I’m kind of just holding on to just hold on.
Nick: Yeah, the dong is not going to hurt you. So, hold on to it. That’s not something you are going to have to worry too much about. It’s just that it’s losing value. I’m looking at the last two years. I’m going to bring up an exchange chart.
Caller 616: I’m just thinking I’m going to get rid of this dong and do what you are saying for extra money to buy silver and some gold and whatever I can. It will free up some money in order to do some of this kind of stuff. If I had to pick which one to do it – the dong or the dinar – what I’m hearing from you is we would want to go with probably the dong. Is that correct or no?
Nick: Well, I’m mean, at this point, I’m concerned that all currencies are in jeopardy of being majorly devalued. I don’t even really want to carry any physical currencies. I prefer gold and silver. I always have and I probably always will. Along with gold and silver, you need to have some supplies. You can’t eat your gold and silver. That’s what they will always try to tell you, which is very true. You definitely want to make sure you have food and water on hand. If you don’t have food and water on hand, then don’t even bother just buying currencies. Make sure you are stocked up on food and water to last for at least a month. It doesn’t cost that much money to stock up. It’s a good idea too because if nothing happens, then you have food to eat. I would not advise people to just buy all these currencies and wait for something to happen. If all these currencies go down, if they start looking at assets, Vietnam doesn’t have a lot of gold. One of the biggest assets they were looking at is gold holdings by country. The biggest countries are United States and Germany. Germany is now having trouble getting people their gold. You are talking about the second largest country that is holding gold doesn’t have access. That is a little disconcerting for me. I tell people to hold on to your physical wealth in the form of gold and silver, food and water, and whatever else you think you’re going to need. Get a portable radio; get plenty of batteries, flashlights, candles, stuff you are going to need if something happens. If the internet gets hit and you have no access to information. If the power grid gets hit and you have no running electricity, guess what? You can’t get gas for your car if you don’t have electricity because the pumps are electric. People forget that. They think ‘I’ll just go get some gas.’ You can’t, the pumps are dead. Just try to stock up however you can, and if you have some extra money just get some gold and silver. I would recommend people get their homes prepared instead of just getting prepared with currencies. I don’t see anything happening with the Vietnamese dong, except for it continuing to be devalued over 2017. That’s my thought. I’m going to stick to that.
Caller 616: I really appreciate you getting the honest word out there. I don’t mean to spread any fear out there because I trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, but reality is reality. You should always be prepared. Thank you, Nick, very much.
Nick: My pleasure. God bless take care, Caleb.
Caller 616: Alright, bye now. I’ll be talking to you on email.
Nick: Absolutely, I look forward to it.
Caller 616: See ya.
Nick: See ya.
Looks like the next caller is number area code 402. I’ll be with you in just a second. I want to go through the rest of these questions.
[Reading from chat window]
This is great. “Stock up on super glue, Band-Aids, duct tape, rubber bands, and many few metal coat hangers.”
“What is the area code for Zimbabwe? And does anyone here speak the language?” – They speak English. You’re just playing around. ‘Area code of Zimbabwe.’ Actually, that’s funny. One of these days I should call the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Good luck trying to get on that website. Their website looks like it is on dial-up. Try to call up the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and ask them about their currency. They are going to think it’s a joke.
“Gary Larrabee says he is talking to someone that has received some dinar.” – What do you mean, Tony? Somebody gave him dinar? They did a currency exchange? I’m not really sure what you mean.
“They speak proper English.”
“Glad you’re doing this.” – Thanks, Laurie.
“Fortune tellers have crystal balls Hawaii, that’s why they can’t have babies.”
“Keep up the good work.”
Actually I would be worried living in Hawaii with all the radiation from Fukishima. I still think it’s a problem.
“Thank you, Nick, for spending your valuable time with us. Got to leave.” – My pleasure, Walk the Talk.
“First aid kit, water filtration” – Yes, very good, Hawaii. That’s exactly what I was thinking. The book goes into a whole bunch of that stuff. It goes into edible plants for survival. I don’t know if I can open this up. It probably won’t allow me to.
[Reading from computer screen]
There is so many different things. I put this out there. It talked about wild food you can eat; choosing the best shelter for survival. There is a whole bunch. Useful skills for borrowing. That’s another thing we don’t talk about – bartering and trading. When things happen, you need to be prepared. Some of you are really good engineers, so you’ll be awesome during a collapse because you’ll probably be able to help people fix things that are broken. This talks about surviving it, predictions, unemployment, how inflation shortens your food packages, a whole bunch of stuff, bug-out location, where you need to go.
Let’s just forget about that for a minute. That’s available for you to look at.
[Reading from chat window]

Zimbabwe Dollar 2008 100 Trillion
“When would this be posted in whole afterward?” – Yeah, Chris, I want to make sure the audio is good. I’ve heard some of these dinar calls are absolutely horrendous. Like this one here on YouTube right now, it has 77 people watching. They can’t hear the other person unless they call into the phone number. I’m going to re-upload this whole call with the callers in the best quality possible. I will upload it to YouTube, and I will also upload it to Vimeo as well. But yes, water filtration that’s very good.
Caller 402, I’m going to unmute you. There you are.
Caller 402: Can you hear me?
Nick: Yeah.
Caller 402: Hello.
Nick: Hey, how are you?
Caller 402: I’m really good. My name is Jill. This is the first time I’ve actually ever been on one of these calls. I listen to a lot of them, but I’ve never talked. A few things.
Nick: Sure.
Caller 402: I completely agree with you about food storage, water storage. There is another thing that people need to think about is medicine.
Nick: Absolutely.
Caller 402: If they go to, Ellen Fowler Bench offers a whole kit of homeopathy medicine that’s actually better than any kind of antibiotic or prescription drug that you can get.
Nick: you said?
Caller 402: Yes, There is a video on there. It’s very informative. She does personal classes. She grows everything herself in Montana. It’s a very, very great thing to have on hand – the Family Pack #1 and #2. People need to think about batteries. Just all kinds of things. Rice. You can live a long time on rice. It stores very well.
Nick: I know. Trust me.
Caller 402: Rice and beans. It would be a good idea to have an extra propane tank if you have a gas grill. Always fill up before you come home; make sure your tank is topped off every night. But, getting back to why I originally wanted to talk to you is when you are talking about the currencies, and I totally agree with you about diversifying everything. I buy silver and I have some of all the currencies. In this world, sometimes it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. I have a friend – a very good friend – that actually works in international banking in one of the major banks that is supposed to play a big role in this whole currency change. He’s actually in the IT department; he’s actually the head of IT in one of the headquarters. He was called into a meeting with a lot of the big dogs a few weeks ago. For years, he said that I was nuts and that this was never going to happen. In that meeting, they were told that there’s actually going to be a complete new financial system. That all of the currencies worldwide are going to become parody and are going to have to be asset-backed with what their assets are of their country.
Nick: Yeah, does he work at Wells Fargo? Is that the bank?
Caller 402: Yeah, he works at Wells Fargo.
Nick: Ok, what you are saying coincides with what we are saying.
[Reading from computer screen]
“Wells Fargo Preparing for Collapse.” That was back in February.
Seven days ago, “Major Bank Official: Banks are ‘Preparing for an Economic Nuclear….” I can’t finish reading the rest of it.
“Banks are preparing for an ‘economic nuclear winter’” – from August 29, 2016. We are talking like five days ago. What you are saying coincides with what I did a search on.
I completely agree, and I’m sure you agree too, that there is something happening. You can just sense it even if you don’t have all the information. Just something doesn’t feel right.
Caller 402: Right, right.
Nick: He went into this meeting, and they told him that currencies will be on parody.
Caller 402: Yeah, that every country will have to have a currency and a currency that is backed by their natural resources. I think you know there is a lot of truth out there. Just bits and pieces. It’s hard to pick out the meat with everything that’s out there. If everyone has put their absolute last dime into a million dinar, then don’t keep all of it but keep some of it because you just never know. I also don’t want people to give up on their dream, like the last caller said. People need to be prepared because there is definitely things that are going to happen here. You need to be diversified with everything that you have.
Nick: Yeah, the biggest problem with Vietnam is that they don’t even have any gold holdings that appear in the top 40 countries. Indonesia looks like they moved down. They’re at 78 tons, but that only covers 3% of all the currency supplies. They don’t even have that much. Iraq is ranked number 37, they have 89. People say the oil, forget about the oil, ISIS has the oil. ISIS has control of the oil. At least the majority of it.
Caller 402: Early on he had told me, he said, ‘You’re not going to see any change in the value in the dinar until they have the security under control.’
Nick: Right, I agree.
Caller 402: That was a big issue. And you’re right, ISIS has been a big issue and that’s exactly what he was hearing too. Then, all of a sudden, he goes into this meeting and he was informed to watch it very closely. It was like everything was resetting at that time. Then, everything went blank. So what he sees right now is just the currency, like the IQD, just sitting there without a rate or anything behind it. He doesn’t see the teller screens, he sees the other part.
Nick: Right.
Caller 402: I think that we’re close to something. I think the big G20 meeting has something to do with something. I think they are coming to agreement. Because that’s also what he heard. What was there like 206 countries or something at that meeting? He was like that was like the first time ever.
Nick: Yeah, the G20 is supposed to be 20.
Caller 402: Right, but there were like 200 and some countries there. He heard they were coming to some sort of agreement over there. He said he didn’t know if it was going to be this weekend, this year, or five years. Nobody knows.
Nick: Yeah, I’ve got to read an article to you. Well, I’m not going to read the article too much, but I’ll read it to the callers because it coincides with what you say.
[Reading from computer screen]
“G20 to hold secret emergency meeting this summer to discuss possible financial collapse. Last month, the Federal Reserve called two secret meetings with their regional Presidents along with a separate third secret meeting held at the White House between Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and the President Barack Obama. No one completely knows what was discussed, but ever since then, Fed officials have been going overboard in the media to try to prop up the dollar with promises of a rate hike.”
The G20 had their little meeting. This was announced a few months ago. This was back in May, but yeah, they did have their secret meeting. There is always the public agenda and the private agenda. Any business operates that way. Any kind of business that you’ve worked for or you know. They don’t announce ‘everybody we are going to have this meeting on this day.’ They try to do it privately. The G20 is no exception. They are going to have everybody private that’s in there. Not the press. The press may not even know. They say ‘We’re going to meet back here at one in the morning. Just come alone. Don’t bring any reporters.’ They have their own meeting. Nobody is allowed to record it.
Caller 402: Right, nobody knows. It’s just like everything else they hide from us, too.
Nick: That’s how they make all those decisions is behind closed doors.
Caller 402: You’re right about the radiation too. I don’t know that I would buy ramen noodles in Hawaii, but I would sure buy them.
Nick: I think he was just playing with us. Back to some survival things. You mentioned batteries as well as I did. There was a whole bunch of different things that came up. A big thing, besides that, guns and ammo, was a generator. People should have a generator because if the power goes out, the internet goes out, your food goes out, now you need to cook your rice outside. Now you need a solar oven. There are so many different things. You can’t go shopping.

nda iraq dinar zimbabwe dollar vietnamese dong
Caller 402: I’ve been kind of thinking about this and preparing for this for about the last five years. My kids look at me like I’m crazy, but when it comes down to it where are they going to go?
Nick: I know, and they make jokes. A lot of times, people call us “preppers.” The founding fathers were preppers too. You would plant your crops; you save some of your seeds. They did all that. Throughout history we evolved prep.
Caller 402: My grandparents had pantries. My parents had pantries. I have a pantry. Nowadays, people are like ‘we’re going out for dinner’ or ‘I’ll stop at the store and get it’ or ‘I’ll run through fast food.’ It’s a fast food world. They probably don’t have three days’ worth of food in their home.
Nick: Yeah, or a months’ worth of money either to buy that food. That’s the other problem.
Caller 402: Exactly.
Nick: So I agree with you.
Caller 402: I think that wood is something to have especially if you live where it gets cold. We are coming up on the “brrr” months – September, October, November, and December. It’s going to get colder. It’s good to have wood if you have a fire pit. You have to have a way to cook your food. There is also a company out of Utah, Thrive Life Foods. It’s freeze-dried foods. It tastes really good. It’s probably the best sweet corn I’ve ever had in my life.
Nick: Hm, I love corn. It’s thrive or strive.
Caller 402: Thrive. Thrive Life.
Nick: They are in Utah which is a huge Mormon community. I remember hearing years ago that the Mormon Church almost didn’t survive.
Caller 402: There is Shelf Reliance. I think that their website is still Thrive Life. They have a lot of really good freeze-dried food. There are a lot of places to get emergency food. What’s wrong with having a month’s supply of food?
Nick: Nothing. It’s great.
Caller 402: Yeah.
Nick: People should try to probably have at least a month’s worth of food, and at least two months’ worth of rent money if they can. If something were to happen like you lose your job, you have to at least be able to pay your rent until you get back on your feet. I don’t think some people will be able to make it. I’ve talked to people in my age group in their 30s and 40s and they are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s very unfortunate.
Caller 402: That’s sad that that’s the new American dream – I’m going to be able to pay my bills this month so I’m happy.
Nick: This guy Richard from the chat window just said “I’m living on disability barely making it as it is. Anything I can or should do?” My parents, Richard, are in the same position. My mom is still working luckily, but my dad just retired. Social security is not that much. There really is not that much you can do. If you are on disability, I don’t think they even let you work. I could be wrong. Unless there is a way you can find an income online, Richard, it’s going to be really rough.
Back to what you were saying, people need to be prepared for this. They need to have food, and it has to be good food, too. It can’t just be that military-grade stuff.
Caller 402: Right, get some rice and some beans and some canned chicken or canned ham. It’s just emergency food. If everything is ok and everything revalues and everything is happy and there is not a global economy collapse, then that’s food that you can give to the food pantry.
Nick: Yeah, you didn’t lose it. If you have currency, that can lose value. If you have food, it’s like ‘Ok, I can eat it now it’s not the end of the world.’
Caller 402: They also have solar lanterns. You just keep them in the sun during the day and you have light at night.
Nick: That’s a great idea.
Caller 402: You don’t have to have candles, per se. You just need to think, ‘Ok, if I’m without electricity for three months, how am I going to cook? What am I going to cook?’
Nick: That’s the thing you have to taste these things, too. The company you mentioned sounds like they have good stuff. We’ll have to check them out. If you’re going to be buying food, make sure it’s good. Try a little bit. There is always different companies. If you just type in “storable foods,” buy from a few companies. Like she said, I’ll put the link down for that one. Try them out; see what you like. Some people when you get older your taste buds aren’t as specific. When you’re younger, you want everything to taste really good. Keep extra spices around the house – salt, pepper, garlic, oregano – to make your survival food taste better.
Caller 402: Yeah, the Thrive Life has spices. Anything they have has a shelf life of 25 years, and a shelf life of 2-3 years after you open up a can.
Nick: If you can, buy organic while it’s still available. Organic food is always the first to disappear.
Caller 402: Anyway, that’s kind of all I’ve got.
Nick: Thank you very much.
Caller 402: You’re welcome.
Nick: Take care.
Caller 402: Alright, bye bye.
[Reading from chat window]
Nick: I’m going to continue to go through these questions. I did not anticipate on being on this long. We’ve dropped off a few people. There is only 54 people on the YouTube channel, and they can’t hear the caller so they probably just think I went silent on them. If you are on the YouTube channel and you have a cell phone, you can dial this number here and this PIN number or you can go here to the free conference. If you go to the free conference, I’ll show you what it looks like. This is so easy to do.
So, you are on this free conference call, you click “HD Conferencing.” It says “Voice Over IP Dialer,” just click that and look for the number here. That’s the number we’re on – the 712. It says “Access Code” and “Name.” The access code is right here – 181420. All you do is enter that number, then the PIN number, and then you click “Place Call.” It’s a free call, you don’t pay anything. It runs off your internet. When you’re on YouTube, you click the mute button so you don’t hear me talking twice. What’s going to end up happening is you are going to have the VOIP Dialer and YouTube going and that’ll just ruin your day. Make sure you mute YouTube, and make sure you have your speakers turned on for free conference. That way you are hearing me live with the callers and you’re also seeing the YouTube feed.
For anybody else in the queue, I see there’s a bunch of people still on the call. Thanks for sticking around. Hit *6 if you want to ask a question followed by the number 1.
[Reading from chat window]
I’m going to continue to go through this. I did not know there would be so many people here. Hawaii is taking off. Thanks, I appreciate it.
Laurie says, “I’m from Canada and Trudeau sold all of our gold. People are mad here for what he has done.” – Laurie, I’m not sure what you mean. Kevin Trudeau? The guy who does the things they don’t want you to know about? Let me see. Oh wait, Trudeau is one of the public officials. I forgot who Trudeau is. He’s the Prime Minister.
We have this guy, Trudeau, here in the United States. I’ll show you. This is the guy I’m talking about. When you said Trudeau, the first thing I thought of was that, but then I said ‘Oh wait, she’s in Canada.’
So, the Prime Minister sold all of your gold. That is very disconcerting. Gold reserves of Canada. Let’s go ahead and find them real quick.
[Reading from computer screen]
This is strange. This says “Privately Held Gold”. It says “Central Fund of Canada.”
I want you to look at this list real quick. This is the top 40 countries and their gold reserves. Canada is no longer on here. The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore. Canada is gone. You’re right. You’re gold is gone.
Area code 336, I’ll unmute you in just a second. I’m going to finish going through some of these. Anybody else, hit *6 and then hit 1. Hit number 1, and we’ll get you in the queue. I’m like a radio announcer with this microphone.
[Reading from chat window]
“They let you work, but they deduct 50 cents per dollar you make and then you can’t take any stocks or have any more than $2,000 in the bank.” – Richard, you were the one who said that you were on disability. That includes working from home, Richard? If you did like a little website like YouTube like I do. There is that guy Gary Larrabee and even though some people don’t like him, he’s making at least a few thousand dollars a month on YouTube. I look at how much my YouTube videos make, and I say ‘Ok, he’s getting this much more than me in terms of views so he’s probably making about two grand.’ You can do that I’m sure, Richard. It’s almost like they are not incentivizing you to work because you are disabled, even though you can work from home. I’m not going to ask you about your personal disability because I’m disabled too from the Navy. If your disability prevents you from sitting at a computer for a long period that could be a problem. You are sitting here talking to me now so I’m sure you can find some work online. Richard, you can do something like this. I know some of you listening are thinking ‘this has nothing to do with GCR’, I’m just helping people out. Bear with me.
[Reading from computer screen]
So, Richard. You can find somebody here. Let’s say I have a job where I want somebody to write for me – like article writing. I type “article writing” on here, and you can see all these different people. This woman is charging $55 an hour to do article writing. You can choose anything you want. Let’s see if I say $10-30 an hour, it has all these people and it tells you where they’re from and how much they charge per hour. This guy is from Romania and charges $10 an hour for article writing. Richard, there is always an opportunity if you do anything good online, like writing, try to sign up for that website. It’s I’ll just drop it in the description. That could be a possibility. I don’t know, Richard, this is private for you. I don’t want to get in too much of anything you have with your disability. There has got to be a way where you can make some money like that on the side.
[Reading from chat window]
Nuclearskull says, “The Criminal Cabal is DONE!! The Banksters are being arrested and next, the Treasonous Politicians will be held accountable – GAME OVER!!” – I don’t know what banksters are being arrested. Nuclearskull, if you can, type in a link so I can find something. I would love to read an article out to people. If it’s preventing you from adding a link, just type in the name of the article and I’ll find the website. Nuclearskull, I would like to look at that.
Richard, I saw what you said about silver. You’ve been buying silver coins. Definitely, Richard, silver is good.
“Cabal is not going anywhere” is what Mike says.
Julie, that’s what I thought, but it’s not Kevin Trudeau. It’s their Prime Minister.
Caller 336, I’m going to unmute you.
Caller 336: What do you think about the Iranian rial?
Nick: It’s so funny you mention that. I think once they get their nuclear stuff gone that maybe we’ll be ok. The problem is that we just signed an agreement and we gave them all this money. Anything can happen with the rial. I think we might have trapped them, and we might be going to war. Don’t quote me on this, but we did this, too, with Saddam Hussein. We acted like we were friends, and then we invaded. There is a possibility we could go to war with Iran, but I’m not sure. I really hope we don’t. I hope we’re not that stupid. They’ve already had technology. I can tell you for a fact that Iran already has the nuclear bomb. They do. They’ve been trading with North Korea for years. I don’t know how many people know that. It’s something that I found out.
The currency is no longer under the same sanctions.
You can see there are still a few companies – Currency Liquidator and Buy New Dinar – they are selling it. From what I understand, they are only allowed to sell Iranian rial that they already have. They are not allowed to buy more rial from Iran. That is what I understand.
If you are going to buy rial, you might want to buy it now. Let me see how much they are selling it for. Everybody is trying to be competitive, and you don’t need uncirculated. You do need uncirculated notes. I don’t know where this thing came from years ago on the dinar sites. Currency Liquidators sells it $79 for uncirculated, and Buy New Dinar sells it for $79 also except it’s circulated. You can get uncirculated for the same price through Currency Liquidators. Trust me from a guy who’s been to so many countries. When you go to exchange your currency, it doesn’t matter if it’s circulated or uncirculated.
I guess according to what I’m seeing you can now buy Iranian rial. I would just buy a little bit of it. Nothing too crazy. While we’re on the phone talking, let’s go ahead and look at an exchange chart to see how the rial has done since the sanctions.
[Reading from computer screen]
It could potentially be a good investment. Let’s look at the last year. You’ve got a lot of fluctuation in the Iranian currency over the last year. It’s actually gotten weaker, it looks like. That doesn’t mean anything. They think it can get stronger once they are allowed to start selling their products in the United States.
There was a huge devaluation in September of 2013. Now that some of the economic sanctions are over, Iranian rial could be a good purchase. I still think they’re, but maybe they aren’t sponsoring terrorism anymore, but they were state sponsored terrorism. I probably mentioned that 20 times in my video and it annoyed people I would probably buy a little bit of it. Don’t make it a huge part of your portfolio; maybe less than 3% of your entire portfolio. The rest just diversify in other investments. Feel free to invest in it. It looks like you can buy it now, it’s not under any kind of sanction.
Caller 336: Great, thanks for everything you do.
Nick: My pleasure. Thanks for the question.
Any other questions, hit *6 and then 1. I’ll probably be on here all night. I’m kidding, I can’t be up here all night. I have to go for a walk. I have back issues from the Navy, I can’t even sit. I’m kneeling down talking to you.
I’m going to go through some more questions.
[Reading from chat window]
“As friendly as Russia is getting with Iran going to war with Iran would be suicide” – I agree, I agree with you.
“Ships at sea not coming to port because they refuse to accept the collapsing dollar” – Yeah. People see what is happening with our currency. They say we have a strong currency, yet they don’t want to back it with anything. They don’t want to do an inventory of the Fed. They don’t want to audit the Fed; they don’t want to audit the Federal Reserve itself; they don’t want to audit Fort Knox. Fort Knox might not have gold. It hasn’t been audited in who knows how long.
“It has gone up a lot.” – Let’s see what we were talking about. Alright, Julie, I forgot we were talking about what went up a lot.
Truth Watcher just joined. “Are these guys saying the dollar is about to crash? Any possible dates?” – There had been a whole bunch of people, Truth Watcher, that had been saying different things about collapse dates in September, October, or November. Everyone comes up with a different date. In fact, you can probably just type in “economic collapse.”
[Reading from computer screen]
“These are signs of economic collapse.” New York Post, two days ago. They are actually even talking about it on the New York Post. It’s all over, I guess.
[Reading from chat window]
Richard was saying “100,000 Iranian rial uncirculated on eBay.” Well, that’s not a bad deal, I guess.
I don’t see any questions in the queue. I might end this if there are no more questions. Hit *6, and then hit the number 1. Seventy-two of you are still on YouTube. It actually went up. For you on YouTube, do this. I know I keep repeating this, but I figure some people are actually watching this live on YouTube and they don’t realize they can rewind this. The phone number is right there. There is the PIN number. Or you can go to free conference. These instructions are actually in the description of the YouTube video you’re watching right now. You won’t be able to hear the callers unless you call up the free conference number.
I don’t have any callers yet. Has it really been three hours? I’m actually recording my screen right now. Look, two and a half hours. I’m actually recording this whole screen, the audio, and everything to make sure that we get a quality recording. I want to make sure you get the best quality.
[Reading from chat window]
“People have been saying that for a while now. Zero Hedge and Bloomberg is constantly posting articles about the collapse” – Absolutely, Julie. I’m always hearing about it.
“I’ve heard rumors there is no gold in Fort Knox and once tried to deliver tungsten filled gold bars to China” – Yes.
What do you think of Lindsey Williams? Do you think there is any truth there?” – I like to listen to Lindsey Williams. He was a pastor. He got in contact with some of the elite when he was in Alaska. People are saying ‘Well, he said there was going to be a collapse if the elite have their way.’ I agree with him on a lot of things. If they do have their way, there will be a collapse. When have the elite ever cared about us? People think about that. All these people are saying ‘Well, we’re going to exchange our currency and become multi-millionaires.’ Who’s going to pay for it and why? Why are you so special? What have you ever accomplished in life that they’re just going to give all this money to you? The majority of people that are on my calls right now, believe it or not, they are from the United States. I can tell you most of them probably are thinking that they have this currency, they are going to make a lot of money going to these private exchanges, but they can never answer one question: who is going to give them an exchange rate higher than what the international rate is? Nobody can answer that question and why. Look at this right now.
[Reading from computer screen]
Here is the Iranian rial to the US dollar. If we go back to the conversion chart. A US dollar would get you 31,000 Iranian rials. Here is the other thing that I noticed that they kind of cheat you on. I want to actually open up a converter. Let’s say you buy a million Iranian rials. I’m going to convert a million Iranian rials to US dollars. It’s only worth $31. Everyone is selling it for double. The currency companies are making a lot of money. If somebody says ‘We’re going to exchange a million dinar’, and you’re going to get more than what is the official exchange rate. How does that make sense? Nobody has been able to give me a clear answer. If it makes sense, why are you so special? Why would they not take your money and just exchange it themselves for something else? That doesn’t really make sense. Here is what I’m saying. What is the incentive for them to take your currency and sell it higher than what the exchange rate is internationally? What is the incentive for them? Are they going to get something else than what you are going to get? It makes no sense.
One US dollar to one Vietnamese dong. A US dollar will get you 22,000 Vietnamese dong. If you want to reverse that, there is what you get. You see all these zeroes here? Four zeros. That’s actually the same rate as the South Korean currency.
When you convert the US dollar to the South Korean won, you get three leading zeroes. It’s still pretty cheap currency. Think about this. If I’m in South Korea, which I’ve been there before, and I have one US dollar and I’m going to a thousand South Korean won. Why would somebody say ‘I’m going to give you 10,000 South Korean won’? Why would they say that? Why would somebody offer me more than the exchange rate? If anything, I’m going to get about 900 South Korean won for one US dollar. I don’t think a lot of these people asking these questions ever actually traveled overseas and done currency exchanges. You are going to get the rate you see on the screen minus 5-10% commission or convenience fees. You kind of get raped at the airport. You lose 15% in some cases. I think TravelEx just rips everybody off. I digress. I think that everybody is saying they are going to get a higher rate if you exchange privately is clearly not thinking on all four cylinders. Something is not working up there.
We’ll stop here with the poo. And answer this call, area code 250, I’m going to go to you in just a minute.
[Reading from chat window]
“I appreciate your time. I’m one of those living overseas in Israel” – Oh, Shalom, Truth Watcher. I would love to go to Israel. My wife and I were talking about that.
Julie says “If the dinar revalues at 86 cents I’m all in.” – Yeah, but if it revalues at 86 cents, then the dollar isn’t worth much. It’s kind of like if the dollar became hyper-inflated, the dinar would be 86 cents. I wouldn’t trust that.
“One question I have often wondered should I have US cash on hand before a collapse?” – Yes, a little bit.
“I can see the positives in this in a sense because you’ll be able to buy food, but how much?” – How much is really up to you.
“How much will the dollar be worth?” – I don’t know. I can’t answer a question of what a dollar is going to be worth in a collapse. All I know is this, I can’t keep all my money in the bank, I can’t keep all my money in cash, and I can’t keep all my money in silver. I’ve got to keep a little bit in all the places, but very little in the bank.
Caller 250, I’m going to go to you really quick. Hey.
Caller 250: Hey, how are you? I already spoke to you, but you were going to get back to bitcoin. I was wondering if you could say a few words. My issue just really quick is it seems a lot of people are getting into it just hoping it’ll really appreciate in value. I don’t know how much it will catch on as a way of doing business. How quick will it catch on as a way of doing business? The other argument is if everything collapses and there is no computer and you lose everything, but, I think it can have some wallet where it came to that and you could possess.
Nick: Did you read the article right now that’s on on the home page?
Caller 250: No, I didn’t.
Nick: Ok, I’m going to read this to you while we’re on the phone.
[Reading from computer screen]
“$63 Million Bitfinex Bitcoins Stolen and Fed Nearing Rate Hike. As some of you know, I’m not a fan of bitcoin, mainly because it’s not something tangible. I really don’t understand how some of my subscribers can be so into Bitcoin that they constantly email me ways of joining the exchange networks. I think that everyone who is invested in crypto-currencies will eventually lose, unless they know how to master it, so I found a book that might be of interest to you. I’m sure you can pick it up used for pretty cheap.”
I put the link in there to an Amazon book. You can buy it for a few bucks, but it’s about mastering bitcoin. I’m just reading you my article that’s on my home page right now.
[Reading from computer screen]
“Folks, years ago, when Bitcoin was getting started, I used a program that utilized my graphics card to create Bitcoins, this is known as ‘mining bitcoins’ and I was surprised because I was creating money out of thin air. I literally let my computer do all the work and I ended up Bitcoins, now you need big hardware, so most of us won’t bother buying the equipment to do the mining.”
I stand by what I said in the article. It’s on, and it’s referring to why I don’t trust bitcoins. What you mention is true. If the power goes out whether it’s in your city or whatever, you can’t access your money. If the internet goes down, they do have something called the “internet kill switch”, then you also can’t access your bitcoins. The only time bitcoins would actually be useful is if you’re trying to get money out of one country to another. Like when people were trying to leave Cyprus with their money, they were somehow getting it into Bitcoin and they were leaving Cyprus. Even then, you’re talking about very few people who noticed to do that. Bitcoin is only good for short-term money movements. I would not use Bitcoin. I cashed out Bitcoin a while ago. I don’t keep any money in it. I don’t recommend it. I mean, I can create bitcoins from my computer. I am basically printing money through my computer. I have a powerful graphics card and it overheats when I do that. The whole point was I can produce bitcoins out of nothing. I’m basically like the Federal Reserve from my computer creating bitcoins out of thin air. I would not trust something like that. I keep no money in bitcoins, and I would not suggest you do either.
Caller 250: They also said when it halved, it would be twice as hard to mine and the price would go up. It’s actually gone down $100 Canadian so that didn’t hold. The other thing is they say there is a cap at 23 million, and that’s why it’s better than any currencies, like the Federal Reserve, because there is a cap. But I read one person said, ‘But yeah, they could reach that cap.’ It’s another very theoretical thing that I think I shouldn’t trust either. I appreciate it.
Nick: I appreciate it too. Thank you so much.
Caller 250: Thanks, bye.
[Reading from chat window]
Nick: Sam I Am. I can see that Sam I Am is on the chat right now. He says, “Hey, Nick, did we RV?” – No, we didn’t. Do you want to come on the phone and talk to these beautiful people?
Sam, real quick, *6 your phone and hit 1, if you want to talk. If you don’t want to talk, that’s fine.
[Reading from chat window]
Truth Watcher says, “I’m not into Bitcoin either. Just too sketchy.” – I agree.
“I made 10 bucks playing with Bitcoin and gave up” – It’s so weird that you can just print money from your computer. You can just totally print it and all of a sudden look at what you got. You’ve got coins, and you can exchange those bitcoins for actual dollars. I see a problem with that. I just do.
I’m going to text Sam I Am to see if he wants to come on.
There are a lot of people still on. You realize it is Labor Day, and we’re all talking around the computer right now? We’re all having fun on Labor Day? Isn’t this great? That we’re not out being stupid, being drunk drivers, being dangerous? Do you realize how many accidents are happening right now? I can hear ambulances out the window. I don’t why people think Labor Day is an excuse to be stupid.
I’m texting Sam I Am so he can call in if he wants to call in. I think he knows I wasn’t planning on doing a call for long. It was supposed to be from 11:00 to 1:00. Is it really almost 2? I’ve been on the phone for almost three hours and ten minutes.
Truth Watcher says “11:47pm.” – Oh, I guess chat isn’t delayed as much as I thought it was.
Sam I Am is going to call. I’m giving him the host code so he’s probably just going to actually take over. He’ll probably be unmuted as soon as he joins in.
[Reading from chat window]
“I almost got hit today walking to the store by a drunk crazy person screaming and honking.” – Exactly.
“No holiday in Israel” – That’s right, they don’t have Labor Day. Israel is an awesome country. I would love to go there. If you look at Israel looked like from 1947 to now, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s amazing what’s happened to Israel. I told my wife if we ever get enough money, we could somehow make this a trip. I want to make it like a business thing where I go over there and actually try to start some kind of a business that way I’m not just spending my own money to go to Israel. I want to make it some kind of legitimate business expense.
Sam I Am is on. Sam, you can hit *6 if you want. This is kind of unexpected, but it’s a pleasure to have you if you want to talk to everybody. There he is right there. I can unmute you if you want me to. I have ultimate power of this board right here. You can text me if you want me to unmute you. I can see you, you just joined. We can close Kevin Trudeau because that’s not the Kevin we were looking for.
[Reading from chat window]
“Electricity costs more than the bitcoins gained” – Richard, that’s what it was. There was some kind of a thing that showed people what their costs would be for mining bitcoins. It gets to the point where if you’re using your computer to do it, you end up spending more on electricity than its worth. I think that’s why I stopped. Also, I just didn’t like the fact that I was printing money.
Hey, do you want to talk to anybody? Oops. What just happened there? Sam I Am.
Sam I Am: Hey, Nick.
Nick: Hey, it did work.
Sam I Am: What’s up?
Nick: I just wanted to say hi. I just wanted to say thanks for listening in on the call. I didn’t know it was going to be this long. I’m just glad to know that you’re here and that you got my back. I’m going to put you back on mute.
Sam I Am: Alright. I’m here if you need me.
Nick: Thanks, buddy. Bye.
That’s great. I had no idea he was going to be on.
I’m not sure if I already went to this person, 250. Let me see. Let me unmute you to see if I already got you.
Caller 250: Yeah, we already talked. Thanks, Nick.
Nick: Ok, thanks. Ok, bye.
Female voice: Q&A queue is cleared.
Nick: I finally figured out how to clear the queue. I had all these people that I already talked to and I didn’t know how to clear them out. If you have a question, please hit *6 and then hit 1. I’m probably going to stay on this just for a little bit.
Sorry, I was messing around with the board and I accidentally put people on hold. Everybody should be muted. I’m going to go back to this real quick.
For the 60 people that are on YouTube right now, anyone that wants to ask a question right now. Dial this phone number. You can block your caller ID if you want. Then, dial this PIN number. As soon as you join the call and it says this conference is being recorded, hit *6 and then hit 1 and you can ask me a question. That’s if you want. I don’t know how long I’m going to stay on here. I’m not used to talking this long.
[Reading from chat window]
I’ve heard Israel is beautiful. I’ve seen videos of it. It looks great.
“What are your views on having a solar powered generator? Do you have a solar yourself?” – You would think me living in Arizona we would, but I’m in an apartment complex and they won’t let us put a solar panel on the roof which is unfortunate because we get so much sunlight. We would probably be able to pay for most of the electricity in this apartment. Probably not my computer as much, but most of the electricity could probably be paid for with solar power. I would love to get a solar panel and just keep it where we could actually collect it and use it to run stuff. The problem I think, Truth Watcher, we just don’t. Now if I move into a house that’s different. I told my wife if I’m going to get us a house, I want to see if I can buy in cash. We just don’t want to run up any debt. When this thing goes, when everything happens, we don’t want to be the kind of people who are dependent on having to pay bills each month. We don’t want to be carrying debt on our credit cards. We don’t want to be carrying debt on my business. We want to make sure all our bills are paid each month.
It’s alright, Richard. I understand what you are saying. A solar collector in the window. Richard, you’ve got to live in Arizona. It’s so hot, Richard. It’s so hot right now. If I even crack the windows to get some fresh sunlight, it literally starts to raise the temperature of the room about 5-10 degrees in a very short time. We have to keep the electricity constantly running the air conditioning or we just set the air conditioning to a reasonable temperature.
Caller 615, I’m going to unmute you. You just got on the phone, but you are probably one of the YouTube guys. For everybody else before I take this call, this is the phone number and the PIN number. Or you can go to free conference and enter the information yourself. I don’t know how long this call is going to be. I don’t know if anybody else is doing it this way. I think Frank Villa was doing something where he had a chat/call going. His thing was kind of strange, he was acting funny on the call.
I’m going to take the next caller number 615.
Caller 615: Hey, Nick, how are you doing?
Nick: I’m good, how are you?
Caller 615: I’m fine. I emailed you a couple of times, and you responded back on bitcoin that you don’t want nothing you can’t hold in your hand. That was great. China is got probably about 70-80% of the computing power right now to produce bitcoins.
Nick: Yes, they are producing the bitcoins in China.
Caller 615: What I’ve read it cost about $500 worth of electricity to do one coin. Recently, I came across something about McAfee. You know who McAfee was?
Nick: Yes, of course, John McAfee. He’s no longer in the company, but it’s his company.
Caller 615: Right. Did you read about what he had planned on doing?
Nick: No, give me an idea and I can look up the article real quick.
Caller 615: He is going to make hydropower from water that is coming over a dam somewhere.
Nick: I see it, yes.
Caller 615: He’s got these super intelligent guys with super graphic cards that will out do anybody else. Why do you think somebody would throw that kind of money out there for any reason at all? There’s hundreds of millions of dollars a year being thrown into startups of all kinds
Nick: Why would they throw money at this investment of bitcoin? You want to chase after the thing that’s popular. Right now, bitcoin is popular. People are doing it. They can spend all this money, make all of these bitcoins, and then if the coin collapses they’re already in profit mode. Most businesses just want to get into profit mode as quickly as possible.
Caller 615: Absolutely. It’s strange that they’re the ones make the money.
Nick: Yeah, of course. Especially if they can open their own exchanges. They want to get as much bitcoins mined as possible, and they want to control a little bit of it. Two petahashes is very fast. It’s ridiculously fast. They want to be able to control the mining. If this works, it will take some of the control away from China. They just don’t want China to have a monopoly on bitcoin mining. I think Russia, to a certain degree, also controls bitcoin. I think up in Siberia where it’s already cold, they have the bitcoin servers running underground constantly mining bitcoins.
Caller 615: There is so many. We are talking about 140 years before the last one’s ever mined.
Nick: Exactly, that’s what it is. I think it’s interesting that a John McAfee-led company is doing that. At the same time, I’ll save this article for people to read it. I think they just want to get some money. There is a press release link on there so people can check that out. It’s quite interesting that he’s doing that. I do like John McAfee and some of the stuff that he does. I liked some of the interviews he’s done. He’s a pretty smart guy.
Caller 615: Yeah.
Nick: He made it out of Belize. They were trying to keep him in Belize. They were blaming him for something he didn’t do. I was glad he was able to get out of there.
Caller 615: What do you think about and his new thing he’s building?
Nick: Who? Say that name again.
Caller 615: Yes.
Nick: K-I-M? Who’s that?
Caller 615: Yeah, he has a megaupload deal. He’s supposedly starting another one up where you can only use bitcoin. The thing about bitcoin unless you’re pretty techie, it’s hard to even get it.
Nick: It’s hard to track it, too. I like to track it, and it’s very hard to track it. I can’t really speak too much about this. I’m kind of your anti-bitcoin guy. If you can make a whole bunch of money really quick in bitcoin, heck, by all means get yourself a little mining equipment, mine some bitcoins, as soon as the miner pays for itself, you can sell in on eBay and you’re in profit mode. The problem is the technology is hardly keeping up with the increase and the companies that are hashing. There are so many people producing bitcoins there is a difficulty level. If you buy this equipment, you might be able to make back the cost of the equipment, and then a month or two later it’s already at the point where it’s no longer profitable to own that equipment.
Caller 615: I don’t think you should spend $50,000 and make five bitcoins.
Nick: No, it’s really a joke at this point. Bitcoin was great when I started doing it. I was making bitcoins through my computer, and the value was much lower. It was like in the hundreds. Now that it’s taken off, forget about it, I’m not even going to waste time with my computer. At this point, I don’t mess with bitcoin. I was thinking about doing some kind of bitcoin website, but I don’t trust something I can’t physically hold. If you shut down the internet, what happens to all the people and their money? It disappears.
Caller 615: It’s so easy to lose track of everything. They started out with the concept that it’s going to be something like paper money. The Average Joe, they talk about mass adoption, why would the Average Joe want to spend $500-600 for something to walk around with? I don’t think there are that many millennial techies out there to support this.
Nick: No, I think that bitcoins a waste. The only thing I can prophet at is telling people 10 reasons why they shouldn’t invest in bitcoin. That would probably just throw people in disarray. I would not invest in bitcoin. It’s nice reading the articles, but I would not want to own bitcoin. I would not anything that can just be produced or mined from a computer or Federal Reserve. I want something tangible. I want some food, water, silver, and some kind of health product, something I can physically use. If the internet goes down and I have a bitcoin miner that is useless, I have bitcoins I can’t access, but I need to buy things. It’s a really bad losing situation. Bitcoins are not in any survival book. You aren’t going to find it. Unless you need to move money out of a country and you have to do it covertly, then there is a way you can put it on USB stick or your Bitcoin wallet, and get to another country. Some countries have Bitcoin ATMs. Other than that, I see no use of bitcoin whatsoever, but it is interesting reading these articles.
Caller 615: What do you think about the ethereum network?
Nick: No, I don’t invest in any kind of cryptocurrency. I feel the same way about all of them. It’s all manmade; it’s all fake. If it’s not something physically hold, I don’t want to mess with it. I don’t want to mess with it all.
Caller 615: It’s just like Fed, they just keep printing money.
Nick: I know, I’m holding on to Federal Reserve notes, and it is all fiat. Well then, bitcoin is fiat, too, even more so.
Caller 615: I missed the first part of your call. You don’t think there is any hope for the dinar?
Nick: There could be hope for the dinar if there were actually a way for people to exchange it overseas. The problem with the dinar is it’s a fiat currency, let’s face it. If they are going to have this reset and they are going to base currencies on assets, what assets does Iraq really have control over? They don’t have control over their oil. That’s ISIS. Even when you look at their oil output, they don’t produce enough oil to even warrant a one cent exchange rate. That’s what I try to tell people when they say they are going to get these higher rates, who’s going to give them this money and why would they be incentivized to give unknown people this money? It makes no sense logically to give somebody a hundred times what their currency is worth. I say avoid it, definitely avoid it.
Caller 615: I’ve heard stories that the US government owned a lot of it.
Nick: No, they don’t. It came out that the US Treasury does not own any Iraqi dinar. It came out in court documents a couple of months ago. There are a couple of sites that have it. I have it in some court documents. I have different court documents from all these different dinar cases, like the Sterling one. They actually said it in there certain things that gurus were saying.
[Reading from computer screen]
“The same federal indictment against ‘BH Group’ states that, in fact, the ‘US Department of the Treasury does not hold any Iraqi dinar for investment purposes and holds only a nominal amount for use.’”
They are not holding Iraqi dinars in substantial amounts or anything like that. It even says it in the indictment. Remember, all the guys who were pumping all this stuff had currency sites and saying the US Treasury had all this dinar and told you where to buy it. They were all pumping dinar and that’s what these gurus never got anywhere. They were scamming people. I don’t mean to bring up Tony and Dan. They go back to 2006. It’s stupid. He went to jail.
Caller 615: I was on one of the sites named Mountain Goat.
Nick: Mountain Goat is a guy. There was a call I found where the people who were moderators on People’s Talk Radio actually found the IP address of Mountain Goat. Mountain Goat is based in the United States. It’s not a woman, it’s a guy. Mnt Goat got subsequently banned from this website. Now, posts everything at Dinar Recaps. That’s a site that likes to post a bunch of lies. That’s their agenda. If they want to post lies, let them post lies. People keep feeding into it. Maybe the Feds will probably come down on them for all the lies they’ve been posting. They try to say that they don’t know who Mountain Goat is, but they said in one email they didn’t know who Mountain Goat is. Then, in the next email it says they don’t know who Mountain Goat is and they’ve never talked to Mountain Goat. Then, in the third email they say Mountain Goat was very upset and they talked to her. It’s like ‘Whoa, you just said you never talked to Mountain Goat and now you’re talking to her.’ That’s what I mean. As soon as Mountain Goat disappears, who do we have? We have Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark starts writing exactly like Mountain Goat. Let Dr. Clark call me. I would love to hear from Dr. Clark and put him on the air. Dr. Clark is completely fake, and Dinar Recaps knows it’s completely fake.
Caller 615: I think they sold a bit of dinar. They were the ones that had all these calls and selling reserves. That’s where they were really making their money.
Nick: Yeah, of course. I told people when I first started I told them about dinar reserves and their options. If you type in “dinar options”, my website comes up. If you type “dinarcorps,” my website comes up. If you type anything pretty much dinar, my website comes up because I put all these articles out and they got shared and people liked what I wrote. It even got to the point where I even talked to the FBI, a couple of times actually, about the whole thing with the dinar. They asked me ‘what do most of the people think?’ I told them the truth. I told them this is what they think and this is who they are hearing it from. IQD Team had a bunch of calls with Sterling that they quickly deleted as soon as Sterling got raided. I have them. As soon as Sterling got raided, IQD Team shut down because they know I have all this stuff on them. If they want to promote something, promote something that is going to help people.
Caller 615: Exactly. So you are you saying we’re going to crash somewhere around the first of the year?
Nick: I don’t like to give dates of when the collapse is going to happen. Let everybody else give those dates, and let them all be wrong. The way I see it is just be prepared for anything. Anything can happen.
Caller 615: I know Deutsche Bank is in a lot of trouble right now.
Nick: I brought that up earlier today about Deutsche Bank. They had some issue also where they couldn’t get the money back to people.
[Reading from computer screen]
It’s from two days ago: “Deutsche Bank Failure to Deliver Gold”
If you don’t have any control over your assets, then you don’t have any assets. If all your money is in the bank or all your money is in different places overseas, it’s not good.
Caller 615: I’ve got so many derivatives out there.
Nick: Forget it. Don’t keep any money in the bank because when the bank goes down, they are going do like Cyprus and you are only going to be able to get a little bit of money out of the bank. Just a little bit at a time. Unless you did like I did. I tell people right now to call your bank and tell them to increase your ATM withdrawal limit to whatever the max is.
Caller 615: I heard something somewhere that the banks really question you when you try to get a $1,000 in cash out.
Nick: They did it to me. I went to Wells Fargo the other day. They have to call a supervisor now. The girl I am used to going to over the last year now has her supervisor come over. They try to be your friend, and they don’t understand they just don’t want to leave my money in their bank. That’s why I’m pulling it out. They think I’m going to be buying a yacht. Now, it’s become a hassle to get my money out of the bank. I’ll just increase my withdrawal limit and take money out every day if I want. It’s like going into the bank waiting on lines, and they have to call their supervisor just because you want $1,000. If you have a substantial amount you want to take out like over $10,000, they don’t care how they get your money, but when you want to take it out they want to know where it’s going. At this point, if you keep too much money in the bank and something happens, forget it, say goodbye. I’ve got a few more questions to answer.
Caller 615: I appreciate it.
Nick: My pleasure, buddy. Take care.
I’m just going to look over the questions in the chat. Look at Deutsche Bank. From last year to this year, they’re down 14.5%. If you look at a one-month chart, it looks like they are doing a little bit better. They’ve gone up 10%. Look at a one-year chart. Oh sorry, I read that wrong. I apologize. From September 8, 2015, to September 5th, Deutsche Bank has gone down 50%. They’ve gone down 50%. I’m looking at it right now. That’s absolutely ridiculous. I don’t keep money over there, forget it.
Anybody else, *6. There are 62 of you still here on YouTube. All of you on YouTube watching right now, will you hit this thumbs up button saying you like this? Can you please leave a comment if it lets you? I really appreciate it. I like to see thumbs up on my videos. I got two thumbs down. How can somebody not like what I’m saying? I’m just answering questions. If you want to call in, here is the phone number and here is the PIN.
[Reading from chat window]
Joann asks, “Why Wells Fargo bankers say that the zim will exchange as a bond? And hired Abbot Downing for zim exchange?”
“Did you have a Wells Fargo tell you that?” is what Julie says.
I don’t really know where this talk comes from about this. All I tell people is you need stop listening to people like me and verify what I say. Don’t just listen to me and think Nick is telling you the truth. Make sure I’m telling you the truth. Verify what I say. This person was saying different things about private exchanges, please call the companies themselves and ask them. You’re talking about an Abbot Downing. That’s a huge company. They’re right out here where I live. Why would they want to do anything with the Zimbabwe dollar which isn’t even a currency? A classification of a currency is a medium of exchange. The Zimbabwe dollar is not a currency being used in any country, so it’s not a medium of exchange. You cannot buy anything with it. I know people sell it, but that doesn’t count. You can call it a collectible. That’s about all the weight I’ll give the Zimbabwe dollar.
[Reading from chat window]
“I charge my phone with solar collectors” – Yeah, Richard, I’ve seen that before. People here at ASU where I’m at they have their cell phone out and they literally just plug in a solar charger while they are in class they charge their phone or when their outside.
Truth Watcher: “When a collapse happens, I see the new money as food. All those whose eyes are opened should go out and buy a few 50 lbs. bags of rice and beans.” – Absolutely. Wouldn’t you rather have food on hand while everybody is out there rioting, while everybody is out there protesting, and there is all that violence? Wouldn’t it be nice just to have some rice and beans at home, sit down and listen to the radio? Assuming you have a radio. I’m assuming you are going to have some kind of emergency radio. You better have some kind of radio. Preferably an emergency radio which runs on battery, solar, and you’re able to hand crank it.
I’m just going to see if I can bring it up to see if I can bring up the emergency radio that I’ve purchased. I’m on actually Amazon right now. I’m going to put a link right here to the exact solar radio that I have. This one won’t work. It’s not letting me link the way I want to. Let’s see if there is another one I can link to. I’m going to drop it here in the chat window. Can somebody please verify that the Amazon link is clickable that I just put in there?
Here is what you should be looking at. You have solar panel up at the top. You’ve got a good antenna to receive the AM/FM radio. You’re able to tune it. You can see it has the percentage of humidity, it has the temperature, and it has the time. It has the thing on the right where you can tune it. It’s got a little memory thing in case you come across any important stations. It’s got NOAA so you are able to listen to the weather channels. It says “Bat/Solar/Crank/Adapters.” You can run this on batteries, the solar power, or you can actually crank it. There is a little crank thing on the left. You can crank the thing up. If you run out of battery power, it works really well. It runs on two AA batteries, and it also runs on a lithium rechargeable battery. It works really well. I don’t know if that link is clickable. This is just one. There are other ones on this page. This is just a cheap one. Hopefully that works.
[Reading from chat window]
“Comments seem to be turned off” – No, Janet, they’re not turned off. You can still comment.
“I think if you withdraw $5,000 or more they call the police” – Yeah, I think its $5,000 or more, not $10,000 or more. You don’t mean out of the ATM? I don’t think they actually call the police, they have their people watch you carefully. That’s why if you’re ever in the bank and somebody’s doing a large transaction, you’ll see one of the regular tellers will actually leave their window and they won’t accept anybody new and they’ll go and help somebody else. There is some new secret procedure at Wells Fargo for large cash withdrawals. I do not what it’s called. I’m hoping somebody who works at Wells Fargo can send me kind of PDF.
[Reading from chat window]
“Eton Scorpion Emergency Multifunction Radio”
“Have you answered the RV question yet?” – Yes, I already did.
“Yes, it’s there the Amazon link works.” – Oh hey, Janet.
“How long will it run when you crank it?” – I don’t know. I usually have the battery in there. It runs off of the battery. Basically, you are charging the battery is what you are doing. I forget if it is one minute of cranking is one minute of talk time. What you are probably going to be doing is sitting there listening to a broadcast, you’re just going to slowly crank it with the one arm. When that arm gets tired, flip it and crank it with the other arm. If you get totally exhausted, just hand it to your partner and have them crank it up or whatever. How long are you really going to be sitting there listening to a radio? Not too much.
I don’t know what you mean there about “maybe you’re not blessed for God’s calling of the gift coming.” I’m a Christian so I do not what you are talking about there. Maybe you can clarify what you mean if you are a Christian. I don’t know what you are. You are mentioning God so I’m assuming you’re a Christian.
Now, there are 69 people online. I don’t have any questions so I’m thinking of ending this call in a few minutes. I probably should have ended it three hours ago. There will be a replay. You can watch the replay right now. If you want to be able to hear the callers, which a lot of people do, then I will put the full replay up as soon as I have a chance to go through the call, put some notes down, and put some links to what we were discussing. All these links to different things I opened I want to be able to put those back in the call notes. I’ll make sure I do that. If you want to call this number, put this PIN in, or go here and you’ll be able to talk to me for free. Hit *6 and then 1 if you are already on. If I don’t see anybody in a few minutes, I’m probably going to end this.
It seems like there are more people watching now than there were before. I’ve never really don’t a long broadcast. This was a test, I just wanted to see how this works out.
Julie, the website is
I’m going to be right back, I’m going to grab a drink of water.
Nick: I’m sure a few people thought I probably disappeared. I don’t see anybody else in the call queue. I’ll give you one more chance to call.
[Reading from chat window]
“Do you hold the currencies?” – Yes, I do hold the currencies. I don’t hold Zimbabwe because it’s not a currency. I know people were asking me about that.
Greener Pastures, you actually didn’t miss anything. If you are watching this on YouTube, you can just rewind. Just like that. Feel free to rewind if you want. You didn’t miss a thing. You’ll be able to hear the replay, but you won’t be able to hear the people talking.
“Isn’t China being added to the SDR?” – Yes, I’m actually planning an article on that.
“Do you have Afghanistan afghani?” – I think I did have some, but they changed the notes. I don’t think it’s worth anything right now. I only had a little bit. I was just speculating.
Well, they blocked you because you’re being a jerk. If you are using anything like that, they aren’t going to let you talk. So don’t be stupid.
I don’t see anybody else in the call queue. Someone just got on 30 seconds ago. Kind of late to the call. I did not expect to do this long of a call. One last time, if anyone else wants to hit *6 and then 1, you can go ahead and get on this. For the people on YouTube who are not listening to the live call, dial this number and dial this PIN, then hit *6 and then 1. I’ll be able to take your call. I might take one more caller and that’s it because it looks like everybody is done. We do have two callers. Let me go ahead and unmute you.
Hey, you’re on the air?
Caller: Hello, sir, how are you doing today?
Nick: I’m good. How are you?
Caller: Ok, I’ve got a question. What was that about the Iranian rial?
Nick: What’s your question about it?
Caller: Do you guys think that’s going to revalue? If you do, at what price?
Nick: No, I don’t say the word revalue. It may increase in value. The sanctions just ended. I can bring it up on the currency exchange right now. The Iranian rial has kind of lost value since those so-called sanctions have actually ended. We are going to have to wait to see what happens. I spoke to a currency dealer and they are not allowed to import anymore currency. They are only allowed to sell what they have. I will tell you that much.
Caller: Why are they not allowed to receive any more currency?
Nick: You’ll have to ask a currency dealer currently selling. If you google “Iranian rial”, see what currency dealers come up. Call them up and ask why they are not allowed to import it anymore. They will give you their explanation. It has something to do with the sanctions. There are still certain sanctions in place that are preventing currency dealers from acquiring more currency. You’ll have to ask them directly, I can’t answer that. As far as any increase in value, we’ll have to wait to see what happens. It’s losing value every couple of weeks.
Caller: What about the zim?
Nick: The zim is not a currency; it’s useless. Don’t even buy it. If you have it sell it. Sell it on eBay.
Caller: What the South Korean currency?
Nick: I’ve been to South Korea. Their currency is cheap, but that’s the way their economy is. When I lived over there, I thought everything was at the right price. Living in the United States, it looks like it’s a really cheap country. I felt like I was spending just as much there as I was in Japan. I didn’t feel like South Korea was a really cheap country. Their currency is right where it needs to be.
Caller: I do like Japan too.
Nick: Yeah, I lived over there for about years ago. Their currency is getting stronger, but it’s strange because their debt-to-GDP is over 250%. They are in worse shape than the United States. They may be the next country to have some kind of collapse. If Japan collapses, it could collapse some other Asian nations as well. We’ll see what happens. Japan has been doing QE for over two years. Their debt-to-GDP is extremely high relative to the United States. Keep an eye on Japan. If you have any right now, it would be a good time to sell your Japanese yen. At this point, I would not buy Japanese yen. I would sell what I had.
Caller: Ok. What do you think about the Russian ruble?
Nick: I’ll be honest with you, you’re bringing up a lot of currencies. I wouldn’t invest in Russia right now. With the oil prices as low as they are, I wouldn’t. Especially because there is all this talk about oil in that region. I wouldn’t invest in Russia at all.
Caller: Because I know they just signed a deal with Saudi Arabia for them cutting down on the output of oil.
Nick: Just watch Russia for a couple of months and see what their currency does. If it looks like it’s going up a little, you can buy it. I’m not going to buy any Russian currency. It’s not something on my mind.
Caller: What about the precious metals? What do you see in precious metals?
Nick: I already mentioned that earlier in the call. You’ll have to play the replay on that.
Caller: What do you see as far as rhodium?
Nick: I don’t focus on that at all.
Caller: So you just deal with silver and gold, correct?
Nick: Yeah, that’s the only ones I buy. I don’t deal with any other metals.
Caller: As far as the Japanese yen, I keep hearing talk about that being backed up with gold. What do you think? Do you think that’s going to happen?
Nick: They have no gold. If you look at the amount of gold Japan has relative to their economy, they can only cover 3% of their currency with gold. They don’t have enough gold to back more than 3%. They are not like France.
Caller: What about as far as China is concerned?
Nick: China is the largest producer and the largest importer of gold. They still have a large money base, and they don’t have enough gold to cover their money base more than 2% right now.
Caller: That answers all of my questions. I appreciate that.
Nick: Awesome, my pleasure.
Caller: Thank you.
Nick: Hey, were you trying to get in the queue?
Sam I Am: Yes, I was.
Nick: Oh, good. Everybody, this is Sam I Am.
Sam I Am: Hello, everybody. I just wanted to respond because people were asking about the Iranian rial. There is more pressure on the rial to demonetize. It’s more likely it’s going down rather than up because of the inflation they’ve had. You’ll hear people pumping it only because it’s got a bunch of zeros. This seems to be a real popular thing with these pumpers that if a currency has a lot of zeros on it then it’s a good prospect to make money on it. You have to ask yourself ‘why does it have so many zeros?’ Why is it that people don’t want it? Toothpicks are cheap too, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good investment.
Nick: Exactly. I’m actually opening up the article that you wrote yourself on the Iranian rial back in March on Iraq Currency Watch. I just dropped that in the chat for people to click.
Sam I Am: The only way to do currency speculation is electronically on FOREX. When you are buying paper currency, you’ve already lost money. It’s got to go up by an extraordinary amount for you to even break even. The only way to make money with currency speculation is on FOREX, and you need training to do that otherwise you are going to lose your butt.
One other thing I wanted to ask you about was your opinion on the September 27th thing? Have you discussed that?
Nick: Not exactly. There have been so many people that have mentioned possible collapse dates in September. I remember last year we were hearing all about the Shemitah and everything was going to happen in September of last year. I don’t know if you remember all that thing about the collapse.
Sam I Am: Yeah, I wrote about that.
Nick: Here it is: “Why does everybody think the dollar is going to collapse September 27th?”
I haven’t really discussed it. Did you have anything you wanted to inject about that?
Sam I Am: I was just going to say the same thing you said about the Shemitah. Nobody, yet, has been right when they’ve predicted the collapse of the dollar on a certain day. It’s probably going to be about as accurate of the predictions for the revaluation of the dinar on a certain date. I think the dollar will eventually lose value and lose its status as an international reserve currency. But, I think it’s going to be years down the road.
Nick: Definitely, yes. So we’re looking at those articles from September of last year. “Shemitah Brings No Financial Collapse.” There it is right there. Everybody was talking about it. Everybody was buying books and selling audios and selling storable foods. And what happened? Nothing happened.
Sam I Am: The thing that got me about that Shemitah guy was that if you read what he read he covered his butt eight ways to Sunday. He said take food in, the dollar could crash, the economy could tank, or it might not. It might happen in this timeframe or it might happen in that timeframe. Basically, he said it could happen, it could not happen, it could happen down the road, it’s all speculation. Well, thanks a lot. You just gave us a lot of great information that something good could or could not happen.
Nick: I could get pregnant and I’m a guy, but that could happen so be prepared. They leave all these options open.
Sam I Am: The bottom line was he sold a lot of books.
Nick: He still does. People are still buying it. It’s already outdated and they are still buying it.
Sam I Am: Ok, that’s all I wanted to say.
Nick: Thank you so much, Sam I Am. I appreciate it. His website is I went ahead and actually dropped the link. If you are on chat right now, you should be able to see the link to Iraq Currency Watch in the chat window. I have it there right now.
Let me go to some more questions. I have to get going.
[Reading from chat window]
“You’re the man. I like your style” – Thank you.
“I loved hearing you on the stream” – Thanks, my pleasure, Richard.
Francois, thank you. I appreciate it.
“I just popped some popcorn. Are you done already?” – No, Julie, we just keep going.
“Who will own the currency?” – I don’t know what you mean by that. “The people or the banks.” – Maybe that’s what you are referring to.
“What about the Indonesian rupee? Do you think the RV?”
“Any thoughts on the South African rand and investing in bullion?” – I don’t know. How’s the South African rand doing? I haven’t checked it out lately. I’m glad this worked out for everybody. I’m going to look at a 10-year chart of the South African rand. It was at seven and now it’s at 15. It’s lost half of its value in the last 10 years. In the last two years, it’s gone from 11 to 14. It’s gone down 20%. I wouldn’t mess with it. South Africa is a country just full of corruption. It’s where all of the mines are at – the gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, and palladium. There are a whole bunch of mines down there. I just like gold and silver for whatever country you are in. Buy the gold and silver from the country you are in.
“September is a bad month for anything world trade related, towers, currencies, etc” – I know we’re coming up to the anniversary of 9/11. I was in the service when that happened. I do remember that day. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe they’ve told us everything that happened. I do believe that something else happened. No one has been able to at least show me all the plane parts that supposedly hit the Pentagon. It’s interesting that all the cameras that were aimed at the Pentagon kind of malfunctioned. Thirty cameras aimed at the Pentagon, they all stopped working? That one camera had little frame images. If somebody can show me the image of the plane hitting the Pentagon, I’ll believe it. Something definitely happened there, and it wasn’t a plane.
“We all know who is fighting for new world order and one money currency. This election biggest in history. Homeland security putting in cameras at booths to make sure all goes legit.” – Oh yeah. Homeland Security is going to take over little by little.
[Water drop sound]
Can you hear me again? Please confirm that you can hear me. What ended up just happening was I was on Skype for four hours. Skype only allows four-hour calls. I skyped to free conference call. I was on for four hours and I got kicked off. Can you confirm in chat if you can still hear me?
[Reading from chat window]
“They always have free electric.”
“Who will own the currency?” – I’m trying to understand how to answer that.
“Is currency backed by anything?” – Supposedly, currency is backed by fiat. Fiat is just the statement by the government agency that says we will back this currency up by the faith and promise. But it’s really backed by nothing.
“I’m on the phone now and can hear you.” – Yeah, Julie, that was the problem. I got kicked off of Skype.
“South Africa is part of the brics nations.” – Yeah.
“We need independent companies for healthy competition.” – Free market, capitalism. I love it.
“Are the gold reserves going to be depleted in South Africa in 20 years?” – Let’s see South Africa’s gold reserves. South Africa has got 125 tons of gold equating to about 11% of their currency. They could back 11% of their currency with gold. Some countries like Venezuela could back 64% of their currency with gold, but they are having a currency crisis. It’s strange isn’t it? All of these countries that are rich in assets yet they can’t get things locked down.
“Not big box stores like Walmart shut down the little guy.”
“UAE” – Yeah.
“Rothschilds are backing Hilary. That’s what they want.”
Real quick for those on my YouTube channel, please if you can hit the thumbs up and make sure click the “Subscribe” button. You can see how many subscribers I’ve got. There should be more because I know there are a lot of people who are listening in on here. I’ve got subscribers of the newsletter and each of my other websites have it. Please subscribe and give it a thumbs up. I would love to also get your comments.
Once this is done, you all should be able to comment. You might have to hit the thumbs up later and then you can comment. I’m not sure. At least for now, a thumbs up would be awesome.
Look at what it says: 11 am call. It’s now 2:40 pm. I had no anticipation of doing it like this. None whatsoever. I think that is it. It’s been a pleasure speaking to everybody. Now, the difficult thing for me to do is to figure how to sequence this call. I think the best thing for me to do is to have somebody transcribe this whole call. I might just pay somebody to transcribe it. Then, I can just put in the timestamps at the appropriate sections. When you are on YouTube and you are listening to this again, I’ll be able to have the questions and timestamps in here. It’s probably going to take a while. You can always listen to this replay right now. You can just rewind this if you want to. It’s not a problem.
This is the private window. See how it says “Live”? You can just go back, just like that if you want to. You can go to any part of this entire live stream right now, and you want to rewind it and do it. It’s totally up to you.
[Reading from chat window]
“How often do you do this live thing?” – Gosh, I’ve only done it like once in this forum. This is kind of crazy because not only am I doing the chat here, I’ve got chat on my website, and I’ve got callers on the phone. The good thing is it looks like it’s a success. You said you could hear me. I want use my microphone audio, not the free conference audio. What I have to do is I have to basically match up my voice with the free conference audio, then I have to remove my voice from that so we are only hearing the callers. I think I can do that. I could probably just use Skype. I’ll find a way to do it.
You liked it? I appreciate it. Thank you. It’s kind of like I’m doing this off the cuff. I didn’t even really have a bunch of things open. What I did is I had some backup articles in order to save myself in case nobody wanted to talk. I just hope everything worked out for you.
I wanted to make sure my site was still up. I thought my site had crashed because there were so many people on there. It looks like it is good now.
Any last questions, hit *6 and then hit 1. If not, I think I’m going to end this. This has been awesome. You have had excellent participation. I’ve loved your questions. As far as I know nobody is really doing it in this capacity. People might be having their little conference calls or their so-called “intel” calls. Are they really asking good questions on there or answering good questions? Or are they allowing people to answer questions. I’ve heard some of these dinar calls or currency calls, it’s just them talking and they’re not taking calls. At least I have two options. I’ve got the call in option and I’ve got the chat windows. If you like this, I’m glad this is working out.
It looks like no one else is on here. I’m going to go ahead and end the broadcast. I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day. I appreciate you spending so much time with me. Some of you have been on here with me for 3 hours, 2 hours. This has been awesome. Thank you so much for your participation. It’s been really fun talking to you. I hope to do this again very soon. For now, I am saying goodbye. Enjoy your Labor Day. Have fun with your families. Be safe. Be prepared. God bless you. Bye.
[End of podcast]

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