New Video – Buy Iraqi Dinar – Avoid Scams

Buy Iraqi Dinar – Credit Card

Don’t buy Iraqi Dinar, make sure you know about scams.  You used to be able to buy Iraqi dinar from Chase bank, those days are over.  If you thought about purchasing long ago with cash but now you want to buy you dinars with credit card, you should know how to do this.  Iraqi dinar news seems to be a hot topic on an ongoing basis, it’s important you know what the facts are.  Know the Iraqi dinar exchange rate before you purchase dinar, as the rate may change day to day.  If you want to know did Donald Trump buy it I can’t tell you because I honestly don’t know.  See below for a link to the free guide in an article format that is both easy to understand and worth sharing with others.

Please follow this link to read the full article, it opens in a new window, you can watch the video explanation below.



See above for my guide on how to buy Iraqi dinars safely.

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  1. Is there an actual dead line and a real global reset . Or is this all a wet dream against us currency.I've heard the Iraq dinar is 44kover stocked that is a little inflation problem ?

  2. Hey Dominick, just curious if the RV of the Dinar will be affected at all by the
    recent re-emergence of Al Qaida and Taliban into Iraq ? I look forward to your


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