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Last Updated On: March 29, 2015
By: Dominick Giammarino

Iraq Update

Some people were expecting the reset to happen last week, and the week before, and the month before etc.  Just be patient, this will all play out, eventually.  I still think that there is hope for Iraq, but it might be some time away.  Hard to figure out the timeline.  I have doubts about Iraq becoming a world reserve currency, not for the far away future.  I recently did an interview where I specifically asked about what Iraq was like prior to 1990.  In 1990, everything worked, there was running water, electricity, etc.  Do you all really believe that a country which doesn’t have an infrastructure will reset at $3.71?  I have my doubts.  I feel the currency will slowly float after an appreciation begins.  Even though I expect there to be a reset, I believe that the rate will be much lower.

Look for my new podcast later where I interview Rich Morris from the website.

Regarding my opinion on the lower rate for the Iraqi Dinar, the reason is because most of you believe the rate will come out at $3.71, what it was in 1990 before we went to war with Iraq after Saddam invaded Kuwait.  The country is really in bad shape.

CBI Looted

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis) has become the richest terror group ever after looting 500 billion Iraqi dinars – the equivalent of $429m (£256m) – from Mosul’s central bank, according to the regional governor.  Read more below by following this link:

Gas Prices

You have no doubt noticed gas prices going up lately.  Expect more of the same.  There is nothing we can do in this country except for sever our ties to middle eastern oil, and if that happen, then they stop purchasing US Treasuries (our debt) and if that happens, interest rates will rise and we will go back into a depression.  Things are pretty bad here in the United States, everyone is going to part time status, at least, the people I know are, and nearly everyone else I meet is getting their hours cut from 40 down to 35 or less!  With rising gas prices this is very bad.

Reset Date

The global reset could happen later this year, I’m not expecting anything until 2015, but that’s my own personal opinion.  How can they reset before interest rates go up?  How can they reset with Iraq in the situation it’s in?  Some of you are on dinar calls each day, all I have to say is this, you are like I was back in December and January, I considered myself to be like an addict, needing to get up each day and get my “fix” of the dinar scene.  I used to think that if I didn’t participate in the calls that I was not serious about this whole global currency reset or Iraqi dinar revaluation.  At this point, I don’t like to feed into the calls, it’s bad enough that I get these transcripts of disinformation and lies that I have to look at.  What kind of person would I be if I kept telling you the reset is going to happen by next month?  Here’s the thing, it’s going to happen, it happened in 1933, in 1971, and it will happen again.  You don’t have to ruin your marriage like some of you told me because you spend more time listening to Tony then your own wives!  Time to man up, face the truth that the calls are a waste of time.  Nobody really stops to think, “Hey, if the guy running doesn’t listen to the calls, why should I?”  I stopped listening to CNN also, I get my news from real sites like Drudge, Info wars etc.  Here is a link to a book I own about the big reset.  It’s expected before 2020.

IMF sounds global housing alarm


Regarding the NDA, some of you have decided to sign it, some of you have not, I don’t want to influence anyone on legal matters, that’s up to you and whoever you are involved with in your family or social network.  If you are reading this you probably are at least 21 years old, well old enough to make good financial decisions, and if you are not, I recommend getting advice from someone older than you with more experience.  Most of my viewers are above 31. – Most people probably won’t understand what this is, but for those that do, this is something worth checking out.

I do audio engineering, so I’m going to be putting out a new podcast soon.  Here is the podcast page.

Here is the most recent mp3 podcast for download

To play it here, offer suggestions below in the comments section.

Twitter Audit of TNT Tony Dinar Guru

Hi everyone, I paid about $4 to do a twitter audit of TNT Tony and other Twitter pages.  While I was at it I checked out mine.  I’m not saying that they don’t have real followers, I’m just saying that there is a way to buy fake twitter followers using services like those on fivver. My twitter account is located here

It’s funny how I have over 1,000 Facebook fans but only a handful of twitter followers, however, I’ve got 100% real fans, you guys are all gold.  Please note, some of you are considered “fake” if you only open a twitter account and follow others.  For example, let’s say tomorrow I open a new twitter account called reset dude, if all I do is follow others, and I never post new messages, and if I don’t update my profile, then according to twitter audit I would be considered fake.  All this means is some people don’t actively participate in social media.  This goes the same for Facebook.  Now, regarding following me on twitter, if they pull information from my website or Facebook page, you can still access the information off of twitter.  I doubt the powers that be will be able to scrub everything I post.  Make sure you follow me, just in case something goes wrong.  When the big reset happens you want to be ready.

twitter audit


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  1. I knew Tony had been in court for several scams and other things because I had looked it up before. I knew it was postponed but didn't know until when. Thanks for the update on that and can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work and we appreciate all the time and hard work you put in. I look forward to your next post and emails.


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